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  1. JEH105

    Inserting comments, but not editing notes in protected sheet.

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to protect a sheet and allow the user to insert comments, but not edit the notes? Brief Summary: It's for a workbook with automatic timestamps generated as notes. I don't want the automatic timestamp notes to be touched, but I still need them to be able to add...
  2. S

    How to prompt an input box and add comment when certain value is selected

    Howdy y’all, I am working on a sheet that will ultimately have a lot of non-Excel-savvy folks using it. For that reason, I’ve been asked to protect the sheet to limit how much can be edited. As such, I don’t want to allow “edit objects” when protecting because there are several shapes/text...
  3. V

    Protecting Sheet to not allow cell selection

    I use the following macro in two workbooks: Sub Protect_DB() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheet1.Protect Password:="password", DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _ , AllowFormattingCells:=True End Sub However in the first workbook where I...
  4. J

    VBA code required to refresh multiple queries on different tabs, unprotecting and then reapplying the password

    Good evening MrExcel Community, I'm looking for a bit of help with VBA (again) :) I thought it would be quite straight forward what i'm trying to do having managed alrightish with my 1st VBA project the other here goes: Original VBA for refresh based on one tab, with output in the...
  5. R

    Handle Cancel event on "Unprotect Sheet" password box

    Ok...This one is a little least for me it is. I have the code below which works perfectly fine until the user clicks to unlock, selects "yes" from the message box which uses Excel's "Unprotect Sheet" password prompt to request password and then clicks "Cancel". Below are the possible...
  6. P

    Preotecting a sheet but still allowing userform

    I want to make the sheet that my userform populates protected from manual entries and to keep the users from making changes to previously added entries. Is there a way to do this?
  7. D

    #VALUE when saved in OneDrive

    I have a workbook that works perfectly when saved locally. Even with hidden data and "Protect Sheet" enabled, all is well. HOWEVER, when I save my workbook to OneDrive, and view the workbook online, all my functions return a #Value error. My worksheets have Review/Protect Sheet enabled...
  8. E

    Macro keeps re-protecting sheet without all of my lock preferences

    I need a macro to run upon opening excel that allows groups to expand and collapse while a sheet is protected. I am using the code below and it works, the issue is that when it re-protects my sheet is it only doing the first two defaulted lock preferences, "Allow all users of this worksheet to...
  9. H

    Can I PREVENT a user from protecting a sheet

    Is it possible via VBA to prevent a user from protecting a sheet? Why would I want this? I have a large spreadsheet that is locked down in every way with password protection at the sheet & workbook level - apart from 3 sheets that the users can do what they want with - they are unprotected...
  10. H

    Please help to unlock

    Here is the situation. I have a workbook that has two sheets, both need to be protected. On worksheet 1 (name is: Calibration Check Tool) I have a calculate button that I press, which will show pass or fail on worksheet 1. The macro also opens worksheet 2 (name is: Calibration History)...
  11. K

    Unlock Locked/Protected Cell based on text from another Cell

    I Currently trying to write a code that will unlock a locked/procted cell based on data entered in another cell. below is the formula that I currently have. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) IfRange("C10") = "Other" Then Range("D10").Locked = False...
  12. P

    Protect Sheet

    Hello Every1. 1) I would like to ask that is there anyway other than macro to protect the sheet with password. 2) Also if i can hide the used formula. For Example :- 1) I have all my main working data with infor in sheet1 and i am using the data with respective info in sheet2 & sheet3...
  13. G

    Use VBA to insert password to lock sheets

    Hello all you experts out there, I have this code and it works for the most part except for the password. The code itself works but when I go to unlock the sheet it doesn't ask me for the password. So it doesn't seem to add it in. Can you please check it out and see what I am missing? THANK YOU...
  14. T

    Protect Sheets in Folder with Sub-Folders

    It was suggested that I post a new topic as I was asking in others not completely related to what I need to accomplish. I am not very good with VBA, I guess I know enough to get into trouble with it, but not enough to write code from scratch. My setup is this: Files are in folders by year and...
  15. L

    Limiting which sheets users can unhide

    For my company, we have Excel pulling from our database to generate reports and it includes some sensitive information (Salary, PII). I want to make it so that when a person opens the shared Excel sheet they hit a button, it checks the username, and unhides sheet2 and sheet3, or only unhide...
  16. K

    Not possible to extend series on data validation cells in protected sheet.

    I would like to protect shapes so I use the argument DrawingObjects:=True. However, with this argument set, it's not possible anymore to extend series on cells with a data validation list. In example, click on cell A1 and autofill the data to cell A10 won't work. The hand mousepointer appears...
  17. V

    Macro Help

    Hi, I'm new to this macro. I found following macro to protect sheet in a folder. But somehow it's not working or i am not getting results. Can you please help where might be wrong. Sub ProtectAllSheets() Const myPassword = "random" Dim sh As Worksheet Dim wBk As Workbook Dim...
  18. V

    Password Protection Multiple Workbooks & sheets

    Hi, I Need help in to protecting sheets in multiple workbooks in a particular folder. With a particular password 1st i would like to protect sheets from editing in multiple work books in a folder. I also need to provide a different password to open that work book. It's like with a password...
  19. S

    Lock Down Table but Allow Sorting AND Executable Hyperlinks

    Hi all, I'm trying to lock down table edits but need to allow sorting AND executable hyperlinks.. Please help, can't find a solution that works for both. 'Allow Users to Edit Ranges' + all cells locked -> allows sorting but can't click the cells with hyperlinks 'Allow Users to Edit Ranges' +...
  20. R

    The password you supplied is not correct. Verify that the CAPS LOCK key is off and be sure to use the correct capitalization

    I can protect and unprotect sheet using VBA but I can't unprotect using the normal way of excel and I am providing the same password. any help please? below are the codes Sheets("sheet1").Select ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password = "protect20" Sheets("sheet1").Select ActiveSheet.protect...

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