1. F

    Cannot Record Actions when trying transform a regular table with PowerQuery

    Hi, I have this report that i have to manipulate each week and i was trying to record the actions so i don't have to do the same laborious process every week. One part of the manipulation involves in transforming the table with power query so i can remove the format type of the whole column...
  2. R

    Record previous cell value

    Hello, I am looking for VBA code which copies the old cell text value of cell A1 (the value of A1 is returned by a formula which references to other cells) to cell A2, every time cell A1 contains a new and updated value. (The value of cell A2 should also remain unchanged whenever cell A1 is...
  3. M

    A cell that record time

    hi I want to set a cell that record time by click that cell
  4. 7

    Cyclic reference between fields of the same record

    Dear friends and Excel fans, I would like to ask you for advice. I use PowerQuery and I use quite a lot of queries (300+) - they are divided according to the systems they help and the methods they use. I have been thinking for a long time how to organize them well and I started using the same...
  5. CPGDeveloper

    Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit

    Hi All~ I have a user that occasionally experiences this error -- "Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit" The db I administer has about 20+ end users, split db, front end accde files on each users's desktop. This error occurs (only occasionally) when he is creating a new entry into...
  6. A

    Currency transaction record

    Dear Experts I want a table in which the No of Currency received/given to be record in a cell like for 1000 Note 1000 4 500 200 100 . . if i receive 1 note of 1000 rupee then i write 1 in front of 1000 rupee cell if i receive another 1000 rupee note then i write 2 in front of 1000 rupee...
  7. I

    reference multiple tables within search range

    I'm using the below code to check for existing records (in case the user of my UserForm clicks "add record" instead of "Update" 'Checks for existing record in case user clicks Add record instead of update. Dim reference As String reference = UserForm1.Ref_Num.Value Dim aCell As Range 'Set...
  8. W

    Form called by selecting record

    Pearson's form seems missing, or removed. I wrote one using Events. Thought I'd share. Here's the link:
  9. gheyman

    A Query that only shows the lastest/Last record for each vendor

    If I had a table with vendor history of each purchase they made (the table has the same customer listed numerous times under VendorName). The table has a "CreatedDate" field that puts the date the record was created in it and the table also has an AutoCount field "ID_NISTSL". So there are two...
  10. gheyman

    Advice on best method

    I have a table with about 10 fields. What I am trying to do is keep track of data changes; What changed and when they change. I am thinking that when the user wants to change data that they duplicate the record and then modify the duplicate record. I have fields that show date/userId so that...
  11. M

    Userform to modify data in different workbooks

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing great. At my current job we use several workbooks to store data regarding different steps of a process. Tehe thing is that some data is the same through the different workbooks. I have been working on a vba app that would allow me to store the data needed on all...
  12. gheyman

    Select data (Row) in one table and have it load/add to abother table

    I have data in an ODBC table. What I need to do is when someone selects a record in that table, have it automatically load data from that record to another table. Not sure where to even start or what to research. Any advice/direction is appreciated
  13. B

    "subform datasheet view will only allow me to edit when first opened"

    I have added a subform to the main form so I could have some controls on the main form and the datasheet view on the subform. When I first open the main form I can edit in the subform datasheet without a problem. But if I execute the combo box "cboJobNumber" from the main form to search for a...
  14. D

    Sports Draft App Pick Simulation

    I am working on a sports draft app for fantasy sports. Some background on fantasy sports (this is for basketball), managers draft real life players to create teams, you get matched against with a different team each week, there are 9 stat categories tracked and depending on how many categories...
  15. A

    conditional formating rules vba code

    Hello I tried to record a macro from conditional formating rules, but to no avail. First request, how to record a macro from conditional formating rules? Second request, please write me the vba code of the following conditional formating rules.
  16. N

    Aligning value and associated fields to match another column, with new rows created if needed.

    Good afternoon, In the spreadsheet, which was populated by tableau, the quantity break and its associated price from the last record and those from the previous record do not line up. Is there anyway we can match values in column P, along with the prices in column O to values in column N? If...
  17. G

    Copy and automatically save sheets from a workbook to separate workbooks

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that is downloaded from a data source. I currently have a macro that takes each row and creates a new sheet for the row, renames it, transposes the data, and deletes any empty rows in the new sheet. I would like to automatically save each sheet to a new workbook, with...
  18. G

    Check to see if sheet exists and rename it

    Hi All, I would like to run a macro to check to see if a sheet name exists, if it does exist, I would like to rename that sheet to be the contents of whatever is in cell B1 of that sheet. So far I have not had any luck with the using the following code, seems like it would be simple enough but...
  19. G

    If statement with multiple actions to complete based on the condition

    Hi All, This one is a doozy. I am creating a summary report for each record within a worksheet. The worksheet has a number of columns in it, but it is likely that, for each record (a/k/a row) most of those columns won't have any data associated with them for the particular record. So I am...
  20. baitmaster

    extract single record from recordset

    I want to create a recordset that contains only a single result from a larger recordset, how can I do this? I have a recursive algorithm that calls itself many times, passing a single record in, and getting a new set of results where one entry will be used in the next step and then passed on...

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