1. T

    Referencing - Relative or Absolute.

    It's been a long time since I used Excel, please help. What I Remember 1. Relative Referencing - Copy and Pasting formulae causes the errors because the reference move too. 2. Absolute Referencing - Copy and pasting formulae works fine because the references remain the same. 3. A Dollar sign...
  2. H

    Cell value as table array in VLOOKUP

    I have a cell suppose B1 = "APPL" I have a Table named "APPL_PRICE" which has Date column & Price Column. I want to VLOOKUP a specific Date( in A1) from the table using the reference of B1 Such as =VLOOKUP($A$1,APPL_PRICE[Date],2,FALSE) But instead i need to use reference of B1...
  3. D

    Referencing Cells from a Separate Work Book, but NOT Cell Position

    Hi Everyone! What I am trying to do is link start and end dates from one work book into another, but not the exact cell position where the date currently is. I can do the first part easily enough by putting "=" in the cell of my current work book, and then selecting the date cell from my...
  4. J

    Referencing an "icon"

    On the INSERT menu of the Excel ribbon, right under "shapes" you can insert an "icon". Once you've done that, how can you reference the resulting picture via VBA? I tried searching but most of what comes up for "icons" is in relation to conditional formatting.... Thanks!
  5. Q

    Reference Multiple Sheet Names on one sheet

    Hi All, I have about 15 sheets in one workbook, which are named using numbers eg. 12345, 54321, 65432....etc. I'd like to reference/link the names of all these sheets on to one main summary sheet. This is different from referencing the sheet name within that same sheet. Is there some way to...
  6. N

    AutoFit Row height with cells that have a formula

    Hi all - whenever I used AutoFit Row Height on a row that is referencing data from another sheet(Lets say, Im on Sheet1 and Cell A1 is referencing Sheet2!A7), the row height does not expand to fit all of the text. Is there a simple way to get this to work? Obviously there is no problem when...
  7. J

    SUMPRODUCT question - referencing cell

    Hi all, The below code, I am trying to change the "<1" to reference a cell that contains the value 1. When I substitute the cell for the hard number, doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks! Range("E21").FormulaR1C1 = _...
  8. C

    Copy remote data into current file

    Hi i have tables with formulas referencing other tables, which are placed on the firm's remote server, where i login through VPN. Opening and saving of such files (referencing remote files) takes too much time and CPU power - until 95% of CPU power. And, i can't work with values instead...
  9. P

    Referencing Issue

    Hi I have two values in 2 different cells say <tbody> A B Forumla Used Result Excepted 1 10 20 =A1*B1 200 200 2 10 20 =ADDRESS(2,1,4)*ADDRESS(2,2,4) #VALUE! 200 3 </tbody> As u all can see that when using second formula there is some error which need to b rectified...
  10. J

    Referencing another workbook, COUNTIFS substitution

    Hello there, I'm wondering if there's an alternative to COUNTIFS when referencing cells in another workbook. The reason why I'm asking is because SUMIFS and COUNTIFS produces errors when this other workbook is not opened. Thank you in advance!
  11. J

    Insert New Worksheet

    Hi, I have worksheet 1 and worksheet 2. Worksheet 2 has formulas referencing to worksheet 1. When I make a copy of worksheet 2 and re-name to worksheet 3, in the same workbook, the formulas are still referencing to worksheet 1. Manually changing the formulas in worksheet 3 is tedious and I...
  12. M

    Multiple Worksheets Referencing One Worksheet

    I have a worksheet with about 60,000 rows and 20 columns. I need to make about 20 copies of the main worksheet and then filter slightly differently on each of the other worksheets. This is a daily process so I'd like to automate it more. I started off pretty basic with just a formula...
  13. D

    Cell referencing text shows zero

    Hi All, I'm referencing a cell on another tab by typing in the equal sign and then navigating to the referenced cell and clicking on it. The cell that I'm referencing has general number formatting but contains text. The cell that I have made equal to that text cell is showing a zero and not the...
  14. J

    Pasting and Referencing

    Hello, I am working with a multi column list of data that am pasting into one tab. This tab is going to be sorted into other tabs by referencing one cell e.g. a zip code. I have made a vlookup, referencing the one cell containing the zip code, however for my results, I get only the first...
  15. IluvPivots

    Sum previous columns

    In search of a formula that I can populate across columns. Right now it looks something like this: In cell J7: =($B7*J$3)-I7-H7-G7-F7-E7-D7-C7 In cell K7: =($B7*K$3)-J7-I7-H7-G7-F7-E7-D7-C7 Every new column subtracts the sum of the columns previous to it. The number of columns will continue to...
  16. M

    Complex Concatenation

    I am trying to concatenate a complex string of text and percentages and variances and struggling to get it to work. Can any geniuses out there assist me? A1 = "Revenue" A2 = % which could be +/- which is referencing Cell B2, ie -5.3%. Negative figure not required to be pulled through A3 =...
  17. R

    GetObject referencing worksheet question

    Hello forum guys. I want to know what is the way of referencing worksheet within the GetObject function. I know there are other ways of refering. On the MSDN documentation there is example of referencing the class and object with the syntax like this. Set LayerObject =...
  18. R

    3d referencing not working

    Hey There, I have a formula that works just fine when only using 1 sheet. I changed it to reference multiple sheets and it just gives an error? Any reason this could happen in google sheets? Original: =SUMPRODUCT(IF(MOD(ROW('Travis Jones'!C12:C)-ROW('Travis...
  19. D

    Help with referencing

    Hi, What I need help with is this - if A1 matches the data in D1 and B1 matches E1 then reference the data from from C1
  20. C

    Don't know what to do

    I have 5 documents with 52 tabs, one per week. I have another sheet where I want to consolidate the data. Because the sheets represent week numbers I want to throw in a criteria referencing the sheet name so that I can just copy and paste the formula into the weekly tabs of my master sheet...

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