1. J

    Pulling from a Vertical worksheet and goes to a Horizontal Spreadsheet

    I am trying to pull information from a Vertical worksheet and put into another worksheet. This is what I have been doing for the past year, but it is time consuming changing the row numbers of the people. =HLOOKUP($B53,'S:\Corporate\Loss Prevention\Schedules\2019\[Southeast.xlsx]Data...
  2. N

    VBA copy/paste data based off of column headers

    Hi everybody Long story short, I work for a construction company and I am in the process of making things much more efficient. I have built a small database in Access and have a connection pulling all that data into my workbook. Currently my database has 70 columns and will be expanded to...
  3. C

    Populating a TextBox with a % Value taken from worksheet cells

    Hi there, I have a calculation taking place on a work sheet - a calculation to work out a percentage. =IFERROR(SUM(D6/D5),0) In this example I'm using Loan (£100,000) / Property Value (£200,000) = 0.5 (formatted to %) = 50% All I want to do it have my user form pull through the value of...
  4. J

    Creating Random number generator but ignoring numbers given

    Hi I have the following formula in A1 =VLOOKUP(Sheet1!$F$1,Sheet1!$B$2:$C$45,2,FALSE) I want to add to the formula to check if the answer I get is the same as in E2,F2 If the answer of A1 is the same I need it to automatically change until the value is not the same as in E2,F2 Please help...
  5. C

    Power Query - Query Parameter for Dynamic Folder Location

    Excelisfun has a video on this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NX-GctfZuU I performed the steps and had my query set up. Then I added next month's sales file to the import folder and hit data refresh. The query only pulled in 1 of the files (oddly enough, the most recently added)...
  6. J

    Pulling data from a specific worksheet depending on what Quarter it is

    I have a formula that goes like this: =COUNTIFS('Q3 Tickets'!$B:$B,">="&AM$2,'Q3 Tickets'!$B:$B,"<"&AM$3,'Q3 Tickets'!$E:$E,"SEV1") It is looking in a worksheet called Q3 Tickets and finding all of the tickets that were created this week and were a Severity 1 ticket. What I want to do is have...
  7. G

    error copy and paste by vba

    seems like a very simple task and I've tried a few different methods since its not working. line in vba: Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("g2:j1000").Value = Worksheets("Sheet4").Range("g2:j1000").Value Other methods include calling Sheets("... instead of Worksheets("... Another method included...
  8. C

    sumproduct sumifs multiple criteria

    I currently have a sumproduct sumif formula pulling wildcards and want to change it to sumifs where it only includes values <0. Here is my current formula: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF($C:$C,"*"&{"ACORNS"}&"*",$D:$D)) i tried changing it to this, but it returned 0, when there are definitely values for...
  9. B

    Pulling Cell Info from Second Tab, but Need an IFERROR formula

    Hi, I am pulling information from one tab of a workbook to another (tab1 and tab2). I'm using a basic formula (=Tab!A1), but if A1 is blank I would this formula to return an empty result instead of #N/A. Any help you can provide is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. L

    Calculating Formulas From Cells with Formulas

    I pull 2 Cells of Data to the YTD Tab. It works. But there is a 3rd cell trying to calclate a ratio using those cells. In the May tab the Formula is pull ing from cells with numbers In the YTD Tab, the cell is either pulling data from the May tab that is a formula, or it's pulling from 2...
  11. M

    Array- Pulling rows of data based on date range -- Please Help!

    Good afternoon, I have been using some array formulas to pull data from multiple books. This particular formula seemed to be working but is actually just pulling the rows in order opposed to based off the date range specified. I'm not sure what I'm missing and help would be greatly...
  12. W

    adding new rows in excel without breaking a vba macro that uses Range.Value

    How do I auto update a macro so that if I add rows on a sheet it updates the range the macro is pulling from? For example, in the following code, my info is pulling from row 9. If I add to rows somewhere above this, this information is on now on row 11. However, I now need the macro to pull...
  13. A


    Im inputting this formula but it is not pulling the result =VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet1!A120:D136,4,FALSE) It gives a result of N/A
  14. T

    Pulling Data from Table

    I would like help retrieving data from a table such as below. I would like to be able to search for a number and retrieve the 3 values in the same line. Example: Search for 4 and the results would be 9, 20, & 23. Thank you! <colgroup><col width="49" span="4" style="width:37pt">...
  15. T

    Pulling Data from Table

    I'm trying to figure out how to pull data from a table such as below. I would like to be able to search for a value, such as 4 and receive the other 3 values in the same line. Such as search for 4 and the result would be 9, 20 & 23. Thanks! <tbody> 1 12 8 6 2 22 10 5 9 20 4 23 13 7 3...
  16. D

    VBA - Comparison Operator '<>' Not Working

    I have two lines of code which are looking at the same dataset to pull in value found in col(P) based on the SUMIFS criteria. The top line is working correctly, as it's pulling in only the sum from "486". However the second line is ignoring ""<>&486"". This seems very straightforward, but for...
  17. S

    Excel VBA Question: Return if Between 2 Dates

    Hi Everyone, I have had a scan (search) through the posts but am unable to find something on this, so sorry if I missed it, or searched wrong... I have an Access Database and am trying to pull information out of it into excel based on 2 dates within cells, now I can get it to pull the...
  18. M

    Nth occurrence of non blank is pulling in the wrong data

    I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have the following data in one sheet 1-Jan Jim Jane 4 Mary Jerry John 7 Sally Mark 7 I am trying to get the data to fill in on another excel sheet, within the same workbook, that is setup like a calendar My expected result is: Jane...
  19. S

    Using an array formula to return multiple look up results from a different worksheet

    I am somewhat familiar with Excel, but this one has me stumped. I am trying list in a column a set of results from a looked up value. The results are on a different worksheet than what I'm trying to display on. Here is the formula I"m using. =INDEX($U$4:$V$8, SMALL(IF(($C$4=$U$4:$U$8)...
  20. S

    Data pulling from Combo box is for a specific date, not a Month rollup

    I am needing assistance with adjusting my combo box to allow the data to update based on the month selected. Currently, it is only pulling data for the day (i.e. if "October" is selected, it is only pulling "10/1/2018") To start, I have a VBA code below. It inputs data from a spreadsheet into...

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