1. Dr. Demento

    Remove punctuation using RegEx

    I'm looking for some assistance in a UDF to remove punctuation. Since I'm keeping diacritics, I can't use the usual [^A-Za-a0-9 ]. Looking at ASCII, I came up with the UDF below, but it doesn't work (at all). Thoughts?? Thanks y'all. Function remove_punctII(rts As String) As String With...
  2. B

    Punctuate text in MS-Excel

    Hello, I have a thousands of columns of quotations in MS-Excel. I would like to punctuate them. Is there a formula I can use to do it? For Example: I would like to change: abc to "abc". Thanks in advance.
  3. Dr. Demento

    RegEx criteria - remove punctuation, name honorifics, suffixes

    I am comparing a large dataset by concatenating non-unique identifiers. However, when it comes to names, I'm not getting matches that I should. One of the issues is punctuation and name suffixes (LNAME, Jr., etc.). I thought a RegEx would do the trick, but I'm not that proficient yet. My...
  4. M

    Remove Punctuation

    I have a data set of accounts which is about 20 columns and 800 rows (could be more or less depending on the month). The data is extracted from another program/server, then saved to excel. In column "C" I have business names. I am trying to identify which business names are for the same account...
  5. J

    How to Apply Range of Formulas to Each Row in 100 Worksheets

    I have 100 worksheets from a doctor's office. Each row is data from a patient visit. Each cell in a row contains string data about the patient (name, blood pressure, etc.) as well as the date of the exam, diagnositcs, etc. I want to create 100 new worksheets, but with some fairly basic...
  6. C

    [VBA] find punctuation in a string

    Hello, I want to search for punctuation in strings. Is this possible or should i do this with a for loop or something like that?
  7. S

    Not a Valid Name

    I created a macro that would go into 20 folders and copy the data and paste it into the workbook. It is working fine but a friend showed me how to write (I believe they are called) arguments and since other departments are going to start to use the workbook it makes since making an "argument"...

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