ranking data

  1. S

    Quiz Scores Leaderboard

    Hi, I'm trying to compile a "leaderboard" for our weekly quizzes, which since the start of the pandemic have become our mainstay social activity (and good fun they are too). It's only among friends but can get pretty competitive! I have produced a spreadsheet to record the weekly scores, but...
  2. DRSteele

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Using tiebreakers is frequently required in sports leagues and sales data to come up with winners and losers. We can use a clever trick to rank with tiebreakers, a process otherwise made difficult by the many conditions. Here we have sales data for automobile salesmen, and we want to grant...
  3. E

    Multiple Criteria Ranking without Duplicates

    Please help! I've tried so many different things and have had no success. That said, I'm sure I'm missing something simple. I'd like to set up a ranking column based on multiple criteria where ties skip a number and there are no duplicate rankings. Right now my formula gives the same ranking...
  4. P

    Ranking values in Excel

    I am working with a large data set. The values are included in two different columns. A lot of the values have very little value to the overall report impact. What I want to do is identify the top 10 items by percentages that have a number greater than 50 in my top 10 table separate from the...
  5. M

    DAX Top 10 and others

    Hi, I am new to DAX and struggling to find a formula to show me the top 10 customers then all others grouped together under "Others", as i want a clean looking pie chart. the field names are "SupplierName" and the values are "YTD Sales" not sure what other information is required. thanks...
  6. S

    Pull ranking & associated data - NON VBA - Possible?????

    Morning y'all! I am trying to figure out how I can pull some data over in a specific way to ensure that it matches my criteria. I have my source workbook which contains all data for Item, Location, Ranking (based upon location), & Data Points 1-10 (1 through 10). I also have my template sheet...
  7. S

    Ranking formula based on variable

    I have a table with country performance data & I would like to be able to see the best performing country on a certain date. The idea is that if I change the date in cell E10 (highlighted in red), the formula in E11 would display the country name of the highest value on that date. In the event...
  8. A

    Ranking and not showing ties

    I'm using this formula in Column A =IF(G3="","",IF(G3=G2,A2,ROW()-2)), which will show a tie for the same rank (i.e. Rank 1 [Bell and Brown] and Rank 4 for both Beckham and Elliott). What would be the formula to rank them 1-5? I would prefer not to show a tie. Thank you in advance! <tbody>...
  9. M

    Ranking with multiple of the same name in one column

    Hello, I am looking to fix my formula or understand a better formula to rank titles in one column where the title can appear multiple times with different number of units each time the title appears. Below is an example (Note I only included the rank in column C without the name of the title...
  10. N

    Ranking based on multiple columns having different weightage.

    There are multiple threads of Ranking based on multiple columns but still I am posting new. Please try to help me. <tbody> Circle Core Core Collector Collector Metro Metro AVL # of Links AVL # of Links AVL # of Links Kerala 97.85% 12 97.15% 20 99.42% 47 Punjab 99.89% 3 96.68% 1 99.82% 73...
  11. M

    Ranking Values with a nested Index+Match

    I have a sheet with economic indicators in column A, countries in B, and annual values in C-Z, and in AA I have the average annual value for that indicator. Indicators repeat for each country, and countries repeat for each indicator, so it looks like: Exports....US Exports....China...
  12. C

    Ranking with Multiple Columns

    I have a project that I am unable to figure out the best way how to accomplish. I have five players on our basketball that are having a contest. Each player took 25 shots. I need to rank each player's shots individually. For instance, Andrew made 24 and 23 (4th and 1st attempts respectively)...
  13. B

    RANK Solution needed please :)

    Hello All, Im sure you will be able able to help with the following question: I am trying to RANK a list of data but where the number maybe the same how can i get the formula to not have duplicates... So far example below i want James to be ranked 4th and Sally 5th even though they both had...
  14. B

    Ranking while ignoring zeros

    Hoping for the excel gods to answer a question. I have data in a row like the example posted below. I want to rank the values (including positive/negative numbers), but need to ignore the zero's since a zero indicates no data was present. I can rank including the zeros, but that throws off the...
  15. T

    Sorting summary data on one sheet to another sheet by rank

    I have created a Workbook that has a worksheet for each day of the month. Then each day there is a log of events setup with Providers listed down col A and possible events listed in the top Row. On the last worksheet I have the monthly totals which I have formulas showing the monthly total...
  16. S

    Need to return text from a cell based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place ranking

    Thank you in advance for helping with this, I have been searching for 3 days now and cannot seem to find the magic formula. A1:A3, A4:6, A7:A9, A10:A12, A13:A15 & A16:A18 are merged in the actual spreadsheet. Column F is the results I am wanting returned. I need F1, F4, F7, F10 & F13 to...
  17. E

    Rank select cells only from a column

    Hi all! In the below example i need to only rank the topline (bold records) and ignore all the other values from the value column when ranking. The excel rank formula ranks "office" as 3 because "detached" (which is a row to be ignored when ranking) has a higher value. It should however be...
  18. D

    Ranking and creating a graph from it.

    Hello everyone! I apologize- I found another similar topic. I am trying to delete this thread but I'm not sure how to. -The newbie.
  19. S

    Access hangs on Ranking

    I am trying to rank 48000 rcds and on running query Access just hangs. Any suggestions to overcome this situation? I can reduce my records but dont wat to if possible. Any other suggestion for ranking these many records? thanks SKV
  20. P

    Relative Ranking Formula

    This is for a school. I need to rank the students based on family information. FamilyID = one ID per family StudentID = unique student ID Grade = student's grade TeachingFamily = binary, do they have a parent who teaches at the school Status = are they a Full Time or Part Time? (not binary, as...

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