1. J

    Calculate finish date excluding non working hours + weekends

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the finish date and time of a production run but excluding hours the factory doesn't work. I have the start date + time and the production hours needed, please help!!!!!
  2. Y

    Creating a MPS (Mater production schedule) in excel VBA

    Hello I hope you are well so for my graduation project I want to create an MPS (master production schedule) then the problems that our customers send excel files which different then it is necessary each time to put data manually that's why I want to load these excel files and copy them...
  3. L

    Production schedulling (times of machine)

    To anyone who can help!!?? Very new to excel but I know its magic (with the right person creating it). So at my place of work, the first thing I do in the morning is print out all the jobs for each machine we have. Each machine may have 20+ jobs on (11machines in total). I then manually time...
  4. L

    How to create a new worksheet after data input into dialog box

    I apologize if this is a duplicate post, i have not been able to find specifically what i am looking for yet. At work we have to submit a form to ask for a crane lift and these forms need to be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the lift. What i am curious to know is that if there is a way to...
  5. M

    Help with creating an inventory management for production purpose

    Hello! I work with manufacturing security doors, and to make my life easier I wanted to create an excel chart with a table of materials in the inventory then subtract from them the materials I need for each type of door I am going to make. For example, let us say I made door1 and it requires X...
  6. E

    Production optimization in Excel

    Hi, I have an optimization problem, that I'm trying to solve in Excel, but it keeps getting too complex (too many columns/iterations), and I hope someone in the forum may be able to give some pointers. On a given day, at a given timeslot, I have 6 production lines, each with different...
  7. M

    Excel Formula

    Hello, I need help with one Excel formula. I have many rows and columns on my table and the name of the table is Table1 I have one column which contains options such as Development and Production I have one column called ID which can be and not be in both Production and Development. What I want...
  8. H

    Search in multiple sheets for possible match

    Hi fellows I have a question regarding searching in excel in multiple sheets I have 3 Sheets "Production" "Test" "Qualification" All have the same number of columns (ID, res, text, comment) What I want to do is: See if the ID (column A) from the "Production" sheets exists in either "Test"...
  9. O

    relationship among four variables

    How can i get the relationship among this 4 variables a = no of days = 30 b = rates/number of holes/ma = 315.81 c = expected monthly target (number of holes) = 240 d = expected production amount = 75,795.36 (Naira) regards
  10. T

    Lock form on a given time period from adding new records

    Morning from everybody! I have an electronic requisition DB that the production department uses to enter the parts needed on the shop floor. Warehouse people then print the req and take the parts down. This DB is open 24/7/365 I need to limit the time that production folks can issue new reqs to...
  11. H

    Delaying production

    Hi there, I have a large excel model with multiple assumptions behind it. It works on a 250 month basis so is quite large and there are several types of production curves in the model. What I want to do is to be able to set a delay on when the production starts for each production curve. So...
  12. V

    Importing data from one workbook to another

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been covered before but i cannot find the answer to my question... Right, here is my scenario... One workbook gets sent out everyday from production, the values change but the structure of the workbook stay intact. This data i would like to get imported into another...
  13. R

    Average of Weekly data to exclude 0

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Week numbers Calender week index number Date production moisture average moisture 2 1 1 43466 1-Jan-2019 8.54 =AVERAGEIF($A$2:$A$10,B2,$E$2:$E$10) 3 1 2 43467 2-Jan-2019 8.46 4 1 3 43468 3-Jan-2019 8.41 5 1 4 43469 4-Jan-2019...
  14. D

    Help with worksheet_change checking several cells and performing several actions across sheets.

    So I'm really new to VBA and have been looking everywhere for a solution to my problem. Here's what I've come up with this far. I'm sure there's a much easier way to do it, but since every section is for a different sheet and each sheet will be different on a day to day basis I don't see how...
  15. S

    Pull unique names refrencing date field

    Afternoon all, I'm looking for a bit of help on the following. I've had a search through the forums but haven't been able to find what I'm after so I'm maybe looking for the wrong thing altogether. I would like to create some sort of custom calendar, using only formula from a list of data...
  16. A

    On-Time calculations - using only workdays?

    All, I need to calculate whether a production item is On-Time (early or on-time), or Late, using workdays only to calc. I also want to be able to get a summary or total by month or similar. I have the following set up already: Deadline Date Actual Production Date If Actual is earlier or same as...
  17. A

    Getting data from Google multiple sheets into Excel

    All - I've checked previous threads on this topic and havent found what I'm looking for. In my VBA I am downloading data from the first sheet on a Google Sheet workbook. This has not been a problem. I am using this code... ' Download Production Schedule as csv...
  18. C

    VBA that updates a range as I insert new rows

    Hello, The below VBA code populates a series of cells in a table, using A2 to update the file path. Column A contains an order number. It will also generate an error message if the fil path specified does not exist. I would like the range "ordnum" to update as users insert new rows into the...
  19. C

    Worksheets not calculating

    I'm using Excel 2010 and trying to one-button automate updating a spreadsheet. The button should refresh two tables from outside (networked) workbooks and then calculate worksheets in the open workbook, in a specified order. Here is my macro the button is linked to:Sub Workbook_UpdateAll()...
  20. A

    Does Importing Tables from Another DB Create Permanent links?

    Hi all, I am working on changes to a number of forms for a production database. In order to implement the updates, I made the changes to a development copy, deleted all tables, and imported all the tables from production. This seemed to work fine and I had the "new database" up and running...

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