1. A

    Help with picture ratio in Macro

    Dear all, I need your help with pic ratio inside the following formula. The pic is correctly pasted in memo, the height changes to 200, but the original ratio is not maintained. Can you help me? Sub showPic() Dim folderPath As String folderPath = ThisWorkbook.path &...
  2. S

    Formula for calculating ratio

    Hi. I work in education, and I'm currently working on a new way to plan our online courses. Part of this includes ensuring a balance of "Activity types". We have four possible Activity types to choose from: Directed Learning: Activity Directed Learning: Content Directed Learning: Live Session...
  3. M

    Macro to combine data sets with a ratio

    Hello, I am looking to create a macro where i can combine two sets of data based on a ratio. I am pretty good with macro's but i cant seem to work this one out. I want to start with an easy ratio of 1:1, so i have two data sets 'MLA' and 'PLA' and i want to combime them on a 3rd tab in the...
  4. T

    Using MMULT to find optimal Debt-to-Equity Ratio

    Hey guys! I am trying to build out a MMULT + MINVERSE formula to automatically solve for an optimal debt to equity ratio. <tbody> Input (optimal ratio) 1 Debt 1 Equity 2 Debt-to-equity Ratio .5 </tbody> Currently, my debt to equity ratio is .5, or 1/2. What I am trying to do is...
  5. muhammad susanto

    Custom Number Input Tax Ratio

    hi all.. how to make custom number format like this <tbody> entry-input expected result - display 2% Tax Ratio (2%) 10% Tax Ratio (10%) </tbody> any help, thank in advance.. .sst
  6. A

    Calculate a ratio from two numbers in vba

    =num1/GCD(num1,num2)&":"&num2/GCD(num1,num2) This formula is a ratio between two numbers. Is there a way to do this in vba? I have 3 labels (Label1 , Label2 , Label3) in a userform. Label1 & Label2 will have the numbers and I would like to output the ratio value to Label3. Can anyone assist...
  7. D

    Display Formula Result as Percentages

    Hi All I cannot reduce the decimal places in the below formula Can anyone help? <colgroup><col width="119" style="width: 89pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4352;"> <col width="107" style="width: 80pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3913;"> <col...
  8. E

    Conditional formatting a Ratio

    Hi everyone, I'm using Excel 2016. I have a spreadsheet that is calculating a ratio with this formula: =ROUND((C3/D3),1)&":1" In C3 I have the value of 1 In D3 I have the value of 0.07 When the formula is applied in cell F3, the value returned is 14.3:1 I have other values that I'd like to...
  9. S

    Excel Ratios and Comparing Two Cells to Determine Outcome

    I work in a church and I'm trying to determine how to monitor if our rooms with kids/teacher ratios go over the state requirements. For instance, we can have 4 infants with 1 teacher. So, one of our rooms had 5 kids to one teacher and I would like column C to show YES if it is greater than 1:4...
  10. S

    Find distance between 2 numbers and apply that distance to 2 other numbers

    Hi all! I have a model that helps me calculate a bonus based on hitting certain ratios. I'm having trouble writing a formula to do the calculation. Here's how one line looks: <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  11. K

    Assigning a Macro to a Graphic - Assignment Instruction Help

    So, I know how to assign a macro to a graphic, but I'm confused as to what my assignment is asking for. Below are the instructions, as given: In this exercise, you will insert a textbox in a worksheet, label it “Start”, and assign a macro to it to calculate the thinness ratio of a rectangle...
  12. U

    Can we scroll through images and change the aspect ratio in a UserForm?

    I need to be able to select between windows used in home remolding. I have several GIF images that I would like to scroll through and I want to use their file names in the bill of material. I also want to know if there is a way to change the aspect ratio based on the window's dimensions. My...
  13. T

    calculating my pipeline backwards

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to calculate my pipeline backwards. I hope I can explain clearly here. The premise is: If I start with 100 USD in my pipeline and I have a win ratio of 20% I will win 20 USD. This 20 USD will move to the next stage (stage A) where there is already another amount...
  14. masud8956

    Converting [h]:mm value with toggle switch

    Hi all, I am trying to automatically convert a few 'durations' (in [h]:mm format) located at range D17:D21. I need to use some toggle switches at E16:I16 to select what ratio to be displayed at cells E16:I16. e.g. at E16, the switch should either show Ratio 0.75:1 or Ratio 1:0.75 and that way...
  15. M

    Ratio Computation

    Hello guys i have a small laundry business, i want to know the ratio between the numbers of wash and the number of detergent used per day, i have i table like this <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D 1 Date Wash Detergent Ratio 2 August, 01 2018 6 4 3 August, 02 2018 5 3 4 August, 03...
  16. T

    Interpolation problem

    How to get an interpolation for multiple variables. CFM, Outdoor Temperature, Wet Temperature, and Dry Temperature are given. Trying to get an interpolation for Total Capacity and Sensible Ratio. So an example would be, what is the Total Capacity and Sensible ratio when CFM=1100, Wet...
  17. V

    formula to derive appropriate ranking of efficiency and working hours.

    Hi All, Am trying to work on formuala which will give me efficieny ratio but i also want to factor number of working hours into the formula which i am not able to do it . Please help me with the tips . Have pasted two tables i.e Table 1 and Table 2, First table shows the actual time taken for...
  18. Y

    Calculated field with column subitems?

    Hi, I have a source data which I can't change because if I add a column with a formula, it will make the file that much heavier. I'd like to calculate a simple ratio of calculations. Here's a simulated example of what I'd like. <tbody> Column A Column B AB Yes1 AB No EF - CD - AB...
  19. B

    Combo chart in VBA

    Hi, In the attached, there is a portion of code that creates two charts on the "Charts" tab. They're both currently sturctured as clustered column charts, but I'm wondering how I can plot one of the series' (Sharpe Ratio and Information Ratio) on the secondary axis as a line chart with...
  20. D

    Set PowerPoint Screen Ratio when opening a session from Excel VBA

    Hi, I use the following code to open a presentation and paste some information into a presentation from Excel. The problem that I have is that the users of the excel file have different default settings for their PPT screen ratio on startup. Obviously this throws out my presentation...

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