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    Maximising Profit

    The price of electricty fluxuates hourly over the course of a year. My goal is to buy electricy for storage from the grid for the asking price at the time and sell it back to the grid at a later time (for a greater price) in order to make a profit. The criteria however is that when selling it...
  2. B

    how to insert calc fields in a pivot table

    I have a pivot table with a ****load of fields. It would help if I could insert calculation fields within the pivot itself rather than doing it externally. With the data below I'd like to create a field which shows the Profit per Order and the Shipping Cost per Order. I went to the Analyze...
  3. I

    How do i calculate margin cost

    My spreadsheet looks like this: <tbody> Total Collected After Shipping & Fees Amber List Cost Estimated Profit Profit Margin $50.36 40.00 10.36 ? $13.35 10.00 3.35 ? </tbody> How do i calculate the profit margin?
  4. M

    Hide Data in Running Total Pivot

    Hi there, I have monthly profit data for 2014. I'm trying to add cumulative profit by monthly cohort in a pivot table. The "Show Value As > Running Total In" function almost works perfect, except I want to leave the cell blank if there is no data to add to the running total. The reason is...
  5. P

    Charting Descending Values with Bars Coloured by Type

    Hi, I have a set of data that has three colums; a centre identifier, the type of asset it is (each centre will be classified as an asset type and I have 5 different asset types) and the profit it makes. I have seen a chart before where it shows each centre's profit as a bar (so you get a visual...
  6. S

    How to count Specific name for a Specific Date Range

    hi i have been trying to do this for few hours and i just give up i know you gays you could do it with your eyes closed :) 1) i want to know how many Specific item has been sold in Specific Date Range 2) i want to know total profit in Specific item has been sold in Specific Date Range Example...
  7. B

    Extract Multiple Sections of Text in a String, Between Two Repeating Words

    Hi All, I have a bit of a challenge and was hoping for some guidance. I have a very long string of text in a single cell and I need to extract multiple sections of text that appear between two words that repeat in the string. For example, here is a very simplified version of the text string...
  8. N

    Help to mark Revenue Stores "Good", "Bad" or Nomal" with conditions

    Hi all: I have sheet Revenue with: Column(A) = "Store_code", Column(B) = "Store_name", Column(C) = "Revenue", Column(D) = "Profit" Now I want to have macro to do that: with i = 2 to last row If Average(C2:Ci)>STDEV.P(C2:Ci) then if Ci-(Average(C2:Ci)+STDEV.P(C2:Ci))>0 then Ei.value =...
  9. S

    Transposition lookup

    Please help me to bring data from Horizontal array to vertical area. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="8"> <tbody> Horizontal Volume Profit Product Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb Mar A 10 40 70 120...
  10. R

    Subtracting from previous cell in column with data

    Hi i have searched everywhere for this and i have found a few examples but they don't seem to work for me so thought i would try here ! basically i have a date column starting from B6 a profit column starting from C6 and a difference column starting from d6. basically i have the dates for...
  11. R

    Timestamp data daily

    Hi, i have a spreadsheet which calculates total profit and there is a cell which has my total profit in, i basically want a sheet in my spreadsheet to read the total profit cell and put a date next to it when the workbook is opened (this may have to be VBA or a macro or something, or maybe its...
  12. R

    Need profit calculation formula

    Hi good afternoon. I am doing money transfer business and i need to entry every transactions in excel to calculate the profit. But it takes a long time and need your help to make it better. <tbody> DATE TDS TRANSFER AMOUNT PROFIT 01/12/2018 2 5020 73 </tbody>...
  13. H

    Marketplace Profit Calculator - Calculating Variable Costs

    I'm looking for help regarding calculating profit margins when selling on marketplaces Amazon I'd like to know if it would be possible to set the profit margin to eg. 20% and work backwards from there; have excel calculate what my selling price should be to make the 20%? Fixed Expenses...
  14. S

    Working out Average Profit from Total Sales and Average Profit Margin

    Hello, I need to work out the total value from 2 fields Q4 = Total Sales = £25,137.90 R4 = Average Product Profit Margin % = 25% Basically 28% of £25,137.90. I have currently got the sum - =Q4*R4 However, this gives me £15,911.76. This is incorrect as 28% is £15,807.34. Please note that...
  15. D

    Pivot table- inserting row that is function of items

    Hi- I have created a pivot table and want a % calculation on a row. I can not use calculated fields as it is an item in a field and I can not used calculated items as the items are in two different fields. For anyone financially minded it is a gross profit %. I have my pivot displaying total...
  16. K

    increase only selected cells by percentage via scroll bar

    Hi all, I already have a scroll bar that increases profit value of all my products sold uniformly on a quoting spreadsheet. However I require some products to have a higher profit applied as they are more expensive to produce. What happens at the moment is my SS works out the base cost, uses a...
  17. D

    Solver Type Formula or Chicken Egg Query

    OK, guys, I have a headache trying to work this out and need some help. I have a product that costs me £100 looking at the table to the right I want to make a profit that fits the table. But the profit is it to include eBay FVF & PayPal Fee. So we are looking at a Chicken & Egg scenario. I...
  18. M

    Gross profit forum

    I need a formula to work out gross profit. I am a jeweller selling rings. A Ring Price. B VAT 20%. C Assay Fee (Always 17.50). D. Gold Price. E Total Cost F Gross Profit I think it should be B + C + D = E. F - E = GROSS PROFIT (I THINK)
  19. M

    Gross Profit Formula

  20. L

    How to change the profit percentage in Pivot table ?

    Iam pulling data from another table using pivot table. The profit percentage is showing as 0.145, 0.1481,... which is wrong. How to change the profit percentage to 14.783 % ?

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