1. E

    How to check this database for duplicates?

    Hi all. I prepared a small example database but it seems that I'm not allowed to post an attachment so I'll try and explain my dilemma by using one of the above tables. <tbody> A B C D E F G etc etc etc etc 39 6 23 34 2 7 26 8 3 35 18 22 7 23 2 39 6...
  2. M

    What Is A Real World Use Of Creating An Event In a Custom Class?

    Hi, I've been coding in VBA with Excel's built-in events for the Workbook and Worksheet and their usefulness is very obvious. However, with custom classes in VBA you can also create your own events -- and raise them -- to other objects that are listening for those events. What's unclear to me...
  3. B

    Trend formula completely wrong

    When I enter the following data into Excel and generates af Forecast Analysis with a Polynomial Trendline (Order 2) Excel shows an almost perfect trendline in the diagram. But when I choose Display equation on chart, it comes up with a Trend formula that has nothing to do with reality. This is...
  4. J

    Total by PuestoTrabajo (Wrong Calculation)

    Hi, to all members of this great forum. Crossposted : The idea of ​​the table that I present in the file is to distribute a quantity of KG of production in several Puestos de Trabajo, through participations. I...
  5. H

    Scheduled vs Actual Date

    Hello, In column A I have the scheduled date for a task to be done. In column B I input the real date of task when it is done. In Column C I want to reference the real date if entered, or if real date is blank reference the scheduled date. Can someone suggest a formula please? Thank you!
  6. V

    MS Query, Use both 'Like' and 'Not Like' in multiple instances

    Morning All First, apologies if this is already answered in the Forum, but i could not find anything similar I have a very large data set in excel with 1000's of rows and i cannot uses simple filters as this is not appropriate to generate subsequent reports from the data, therefore i have to...
  7. E

    Importing Non-Table Data

    I use a web site to monitor when my son gets dispatched on a fire call I have a macro that works fine on my Windows 8 computer but not on Windows 10 and no one in the world seems to...
  8. S

    How to find and truncate text after the first space before the 38th character

    I am trying to write either a formula or Macro to find the last space in a string before the 38th character. My problem is that my data is not standard and I don't want to truncate in the middle of a word that falls at 37 characters. See example below. <tbody> Free-bird Real Opportunities...
  9. O

    DATEVALUE works for colleague but not me

    Seems there's always trouble with date values. Maybe it's more frequent in non-english countries due to locale settings? I don't know, but either way date conversions is a real pain. I was sent an excel sheet from a colleague at work today. He has date as text a cell ...let's call it cell1. The...
  10. J

    is there a rept() array formula. I need this result

    A1 = 4 B1 = x A2 = 2 B2 = y A3 = 7 B3 = z I need C1 to look like this xxxxyyzzzzzzz this is a simple example. my real data as 200 plus rows. I was going to use rept(B1,A1) & rept (B2,A2 etc.... but that's taking too long
  11. M

    Looking for a solution for keeping up with inventory of a part numbers.

    I'm having trouble figuring out a way to keep subtracting real time inventory (Column D) for part # AA as it continues to show up on a production schedule. Any ideas on a formula considering part AA may show up multiple times on a schedule with 500 other part numbers. Thanks for the help A...
  12. M

    Using real time in simple formulas

    HI I am trying to produce a simple spreadsheet whereby I can monitor if staff working alone are overdue to phone in to say they have finished and are safe. All I need is a column for time due to finish and another column that shows time (hrs Mins) elapsed. If that could change colour after...
  13. E

    Count number of paired numbers and ignore #N/A, across columns

    Hi there, I would greatly appreciate any help - I have been trying to solve this all day! I am trying to count all the instances that a real number in columns C/E/G/I/K/M/O is paired with a real number in column D/F/H/J/L/N/P, respectively. In this example, the count would be 28. An example of...
  14. L

    cleaning file samples

    Hi Where can I find excel files which has raw data need to be cleaned/formatted etc, remove duplicate, blank cells etc. I want to practice that on real life files. Is there any website I can down load these files from? Thank you very much.
  15. L

    real life excel sheets + data analysis

    Hi Someone showed me a real life excel files. It was imported from database. The file needs a lot of formatting, cleaning, blank cells, pivot tables etc. I kind of found it so difficult to deal with. I do not think I will get a chance to work on these kind of sheets. I wonder if there is a real...
  16. A

    ghost worksheets

    I use a workbook A containing lot of data. Then, WB B reads from WB A, and WB C reads from WB B. (ABC in same folder) When I open up WB C, it asks for Update / Don't update. If I don't update, the file opens normally. But when I do update, something strange happens: in VBA Project explorer, it...
  17. D

    VBA for Auto Sort Left To Right

    Hello Experts I would like to sort my excel data from Left to Right and the range is Q!:AD200 from largest to smallest. Anyone knows how to write this VBA could for me? I would to be in real time i.e. the moment a data change the sort will start. Thanks
  18. S

    Placing Conditions on Randbetween to Avoid Clashes With Other Columns

    Hi Guys, Firstly, apologies for the total lack of a snappy title... I have a job interview next week in which i will have to show how i would handle receiving responses to certain questions on a questionnaire. My idea is to Randbetween and Choose(Randbetween) to give myself a real working...
  19. S

    Vlookup with 3 criteria matches

    Page 1 C372)Ag Non Real Estate C374)City. D375)#loan E375)Balance C375)Ag loan. C376)Ag line Page 2 A1)Ag Non Real Estate. B1)City. C1)Product. D1)Ag loan. E1)4. F1)$480 Ag Non Real Estate. City. Ag line. 3. $350 (same layout as first record) How do I bring back the count and dollars to page...
  20. M

    Build a table with real time data HELP?

    Hello, I'm receiving real time power data that is updating every 10 minutes in cells E15,F15. Every time it updates the current values disappear and are replaced with the new values. I would like to record all of the values throughout the day so I can work with the data later. What I would...

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