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    Styles of programming in VBA

    I have come to the conclusion there appears to be two distinct styles of programming in VBA. 1. Those with no prior experience of programming. 2. Others who are already conversant with Java, C#, etc. I have seen VBA code such as: Function MyFunc (somearg As Burger) As McDonalds and then...
  2. J

    Programming the VBE with VBA

    Hi. I read through Chip Pearson's Programming the VBA Editor and his examples are working for me. What I want to do is programmatically control the font in the VBE code modules without using the Font Dialog because that dialog does not exist on the Mac. After checking the Object browser, it...
  3. M

    Insert rows in a sheet based on values from other sheet

    I have 2 worksheets in a workbook, both have 2 columns as shown in Images below Sheet 1 : <tbody> FLOC COMP ABC-123 C1 ABC.124 C1 ABC.125 C2 ABC.126 C2 ABC.127 C3 ABC.128 C4 </tbody> Sheet 2 : <tbody> Comp MAT C1 A1 C1 A2 C1 A3 C2 A4 C2 A5 C3 A6 C4 A7 </tbody> I...
  4. A

    Converting xlsx to xlsb

    Hello all, I recently discovered the benefits to converting Excel documents to XLSB (binary), mostly the cutting almost in half of file sizes. I would like to apply this to some of my older files, but don't want to sit around resaving these documents. That macro should be able to search...
  5. S

    Best VBA Book

    Hi friends i want to learn vba programming for excel. can anyone guide me the best vba book. thank you.
  6. R

    How to reduce .Xlsm file size

    Hi everyone! My file size is upto 29MB, although no data is entered yet. How can I reduce its size as there is no excessive programming or pictures in it.
  7. L

    which language excel was writtem

    Hi Which programming language was used to develop excel? how about the VBA? Thanks
  8. A

    How to permanently change the colour of the cell using conditional formation VBA?

    Hello, I would like to change the colour of the cells based on a rule permanently. I used conditional formating for top 2 values in each of my columns. It was supposed to change the colour of top 2 cells in red and it did it, but after that I needed to copy and paste only the colour of the cells...
  9. E

    Feedback on this code to learn more efficient programming

    Hello Mr. Excel forum! In the past month and a half I have designed a macro at work, that after much sweat and many tears, finally does what I intended it to do. It was the second time that I made a macro with the last time many years ago. Since I had to google a lot to figure out how to write...
  10. N

    Visual Basic

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question, if I have knowledge of VBA in Excel could i be certain to say that i know Visual Basic ...not for applications. Are they literally both the same programming language? Don't know if this makes sense lol
  11. I

    Excel programming question

    Hi I have a simple question, why in the following line the variable is not assigned the value directly like this: source_date = b8 instead of the following: source_date = Range("b8").Value Thanks for your help.
  12. R

    what book to read about more of excels vba programming?

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking what book should i read regarding excel visual basic programming? like which author, i know everyone is good but some are hard to understand. if you have any suggestion kindly help me? :) i'd really like to excel in the world of excel programming. thanks alot!
  13. S

    If sheet 2 cell b2= sheet 3 cell b2 and not 0 then show in sheet 1 cell b2 the number of cell b2 in sheeet 2 or sheet 3

    Hello, I have an issue with a code in this excel file I have done from the past. Basically I have sheet 1 which is doing the deduction of cells in sheet 2 and sheet 3. i.e Sheet 1 = Pending Sheet 2 = Order, Sheet 3 =Deliver So cell Pending cell B3 in sheet 1 is the pending amount of the...
  14. P

    MATLAB & R Programming??

    MrExcel. I hope he/she can help out on basic sensitivity analysis involving 4 variables: the thread (Very long macro") is still open & "quiet"! I hoped it wouldnt attract only one response of "extra question than an answer". Regards Patrick
  15. J

    Run Time Error Issue

    Hi! I used the code below in a hidden worksheet so that if text is entered into a template and then deleted, the formulas will reappear. Sometimes, but not always, I receive the following error. Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)' Method 'Formula' of object 'Range failed This is the code...
  16. A

    VBA coding- generate a series of column data

    Hello everyone, I am in need of your experts' assistance to teach me how to use the VBA program efficiently. Currently, I am trying to create a simple hydrograph with a specific condition: time of peak will be at the 1/4 of total time. My base data will be the USGS Dimensionless Unit...
  17. T

    Using a Trendline formula to get Values for any given X in Excel

    So basically i have a graph with lots of different X values, but i'm trying to organize it in 0.1 intervals. Below is an example of my problem: This is an example of what i have: - X | Y - 0.1 | 2 - 0.12 | 4 - 0.25 | 8 - 0.34 | 4 - 0.43 | 6 - ... This is what i'm trying...
  18. W

    What is the best way to solve and assign values to constraints with multiple weights, for the best value?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I have tried looking up SOLVER, GOAL SEEK, and most recently KNAPSACK. I'm not sure what is best., or if it is possible. There are 3 types: BASIC, SMART, and DEVICE In this particular group there are 17 BASICs 48 SMARTs 22 DEVICEs Now here's the...
  19. C

    Vlookup copy/paste with changes. VBA Code?

    Hi, I don't really know anything about programming or VBA, but I am trying to learn. Right now, I have a column that has data in it from a vlookup. I'd like to copy and paste this vlookup equation/code into the next column but change the range and one of the numbers for the whole column. I...
  20. G

    Program excel to add a column on the side based on the number of columns in existence on a Pivot table?

    I have automated my spreadsheets to calculate based off of a Pivot table. As my data set goes updating, some columns in my pivot table are added or subtracted. In order for the automation that I have established to work properly, I need to add a (nonPivot) column off to the side as a numerical...

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