1. D

    Excel Autocompleting Recognized Text in Cells

    I am entering text into a long single column of cells mechanically, row by row. As I go down the column, cell by cell, I will sometimes want to enter a text that I have already entered in a previous cell, many rows back. My Excel, part of of Office Professional Plus 2010, will recognize that I...
  2. D

    regarding recognition of date & after recognition value placement in the designated cell

    Dear Pros, Is is possible for cell to recognize of date(month) & after recognition, it places the desired value in the designated cell? In this case, for APAC01, I want "2640" of "8/30/19" in Aug cell. Thank you so much for the help.
  3. Smokeyham

    Show 5 Year Increments, based on Hire Date

    Hello, Our staff receive a recognition for every five years of service. I have been asked to add some columns to a spreadsheet that will show (1) the next year when the person will receive a 5-year recognition and (2) when that year does occur what interval that will be (i.e. a person hired...
  4. S

    Deferred Revenue Recognition

    Hello! Seeking some urgent help. I have data by month 1,2,3.....across over 60 months. I need to defer the recognition by n (number of months) fixed throughout the term but can be changed and the entire sequence is corrected to reflect this. As an example all data in months 1,2,3 need to be...
  5. B

    Revenue Recognition

    Hi I am trying to build a revenue recognition formula within Excel. It's for a services company which can only consume service revenue at $40,000 per month. So for a deal of $100,000 the revenue would be recognized as $40k in month 1, $40k in month 2 and then $20k in month 3. So the inputs we...
  6. D

    IF cell starts with EXP Count

    Good afternoon Guys and Gals, After some help with a formula to count specific cells starting with a particular three letters. In example: IF B3 Starts with EXP***** Count. Thanks in advance! Dan
  7. S

    REvenue REcognition

    Hi I am not sure how to attach the file I am referring to, in this thread I am working on Revenue Recognition calculation for a shopping centre The first sheet is based on straightlining method where each month revenue recognized based on Total Lease Year Rentals/total months in lease year...
  8. A

    recognizing floating names with excel

    Hi All Members i have this column in an sheet: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 126pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="168"><col style="width: 54pt;" width="72"> <col style="width: 72pt;" width="96"> <tbody><tr style="height: 14.25pt;" height="19"> <td...

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