1. J

    Convert Sheet Events to Macro's

    Hi all, i have the below example of code that detects when BACK_COM is in cell T5 of Sheet1. When ba.placeBet is initiated, the program "Betting Assistant" will automatically call ba_betPlaced. What i am looking to do is rather than have the initial ba.placeBet triggered on Workseet_Change, i...
  2. R

    Fancy lookup formula!

    Hi, I need a formula that can look down entirety of Column B and identify all the blank cells that have a corresponding Ref number in column A. The answer I would be looking for is in column D. Apologies for not attaching any files (company restriction prevents me form doing so). If you can...
  3. R


    Hi Guys I have the following userform in the here under link I need to do the following :- when the user enters Name in the text box same shall replicate in Name1 and Name3 3.Example if the user enters John Smith , John Smith shall...
  4. Y

    Find and replce takes 5-6 hours

    Like any software developer, when I make significant changes to my spreadsheet I increment the version (So Ref Stats V7 becomes Ref Stats V8. I then have to change the references in one sheet for a couple of different files. Each file takes up to 6 hours to replace the references. (There's about...
  5. C

    Concatenate Break Formula

    Hi, The below table represents what I am currently doing manually but would am trying to come up with a formula to do for me. Or, some combination of formulas to get to the result I need. I need to write the result in the HTML column Currently I'm using the concatenation formula in the...
  6. A

    Finding multiple results

    Hi All, I am having a real hard time trying to explain what am actually trying to do as result so I have tried to demo it below. I need to change this <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Ref Result a123 1 b123 2 c123 3...
  7. Trevor3007

    find case in a certain cell

    hi, I use the following code Dim Changed As Range, Cell As Range Dim Clr As Long Set Changed = Intersect(Target, Range("m2:k300")) If Not Changed Is Nothing Then For Each Cell In Changed Select Case LCase(Cell.Value) Case "win10": Clr = 35 Case "no"...
  8. D

    Why am I getting an overflow error

    I am getting an overflow error message and I don't know why. Here is the code: Sub AddReference() Dim wb1 As Workbook, wb2 As Workbook Dim sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet, sh3 As Worksheet Dim f As Range, client As Variant, Ref As String, ref2 As Integer Set wb1 = ThisWorkbook Set...
  9. R

    duplicate detection formula or vba macro

    I have a table in the following manner (let's say they are positioned from columns A to D) <tbody> ID Name Ref # Location 407 INVTF 100900 Paris 789030 New York 541001 Madrid 800 KLUMM 103990 Hong Kong 102030 Toronto 100900 Paris 750 JSIUI 130990 Montreal 657899 Miami...
  10. A

    Problem incrementing GetPivotData formula

    Hello everyone I have a GETPIVOT Data formula in A8 =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Name]",Total!$A$1,"[ValuesTable].[Employee ID]","[ValuesTable].[Employee ID].&[A0107733814033]") But this doesn't increment because of the ID written so i've tried to modify it to...
  11. P

    Formula to Count Cells

    Hi can anyone help with a formula? On Sheet1 I have headers in cells "A1:D1" A1 = Ref B1 = A C1 = B D1 = C On Sheet2 I have Data with headers in 3 separate blocks with 7 columns each: "B1:H" "J1:P" "R1:X" "B1:H1" - headers = A "J1:P1" - headers = B "R1:X1" - headers = C On Sheet1 in the...
  12. T

    Macro to fill in dates from one sheet to another finding the account line?

    Hi Everyone, I have two sheets. 1 "Raw Data" and holds a list of sales 2 "Sales" and is my official Sales list. I need to update one column in Sales with the new data from "Raw Data" so heres what I need. In "Raw Data" column A has a Ref Number. (that's rows 2 to last row) In "Sales" the same...
  13. J


    Afternoon Everyone, I hope someone can assist with a small problem. I want to get a formula which searches 2 criteria and return a answer. It's like a Vlookup but with an additional criteria. I've tried consolidating the cells but someone told me that using INDEX and MATCH are a better was to...
  14. O

    REF error

    I have just updated to Office 16. I am trying to add a cell from worksheet and a cell from another worksheet. I use the formula; =A1(first worksheet) + a1(second worksheet) and enter. I am getting a REF error and a dialog box that look slike it needs to know a file location? Thanks, Mark
  15. E

    Code to replace formula

    Hi all, I have the following formula that searches to find the latest row of data Column C is the date Column F is the job ref Column G is the article ref IF(AND(MAX(($C$12:$C$10023*($F$12:$F$10023=F322)*($G$12:$G$10023=G322)))=C322,C322<>""),"Latest","") I have this on a long list and have...
  16. L

    increment cell reference

    in a cell H3 i have ref to =C3 i need H4 to ref cell =B3 i need H5 to ref cell =C4 and repeat down many rows . if i copy down excel doesn't work out i need the pattern to repeat. how can i simply copy down? i.e then in H6 need =B4 H7 =C5 H8 =B5 and so on TIA
  17. P

    Filter Sheet2 Data based on Sheet1 List Values

    Hi can anyone help with a macro? I have many hundreds of rows of Data on Sheet2 "A1:Z" with headers. "A2:A" has 'Ref values' for each row of Data. Sheet1 column "R5:R" has 'Ref values' added that change daily. I want to Filter Sheet2 "A:Z" using "A2:A" as field, based on the Values entered...
  18. M

    trouble with #REF! error

    This is my formula but if any cell in range c5-c41 is blank it returns a ref error...
  19. N

    Use a named range/table to lookup names in a countifs formula

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I am trying to create a formula to lookup data in an input sheet and create a summary of key info and gap analysis. the table looks simply as follows: <tbody> <tbody> Input Table REF Region PM Wave Ref 1 Region 1 PM1 Wave 1 Ref 2 Region 1 Wave 1 Ref 3...
  20. A

    ref error in a formula

    Hi Guys, Below formula keeps on giving me REF error. I cannot figure out why, can anyone have a look at it {sum(indirect("'[benchmark 04.30 project.xlsx]" & $H7&" '!M$6"))} thanks

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