1. K

    QUARTILE formula help needed

    Hello, I am struggling with quartile formula to calculate the selected value in another tab based on the description and grade. In the workbook I have one tab with all the data range based on description (i.e. Maths - A, B, C) and in another tab I need to calculate 3rd quartile for grade A, B...
  2. A

    Quartile formula Multiple IFs across multiple worksheets

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some assistance with a formula I have. I am trying to calculate the second quartile (using multiple if statements) for a specific column across 2 worksheets. Alternatively, I could copy and paste the data into the one worksheet, but I am trying to avoid this. This...
  3. D

    Intra Quartile average with a conditional

    I need to calculate the average transaction time of 25% longest transactions (in minutes) for each day. It may seems a calculation with the 3rd quartile but I don't know how or if its possible. This is an extract of the sample data: Thanks in advance for your help, Regards, Dandada26
  4. T

    Quartile Calculation Based on Category

    I have read several other posts on this topic, but am still stuck. I have about 8000 rows of data with columns A-O providing data elements for each row. I'd like to calculate the quartiles for Column J, but do so based on the field that is located in Column O. Column O has 6 different...
  5. Z

    Interquartile Average with IF Statement

    Hey guys, I am looking to calculate the average within a certain quartile within a large data set. However, rather than just taking the average of the quartile of all my data, I want to also subject the formula to another condition. For example, I have a set of $ values in column A. I then...
  6. M

    Quartile with if statement

    If i have a column A with data 1, 2, 3....12 (multiple reading of 1, 2, 3 ...12; represents months) and column B having sales volume data in number from 1 to x. I want to find QUARTILE of Column B with condition of Column A. How i can do this? Please help me..
  7. C

    quartile calculation relative to a multiple, non-contiguous cell range

    Goodmorning , I have to calculate the first quartile (25 percentile) and the third quartile (75 percentile) of a multiple, non-contiguous cell range. While calculating the minimum and maximum of the same non contiguous cell range, the min and max functions also work on multiple cell ranges, the...
  8. T

    Quartile and Deciles in Excel

    Hi, I want a function in Excel that gives me quartile position (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) or Decile position (e.g. D1, D2 ets) of a number in the data set. for example in the given data set 1,2,3,4,2,7 1 belongs to Q1 7 belongs to Q4 similar for Decile also. I also want a way where i can...
  9. L

    Quartile Function (ranking lowest values 1st quartile, highest values 4th quartile)

    I am currently using this formula to assign values a quartile in column AI. The problem is that it ranks the GREATEST values with a Quartile "1" and I want the LOWEST values with a Quartile "1". =MATCH(AI4,QUARTILE(AI$3:AI$67,{4,3,2,1}),-1) I tried using the following equation but it returns...
  10. L

    Pass only specific cells to Quartile Function

    I am looking to customize the QUARTILE function to automate the selection of value range satisfying a specific condition. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uhATNT4QB2X1ZjNWlSYTFPMHc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uhATNT4QB2WUktTktsR19wQjA/view?usp=sharing I am able...
  11. B

    Dynamically Changing QUARTILE Array When Value Changes

    Using MS Office Professional Plus 2013 I have a table with data grouped by item #. I would like to use the formula below on each group with the ability to copy the formula down, and have the QUARTILE function reference each group separately...
  12. dwg83

    Determine Quartile ignoring filtered out data AND with the right name in a different collumn

    I have scoured mrexcel, now I am posting a fresh thread. I have values in column O that I would determine quartiles for. My table will be filtered. However it won't be filtered by name which is in column A. How do I have excel tell me the quartile of the values showing that have the correct...
  13. N

    Conditional Quartile.INC function

    Hi guys, Can you help me please? I require your Excel expertise :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I have an ever-growing table with multiple columns like below: <tbody> Fruit Numbers Bag Orange 3 Yes Orange 2 No Apple 1 No Apple 1 Yes Apple 2 Yes Apple 3 Yes...
  14. M

    Counting the Occurence of each Quartile

    Hello All, I hope I have a simple question. I have a set of data like the following. I would like to know the formula on how to see how many times the value in Quartile 1, 2, & 3 occurred. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> <tbody> Value Quartile 1 <tbody>...
  15. J

    Average excluding x highest outlying values

    I'm producing a report on sickness absence and have been asked for an average (mean) figure by department. Some areas are skewed by having a small number of absences over an extremely long term (i.e. one department has a total of 400 days absence across 7 employees, but over 180 days of this is...
  16. W

    Quartile or Percentile Function of range containing #N/A

    In need of a solution here... I have several sheets in a workbook containing different sets of data. I then have one master sheet which references specific cells from all of these data sheets so only the info I need is displayed in an organized manner on one sheet. The first problem I ran...
  17. P

    Using a dynamic range

    I'm working on a project where I have multiple bids in place for each request. I need to be able to show, by each request, a quartile function of where the bids fall. The problem I'm running into is finding a way to group the requests in some sort of formula so that the quartile is unique to...

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