random groups

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    Random Groups of 18 with a 50/50 Gender Split

    I have a list of 360 students that need to be sorted into groups of 18 each. I wish to randomly assign the groups but make each group 50-50 Male/Female. If I have to do two random groups of 9 each by gender that is OK I just don't know how to have excel make random groups of the students in...
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    Random Group

    Hey guys, so I'm sort of new to this and I was wondering if you could help me. This is going to be hard to explain so I'll do my best. I have to divide about 30+ people into 8 groups randomly. However, Some of the people can only go into certain groups but others can go into several of the...
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    Random dinner party assignments

    I have a dinner party assignment problem similar to RandyMartin's problem (Random Group (?) Generator tonight!), posted May 2 2009 with reply by Gardnertoo posted July 2009. Problem: 40 people 5 hosts per month 8 guests per host 4 parties per year Goal: minimize tripple pairings. What...
  4. C

    dividing data set into random groups based on mean values

    Hi, is there a way to divide a data set of values that have a patient number and value (i.e. patient # 2 and 1032.34) into equal groups, based on the mean values within the created groups? I am trying to randomize 24 patient values based on a single value and put them into similar groups based...

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