1. A

    Solver Optimization Tool

    Hello, I have used solver to optimize the sum of numbers given certain constraints, however I am now trying to optimize the product of numbers given certain constraints. When finding the optimal sum I can use a binary list to select the combination of item to sumproduct together to find the...
  2. B

    Inconsistency with Boolean multiplication

    FGHIJ21TRUETRUETRUE01I21I21=PRODUCT(F21,G21,H21)J21J21=F21*G21*H21 Why do I get the wrong result in column I?
  3. S

    VBA using IF OR THEN statements and returning the product of cells in two columns.

    I need to write a VBA code multiplies the cells in columns J & K to return a result in column L, if the value in the cell of column H is L or O. For example: Since H21=L, then L21=J21*K21. The columns will never change, but the rows will change every month. This is what I have written, but...
  4. K

    Tough one this !

    Hi guys, desperately seeking help :-) I am attempting to Multiply a cell in another cell by using PRODUCT, my problem is this . . . A1 is a currency format cell which is then multiplied by A2 with a number format, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have A3 show a zero in currency...
  5. K

    Checks direct product of numbers

    Write a macro which accepts a number and checks how that it is the a direct product of how many numbers 64 = 2^6, 4^6, 8^2
  6. V

    Calculating yearly returns from daily performance data - product function

    Hi all, I have a column of daily dates & in the next column I have the corresponding values (daily stock returns) for those dates. For the EOM dates, the return is for the whole month, not just the day like the daiy returns are. I would like to find the 1 year return, which means I need to...
  7. J

    HELP - Complex SUMIF - SUM of PRODUCTS of two cells IF another cell is within a specified date range

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and so apologise if I have posted this to the incorrect thread, etc. What I am trying to do is quite simple in theory, but I cannot get a variation of SUMIFS, SUM and IF to do the job. The context is this: I am looking to create a resource for a client couple...
  8. C

    Fixed a formula in a cell which can be copied

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Buy Product A 3 2 Buy Product A 3 3 3 4 Sell Product A 1 =(1 x 3) 5 Sell Product A 2 =(2 x 3) 6 Sell Product A 4 =(4 x 3) 7 8 Buy Product B 14 9 7 10 Sell Product B 5 =(5 x 7) 11 Sell Product B 6 =(6 x 7) 12...
  9. S

    IF or Product

    Dear kind friends of mrexcel I have another problem that is keeping me stuck and I show you. In an a cell the results is the product: =PRODUCT(Q109,J$3) In the same cellar I want also the condition =IF(U109>0, 0, IF(V109>0.5,0, IF(W109>0,0))) So, I want to combinate this two different...
  10. W

    Multipage and checkboxes

    I really hope this is possible. I need to program a command button to send an email via Outlook... I have multiple tabs on a multipage (each tab labeled as a product type) In each page I have a long list of product in as checkboxes. I need the "Submit" button to find all of the checked boxes...
  11. Darth_Williams

    Filters & Drop Down Lists

    Good afternoon all, I have created a spreadsheet that uses drop down lists to control the data that is entered. A problem that I have encountered though is that I can not now apply filters to my headers. Does anyone know of a work around for this or is it a by product of using drop down lists...
  12. J

    Summarize 3 Tabs into 1

    Hi all I have a customer order form spreadsheet with 3 existing tabs, each tab has a different product range and there are rows for each different product with columns for price, description, SKU and quantity ordered. I need some help please with what formula to use so that on a new fourth tab...
  13. B

    Concatenate Multiple Rows until Non-Blank in Adjacent Column

    Hello I would like a macro that works through a long worksheet, set up as follows: Column A: product code (3-digit code) Column B: notes about product (free text - can span multiple rows due to character limits) Column A is blank in the rows where the data in column B has spilled onto...
  14. K

    Creating a Hide Button to Hide Rows with Zero in particular cell

    In my previous company, we had a full-time Excel Guru who would do crazy coding to simplify our analysis job and she created an analysis sheet which had prepopulated items which may or may not be useful for a particular project. The ones which are NOT useful will remain zero, and can be hidden...
  15. M

    VBA auto-add image to cell from folder

    Dear mrExcellers, In my company we work with a product database with calculations in it, every product offcourse has an unique article number. In the shared server we have a folder with pictures of every product with the article number as the title. We want to add the pictures automatically to...
  16. S

    Product + Sum (if)

    It is possible to have a formula where i can add a sum to a product? And in my particular case, is it possible that the result of the cell have the sum of a value just only if there are particular conditions? MY case =PRODUCT(S15,0.3) I placed this formula in order to have the result of...
  17. E

    Formula to find new product and add to list

    I would like a formula to grab new products and add them to a list. For example, I have two tabs. In tab A, I keep track of how much we sell/buy by product (so we bought 10 apples and 15 oranges and sold 10 oranges) and in tab B is a sumif formula to add up the sum so we know how much of each...
  18. G

    Extracting Data from a Larger Body of Data

    Hi, I have monthly sales data going back 20 years for a long list of products, arranged as: Column A: Product Codes Column B: Product Names Column C: Currency Codes of Sales (e.g. USD) Column D: Month-end Dates Column E: Monthly Sales Growth Rates Column F: Month-end Sales Values So, for...
  19. B

    Macro for automatic row generation with specific values

    Hi there, It's a long time since I wrote my last message. I would be grateful if somebody could help me on this issue: I have this table with these values: <tbody> Time In Time Out Product ID 00:00:10 00:00:13 A 00:00:15 00:00:19 B 00:01:20 00:01:21 C ... ... ... </tbody> and I...
  20. H

    Add new column to pivot table which calculates based on grand total

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client A...

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