1. W

    specify gap size using Randbetween function

    How can RANDBETWEEN(1,850) be modified to select numbers <+8 or >-8 of the previous selection? Thanks, White Top
  2. H

    CAnnot get RANDBETWEEN function and Autofill to work in VBA

    Hi there! I am using VBA to do the following: I use it to write the RANDBETWEEN function in, say, cell A1. I then use the AUTOFILL command to copy the function down to, say, A10. I then highlight the range A1 through A10 and Copy/Paste the values generated by the Randbetween function copied...
  3. J

    Generate Random Numbers That Are Only Used Once

    I have to create a spreadsheet where employees click on a number 1-41. Each number is in its own cell and each number is hyperlinked to another tab where the user is presented with a question they have to answer. What I am trying to do is use RANDBETWEEN to generate a random number between...
  4. J

    Is it possible to Index a single cell array?

    I was trying to randomly select items from an array, I don't think the below is possible so I'm going to break it out into cells. I have an array in A1, everything below is submitted with ctrl shift enter just in case. A1={"test1","test2","test3"} I want to be able to...
  5. M

    Simple Macro to re-trigger RANDBETWEEN

    I want a button to trigger all of my RANDBETWEEN cells to re-randomize. What's the simplest macro should I use to do this? I was copying/pasting a cell, but this changes the selection. Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Concatenate Moving Range

    Hi there! Been a long time lurker of the forum, but finally forced to ask for help on something I have a column with values e.g. in B1 I have "red", B2 has "Blue", B3 has "Green" etc. In another cell I have a randbetween function e.g. C1 = randbetween(1,N) I want to concatenate from cell...
  7. S

    Placing Conditions on Randbetween to Avoid Clashes With Other Columns

    Hi Guys, Firstly, apologies for the total lack of a snappy title... I have a job interview next week in which i will have to show how i would handle receiving responses to certain questions on a questionnaire. My idea is to Randbetween and Choose(Randbetween) to give myself a real working...
  8. C

    vba to calculate a randbetween in a range of cells relative to a selected cell

    Hi, I'm looking for some vba that will do the following if possible: Example: cell R1 contains the following: '1>5' and when the macro is run it puts a 'formula' into the range from R3: down to the last row containing data in Col A (eg.R3:R7540). The formula calculates a 'Randbetween 1 and 5'...
  9. T

    Ignore Blanks and Choose Between Candidates

    Hello all, I have been trying to come up with a solution that will allow me to NOT use RAND() for a basic scheduling tool. 1) We have 10 people 2) There are 5 shifts (Monday-Friday) 3) There is an OMIT field, marked as 0 or 1, where if omit=1, they are not scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. This...
  10. S

    Randbetween with no duplicates

    Hello, is there any way of using Randbetween function without getting duplicates? I am using Excel 2016, many thanks
  11. A

    Modifying Randbetween function

    I am using randbetween(-10,10) to generate numbers, Occasionally I get a 0, is there a way to modify this so that I never get 0?
  12. K

    Randbetween and decimals

    Hey! I'm looking to generate some random numbers using decimals, like from 0.1570 to 0.1579 in that exact form. I've been trying for a while and beyond stuck!
  13. M

    Can't find error in formula

    Hey guys, I need your help. The situation: I have 10 standard six-sided dice and want to roll values of 4, 5 or 6. This for example represents a game with 10 Goblins attacking a Troll, needing a 4 or higher to damage it. However, the Goblins are quick to strike so they can reroll their failed...
  14. J

    RANDBETWEEN but Exclude integers from two separate cells

    If in A1 I have the integer 1, and in B1 I have the integer 3, and in C1 I want to generate a random number from 1 to 5 which excludes the integers 1 and 3 from these previous two cells, how could I accomplish this? I looked over the below thread, but it was slightly different, and couldn't...
  15. P

    RANDBETWEEN 17 and 90 Seconds

    Hi all, I need to add this formula to a set of times I've calculated but can't figure out how to do it. Could anyone please help, that would be much appreciated. Thanks. Phil
  16. J

    Using RANDBETWEEN with Non-Numeric Character strings To Generate a Result

    Cells AE2 thru AH2 have the following characters: AE2: COO1536578 AF2: AFI58491599 AG2: GHU4582154 AH2: UHT7851596 In AB2, I'd like to write a formula similar to the below, which will choose one of these cells at random and populate it in AB2. I currently have a working formula as follows...
  17. J

    Make this RANDBETWEEN Work With Columns Instead of Rows

    I've got about 100 rows of data, with 100 columns across. I want to use the below formula to give me one random output from the columns in each row. The formula gives me a #REF if I plug in columns instead of rows: =INDEX($C:$C,RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA($C:$C)),1)
  18. M

    RandBetween(2,218) to generate 217 UNIQUE integers in 217 cells

    HELLO FORUMS, I need to make 217 RANDOM integers in 217 CELLS that are UNIQUE (no duplicates) NOW when I use this formula (=randbetween(2,218)) in my first cell and drag down I get many duplicates (found using conditional formatting) HOW do I make these random integers WITHOUT getting...
  19. M

    Pulling Data from A RAND() Built Simulation with Macros

    Hi All, I don't have a Monte Carlo Simulation Add-in (if any of you know of a good free one please let me know), so what I did was use the randbetween() function and then used and =if to create probabilistic choices (ex. I am building a model to forecast financial projections, but not entirely...
  20. T

    Random Number Generator

    Hey guys, Let me first say "thank you" in advanced. I was asked to create a random number generator. I am using the =CHOOSE(RANDBETWEEN(x,x) function. So for example, My formula looks like this...

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