1. M

    Getting total of filter data on a different sheet

    Hi everyone, I am new to - I have created a project portfolio spreadsheet to track the RAG (Red, Amber Green) Status of different projects. I would like to find the total number of R, A, G projects in a particular filter (i.e. Infrastructure or Publishing) so that everytime it's...
  2. T

    Help Countinting the number of sheets that have a value in a cell

    Hello, I have a workbook with 25 sheets (tabs), each representing a different project with data reporting the number of people reached by that project for a range of different activities. Not all projects did all activities. I have a consolidated sheet in which I need to count the total number...
  3. J

    One line Gantt Charts

    Gantt charts typical display a different task or job on different lines. So one project will have five lines if it has five different phases. It it possible to create a Gantt chart with all phases on one line? I want to be able to look at different projects and see how their timelines match up...
  4. S

    Populate a range based on the selection in one cell

    So I am trying get a range to populate based on the selection in a single cell. So in the pic below, i have two types of projects. Admine Projects and IT Projects. They have different cost categories listed in column A and B. Cell D2 is a data validation where you can select either "Admine...
  5. M

    Index + Match - multiple criteria, multiple returns

    Hello, I've created a resource scheduling tool for my company that is based on days per weeks, projects that each resource is working on etc. I have a sum up at the bottom to ensure that each resource is not over allocated in each particular week, but as the number of projects is increasing, i...
  6. C

    Pivot table question> Maybe easy? but I need help - Splitting up milestone into month groups

    I have rows that consist of projects, and columns that consist of all the milestones for said projects, each with a date lets say 15 columns, I need a pivot table that shows all those milestones and how many are forecasted by month,, So I'm hoping the milestones are rows, and months are...
  7. gheyman

    Sumifs with an "OR"?

    I have Dates running down column D5:D100 In Column F I have Dates and Blanks running down F5:100 In Cell A1 I have a Date and down Column BN I have values which is my sum range. Column D is when they started a Project. F is when they finished. If F is blank that means its still in process...
  8. Q

    Graph order count per user (between start and end dates)

    Hi All, I have a series of project for several people that have start and end dates, and I wanted to create a graph to count the number of active projects over time (per day) for each owner - would have to be line graph series (each line representing each owner). ie...
  9. S

    Displaying the amount of the latest change to a cell

    I have dozens of worksheets under the general category of "Projects". There is a place in my workbook where I have a running total of the balance for all the projects. Is there a way to monitor the total Projects cell and display the amount (plus or minus) of the last amount that was recorded...
  10. S

    project number sum listing sql

    Hello! I have a long list of projects in access in one table to check the sum of work hours. Is there a way to get list of projects and their work hour sums with sql? If not , is there a way to make sorting pop up as separate window? thankyou very much!
  11. M

    Distribute a Period over Multiple Columns

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to distribute the Duration in column B over the correct period with a formula, in order to translate the table above indicating when a new project starts into the table below which sums up the current running projects. For example, Project 1 has a duration of 2...
  12. S

    Confirm company has been notified

    Good morning I'm sure this is basic but I'm stumped researching this task. I'm sending emails to about a dozen and a half different contractors in a generic bcc email for verification of payment on hundreds of projects. As the image attachment will show, I want to paste the list of email...
  13. U

    Set algorithm

    Hello, I need to make a sort of weights calculator that i could just put in the number of projects i have, rate them from most to least important, and the percentage of increase and it would automatically give me the required weights. For example, right now I have four projects: Pro. A Pro. B...
  14. B

    Date Comparisons With Time Limits

    Hey all, I did a search but the 'If' function is able to encompass so much I wasn't successful in finding what I'm looking to do - forgive me if I just missed it (or I'm not looking for the right function to efficiently show what I need - a real possibility!) I have a list of projects that I...
  15. M

    Project Feasibility

    Good Afternoon, I have developed in MS Access in the past, but I had a lot of guidance and I have forgotten most of it now. However, I have a much stronger database knowledge and I believe overall developing knowledge. My question is in regards to the feasibility of a project given the tools...
  16. R

    Grouping Projects Formula

    Hello, I have two columns: Project - Include I want to group all of the different projects based on the order they appear/are marked included (1,2,3,n). How would I do this? Example: <tbody> Project1 X 1 Project1 - - Project1 X 1 Project2 - - Project3 x 2 Project3 x 2 </tbody>
  17. D

    Macro for Vlookup

    Hey everyone, I have this report I pull form online which has daily updated dollar values for projects. What I do is, I open my list, and do vlookup using the project code to fill in the dollar values for the projects. However, the issue I have is that there are some projects which share the...
  18. K

    Consolidating data from two sheets, and hiding specific rows

    I have two sheets for my engineers that have their active projects listed. I have a third sheet for all projects that have been completed. I'm looking for a way to pull all of my projects from sheet 1 and 2, and lump them together in sheet 3. Then, if I could have a column to specify if the...
  19. M

    DAX code to track project progress as at reporting date

    Hi all, First up, I have posted this query on another forum I am working on a dashboard that can track all the projects that are currently being undertaken. The aim is to report on the progress of the various projects over a period of...
  20. P

    Array formula to find results based on multiple search criteria

    Hi, I'm trying to construct a table that shows what project was being undertaken at a particular time by an individual. My input table comes from a system that tells me the individual name, the project they were working on and the time they started and finished. So where an individual has...

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