1. R

    2010 v 365

    I've worked with Excel 2010 for many years and have developed some very large spreadsheets. I find that the files take ages to load and then a long time to recalculate. I wondered if moving to Excel 365 or another newer version would help? Thanks Ray
  2. S

    excel, please stop recalculating!

    Whay does excel say in the bottom status bar "calculating"... for quite some time, just when I insert a blank row, on a new blank sheet? Other sheets I can understand, but not this one, every time. Dave
  3. C

    Add in functionality in VBA

    Hello, I'm using an add-in that adds functions to pull data from a 3rd party program. The add-in also adds a section to the ribbon with buttons that recalculate (either the current sheet or all sheets in the book). Is there any way to activate these recalculate options in a VBA macro? They seem...
  4. F

    Macro to Recalculate a Sheet and check value of a cell

    Dear All, I hope this has not been answered on this forums, I tried to search for a solution but have reached this far (see below code). The problem: I have sheet where i want to simulate a certain process. I generate random numbers and want to compare it for a value in a cell. Lets say i want...
  5. D

    Why recalculate when resizing columns???

    Just wondering, why does the workbook need to recalculate when u resize a column? (my guess is, that sometimes values [such as dates] are displayed as ##### for lack of space, so it needs to recalculate those to show them...) [[[edit: my guess is probably wrong, because i just set my workbook...
  6. J

    Macro Help

    Hello, all. I'm entirely new to the VBA language, and currently in a situation where I don't necessarily have time to learn it (Overseas with USMIL). I have a spreadsheet which conducts several calculations across multiple sheets, ultimately boiling down the results to a range of 4 cells. I'm...
  7. M

    UDF Continually Recalculates

    Hey, Does anyone know how to stop a UDF from recalculating unless its target cells change? My UDF below recalculates constantly. Thanks! Function Custom_SplitandRemove3(InitialRange As String, RemoveMatchesFromThisRange As String) On Error GoTo Troubleshooter1 'Accounts for handling if...
  8. S

    Recalculate the value of NOW()?

    Hello How do I get Excel to recalculate the value of NOW()? Obviously one way is to save the file and re-open it, but short of using VBA, is there any way of forcing a reculation - e.g. using a keyboard shortcut? Thanks J
  9. F

    Sumproduct into vba

    I have the following formula in one of the tables. but due to large data it takes time to recalculate. how can i incorporate it into vba code? {SUMPRODUCT(RecTbl[NOD] * (RecTbl[NAME]=[@[ID]]) * (RecTbl[ TYPE]=LBal[[#Headers],[Taken]])*(RecTbl[END...
  10. A

    Recalculate Issue

    I have an excel file that crashes the excel each time I try to recalculate the workbook. If I switch the calculation option to manual then I can work on the file but as soon as I press F9 to recalculate I get the message "Excel has stopped working". There are no external links in this file. The...
  11. L

    Excel 2010 Not Calculating

    I'm working in Excel 2010 with a file (6.93MB) that is not calculating. The calculation settings are set to "Automatic", I've tried Ctrl + Alt + F9, Alt + M + B, etc., but whenever I do that, in the bottom right it will show "Calculating: (4 Processor(s)): 0%" and the "Calculate" label is...
  12. T

    INDIRECT - prevent recalculation

    Dear mrexcel users, I am building an annual report for a company in excel. Using VLOOKUP and INDIRECT it pulls financial data from other open workbooks. (each assignment is a separate workbook, VLOOKUP pulls data from each workbook) I am using the following formula: =VLOOKUP($C6;INDIRECT("'["...
  13. S

    Help with a macro to recalculate the file and then run few macros.

    Hi, I have a file with few sheets. I have created different macros on all the sheets accept Sheet 1. Now on sheet 1 i want to create a drop down. I want that every time the value in the drop down is changed the file is recalculated. After the recalculation is completed i want it to run few...
  14. C

    User-defined function Excel 2010

    I am trying to create a custom function that will be used on multiple different sheets. Depending on the data on each sheet, the custom function needs to calculate a few different ways. One of the inputs needed for the function to know what to do is "NumNewDiags". I currently have another...
  15. P

    UDF/Custom Function Working 1st Time, but Recalculating 2nd Time and Returning #VALUE... ??

    Hello VBA and UDF world, I have a UDF/Custom Function that works the 1st Time it's ran, but when I try to use the data in a pivot table the function attempts to recalculate and returns #VALUE. I have researched this issue, came to some conclusions, but can't figure it out entirely... I found...
  16. T

    ActiveWorkbook.RefreshAll vs Application.Calculate

    What's the different between: ActiveWorkbook.RefreshAll and Application.Calculate other than the latter does all open workbooks.
  17. L

    function continually reclaculates (when in xlCalculationManual)

    Hi all, I'm using windows XP, excel 2007. I've written a function (VBA below). This function (to publish the HTML of a range) works nicely when called by a macro. However I'm also trying to make it work in am excel cell. When I've got manual calculation the formula continually recalculates...
  18. H

    Making RAND() non-volatile?

    I am using RAND() to randomly select items from half a dozen lists. Each list has only 2 to 7 items in it, but I need to make thousands of selections. The problem is that every time I load the spreadsheet, RAND() automatically runs, making new selections, but I only want RAND() to run on my...
  19. K

    How to trigger macro when data table is recalculated with F9?

    I have the following macro, which modifies a chart when the worksheet is recalculated: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Sheet1.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Chart.Axes(x1Value).CrossesAt = Range("Base1") End Sub How do I get this macro to run ONLY when a data table is recalculated with F9 or...
  20. W

    Auto Recalc Formulas with change in color index number

    Running Excel 2007 Windows Vista The goal is to have a VBA user defined function recalculate when any cell color is changed. So far, I have the "Automatic" selected under the "Calculation Options". I have added "Application.Volatile" to my VBA code. I have also tried, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9, and...

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