1. R

    Power Query - Re-merge a column

    I am pretty new to Power Query so please be gentle! I have a table with 2 column's from a database. The first column is a Parent recipe, the second column is a Child recipe. Recipes will be found in both columns so no unique records. Example: PR CR A B C B D C E...
  2. M

    Having Trouble Tackling a larger formula: need to return multiple values based on multiple criteria

    Hi All I have a fairly tricky situation that I'm trying to solve that I'm not entirely sure is possible. I'll give a brief explanation below but if anyone wants to attempt it I can give a more detailed examples of the data. I am trying to create a list that generates the items I need, in...
  3. D

    Partial matching to multiple cells

    Hello all, Please see the attached image below. I am having trouble with partial matching & joining together results. As you can see, I have recipes 1-5 in column B, with corresponding days of the week in column A beside them. The letters in column A correspond to days of the week. For...
  4. H

    Show record?

    Ok I haven't a clue what to search for to see if this has been asked. I finally bit the bullet and started migrating my Approach databases to Access. I have quite a few questions but I will go for one at a time. This one is a recipe database for whatever its worth. I want to select a recipe...
  5. L

    Macro for User Input with relative references

    I need help correcting a Macro. I have a sample spreadsheet that I can attach, but do not see how to do that. I want the user to be able to press the "Clear Form" button on any recipe in a recipe pricing spreadsheet and clear the individual recipe. I recorded the following macro with relative...
  6. Alex Piotto

    Get data and photo from a sheet to image control in another sheet

    Hi EXCELlent people! I am working on a recipes workbook and I need to ask for your help in order to retrieve an image (shape) from a sheet and show it into another one. I'll explain... I have a sheet with a "database" containing the name, category, author, ingredients, preparation, date...
  7. J

    Recipe Calculator

    Hi Everyone I'm trying to develop a recipe calculator linked to a product inventory like in the tables below, however my formula and function skills are limited but aspirational :laugh:. In the first table I want to list the ingredients that I buy, amount I bought, cost, price per unit. I...
  8. F

    Vlookup and Sum across multiple tabs

    So I'm a chef and not great at spreadsheets, hoping for some help! Basically I have 15 tabs, one recipe per a tab with ingredients in one column and the corresponding kg in the next column. I am trying to create a summary - shopping list tab. I've manually listed all the individual ingredients...
  9. T

    Making a formula that by inputting a recipe, it gives the list of ingredients?

    Basically, I have several recipes and I would like to make it so if someone inserts a recipe code/name, it will "look up" and output the list of ingredients. Does anyone have ideas on how I can do this?:confused:
  10. J

    Recipe tracker

    To make the question easier I am posting it as a recipe tracker One table has the recipe <tbody> Recipe # Recipe Bread PB Jelly Broth Chicken Noodles 100 PBJ 50% 25% 25% 101 Chicken Soup 75% 10% 15% 102 Chicken Sandwich 50% 50% 103 Peanut Butter Soup 10% 90% </tbody>...
  11. Y

    How to do automatic scaling of ratios in excel

    Hello, I have a recipe that uses for example, 3 cup flour 2 cup sugar 3 cups milk 4 eggs And this produces 18 muffins. Are there formulas I could use in excel to scale the recipe up or down automatically? Meaning if I wanted to produce 30 muffins. Could it automatically change the...
  12. M

    Search a table, return an array

    0000 AAAAA BBBBB CCCCC DDDDD 1111 Sugar Raisin Dirt 2222 Milk Water Water Flour 3333 Flour Sugar Dirt 4444 Eggs Water Flour Sugar 5555 Water Milk Dirt I looked for a way to represent my data in a cleaner way than this but couldn't find any tools....a point in the right direction would be...

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