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    HELP - Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  2. U

    Copy Table and Control When it Updates

    I have a table that gets it's data from the web. This table is then linked to a PowerPoint as part of a report (i.e. use the paste special option and link the worksheet object). Once a month, the connection is refreshed, new data retrieved and a new report created. I want to include a 'previous...
  3. C

    Paste Contents from Clipboard to MS Query Parameter

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple queries linked to it. When the user wishes to refresh the queries, they press a "refresh all" button I have provided to them which just saves them the time of having to utilize the built-in menu options simply because they never remember where to find it. The...
  4. C

    VBA to create an error message when any Power Pivot connection fails on refresh

    Hi, I have a workbook that is connected to my BI database through Power Pivot. I have some VBA which refreshes all the connections & creates the workbook. I would like some VBA that brings up an error message if one of the connections fails to refresh - similar to if I was to refresh through...
  5. S

    Pulling list of Unique Names from Refresh-able Table between Date Range (Or Month Number)

    Hello! Thanks for any help in advance: I'm attempting to create a "dynamic invoice" of sorts, with names being pulled from a "refresh-able" table. By that term, I mean an excel table that (I'm assuming) is pulling from an SQL query and just needs the "refresh all" button on the Data tab to be...
  6. A

    RefreshAll in Excel sheet which connects to SQL

    Hello guys, I Need to do Refresh All in Excel Sheet which connects to SQL. I tried Record Macro but i am not getting any code. Can anybody help on this please. In Excel Ribbon - Data Tab - Refresh All.
  7. S

    Excel Built-In Exchange Rate

    Hi, I recently watched the MrExcel YouTube Video about the built-in exchange rate function in Excel (link below). It's very useful but currently has a drawback that to refresh the rates the only way possible seems to be Refresh All which really slows Excel down, is there a way to just refresh...
  8. M


    I have an Excel Spreadsheet with a data model with several tables in it that are linked together in the data model. Then I have created a Pivot Table in Excel based on the measures and tables in the data model. My simple question is, if I go to the Data Ribbon and hit Refresh All, is it...
  9. O

    Excel to record all changes on refresh

    I am NOT the greatest in Excel or VBA. In fact until the last week, I never used VBA, but am learning a lot from Forums and instructional videos. I appreciate everyone of you who participate in these forums and help out those of us who, at times, are utterly and completely lost! I need to...
  10. R

    Pivottable doesn't contain all the data auto of query

    Hi all, I made an Excelfile (xlsm) with several connections to a part of a database and set some filters in query. With the filtered query data I made some pivot tables. While validating the file I found out that some data which are available in query, aren't available in the pivot table. When...
  11. J

    Power Query Selected on Refresh All

    When I click refresh all or call it from a macro my power queries refresh as expected, but then they are selected. Which is problematic when the sheet containing the query is hidden... So I added code to select another cell after the refresh all, but what seemed to happen was this: -refresh...
  12. D

    1 master workbook with multiple separated workbooks on pivot tables and charts

    Hi Excel Experts, I have this 1 workbook containing multiple macros, a master data worksheet and multiple pivot tables & charts in separate worksheets. I thought it would be easier to refresh all pivot tables and charts whenever there is a change in the master data. However, since the pivot...
  13. N

    which pivot table is not refreshing

    I have an excel workbook with lots and lots of sheets. Each sheet feeds into at least two pivot tables, so I have 100 + pivot tables in the workbook. When I hit "refresh all" to update all the pivot tables, I’ve getting an error message “One or more field names used in the report are no longer...
  14. Y

    Refreshing Query with UserForm

    Hi, I have a UserForm with text boxes. When data is typed into a textbox, it is inserted into a cell on "Cost Analysis Tab" with this code: Private Sub TextBox4_AfterUpdate() Worksheets("Cost Analysis").Range("A1").Value = UCase(TextBox4.Value) End Sub I have a Connection Name: "Query from...
  15. M

    Refresh all pivottables when deactive data sheet

    Hi I have this deactive macro for Sheet1 (data sheet)(create by right-click on sheet name and insert module): Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate() Run "PivotMacro" End Sub and this is Pivotmacro : Sub PivotMacro() Dim pt As PivotTable For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets For Each...
  16. R

    Refreshall Twice

    HI , I have 5 pivot tables , 3 are connected on 1st raw data and other 2 are connected on 2nd raw data and I am trying to refresh them using both Excel refreshall button or Alt+f5 and I even tried macros(activeworkbook.refreshall) but It's not working for the first try , All I need to do is to...
  17. C

    VBA Code refresh- unhide - unfilter - ungroup

    Hi All I am desperately looking for a Macro that would allow me with the click of a button to go through all the sheets of my workbook and do the following to every sheet: - ungroup columns and row - unfilter - refresh - re filter - re group from the first sheet after the sheet that contains...
  18. O

    power pivot wont refresh

    hello everyone, i have a huge problem and i hope you can help. i'm using excel 2013 and i bulit a very big excel that has about 20 pivot tables. when i built them i used the "add this data to Data Model" option and now i send this file to a client for him to use. the client is using excel...
  19. P

    how to bypass file selection when refreshing data imported from a text file?

    Hello, I am wondering if it possible to bypass the pop-up window prompting to select the text file when refreshing data imported from text file. I have a tab separated text file that gets updated by an external program. I find it annoying that I need to select the file every time I want to...
  20. A

    Data Tab "Refresh/All" Button Triggering Macro

    I have what I would think would be a very easy question, but nothing I've found has answered it for me. I apologize if this has been answered (please respond with the link to the answer if it has) but I can't find anything. What I need to do is this: when an end user clicks the "Refresh" or...
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