1. D

    Using Non Linear Regression to predict missing values

    I would like to use excel to predict missing values in a table based on a best fit curve. I suspect non-linear regression analysis is a good way to do this but i am not a statistician and welcome solutions. I have a table of more than 300000 rows but I am posting a small excel sheet with 25 rows...
  2. G

    Delivery efficiency rate and analysis for a logistics company

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to create an algorithm to calculate the delivery efficiency rate (DER) of a logistics delivery company. The variables I have currently are late delivery risk( 1 or 0), distance between departure (customer city) and destination city(order city) , time taken for...
  3. B

    Using arrays in LINEST for multi variable regressions

    Is there a way to combine two columns into a single array such that it can be used inside the LINEST function? for example, LINEST(known_ys, known_xs, const, stats) where the known_xs are two different columns of the same length from two different tabs, as opposed to be adjoining columns
  4. E

    Regression Macro Stops Unexpectedly

    Hello, I created a macro to run a linear regression automatically, and when I execute the code it works properly. However, when a coworker tries, it is as if the macro stops unexpectedly with no error or anything. It just doesn't continue on. This is a snippet of the code. It completes the...
  5. E

    Error running regression Macro

    Hello, I have been working on automating a spreadsheet that contains a Regression Analysis. I have ran through it numerous times and it works just fine. However, when I send it to a coworker she gets an error saying "Run time error. Cannot run macro." She has macros enabled, but for whatever...
  6. E

    Variable Range in VBA Regression

    Hello, I am trying to automate a linear regression but want it to work for variable sized data sets. This is what I have for a given set. The Y data always starts at X5 and the X data always starts at Y5, but the length of the column changes. Any ideas as to how I would allow for the regression...
  7. S

    Data Analysis Toolpak - Regression

    Hello- I am constantly receiving the error "Regression Input range contains numeric data" when using the regression analysis in the data tool pak. I have performed a data validation check to ensure no non-numeric values exist. This error is only occurring on the regression, not correlation...
  8. C

    Looping Regression Analysis using VBA

    Dear All, Thanks for reading. I am wondering if anyone could help me write a macro in order to loop the regression function. I have a total of 56 dependent variables and 3 independent variables which remain constant for all the regressions. Every regression is just using the next column for...
  9. K

    Excel Solver

    I'm taking an intro to supply chain management online and am struggling with using Excel Solver. The class is online, so read the chapters and complete homework. Professor is very unresponsive as well. I am struggling with how to set up my linear regression. I need to create optimum...
  10. T

    Least squares regression

    So I have the actual Regression table however I can’t fogure out the formula for the x y axis. Can you help?
  11. A

    How to find coefficiences of Multiple regression model

    Hi, I want to find coefficiences in Multiple regression model with dependent variable Y and 4 independent variable X1, X2, X3, X4 by VBA. I am a newbie to VBA, so any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. C

    Excel 2016 Regression error #NUM!

    Hi, I am trying to find out which of seven scores (if any) are good predictors of another value (predicted?). When I run the regression analysis I get an error #NUM ! in the Grade 7 P value and I can't figure out why. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. <colgroup><col style="width:48pt"...
  13. S

    How to perform a regression from within a programmed macro

    I have worksheets of data in the same format (different data / same format) - I am needing to routinely needing to perform a regression analysis on this data. A recorded macro (shortcut key) would be very helpful. I have attempted and continue to strike out to record a macro that: goes to data...
  14. P

    Best Way to Forecast with this Data

    Hi - I need help determining the best way to forecast for the following year end forecast value. The 'Xs' represent the data I have available to me to leverage. Ideas??? Thanks!!! <tbody> Months: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total 2018 x x x x *FORECAST* 2017 x x x x x x x x x x...
  15. C

    regression vba where the range of X and Y will change

    Hi, I have the code below which runs a regression for me in Excel 2010. You will see that the DV range (X) is dynamic from AV27 down, so when the quantity of data changes it references it properly - this is fine. The same goes for the IV range (Y) but it is dynamic only in terms of the quantity...
  16. B

    VBA data analysis loop problem

    Hi there, I'm after a macro that can loop through a data table that i've prepared so that Excel can run multiple regressions at the same time using the "Data Analysis Tool pack" So current my data table is set up so that every dependent variable is right before the subsequent independent...
  17. D

    How to set up qualatative data as a set of binary variables for regression analysis?

    I am doing a regression analysis and have some data from a survey. One column is ethnicity. The way the data is set up is: <tbody> Yearly Salary Ethnicity Age 100 Black 25 87 White 24 57 Black 65 94 Hispanic 45 </tbody> But I would like it set up so that each ethnicity is it's own...
  18. P

    LINEST returning wrong R^2

    I have a data set with only 2 variables (x and y) and I am using LINEST to set the intercept to zero and return additional statistics. The r^2 value that LINEST returns is completely wrong though. LINEST Returns a r^2 value of 0.999239357 where the actual r^2 value is 0.6544 that I get from a...
  19. L

    Regression - LINEST() Function Error

    Hi Excel experts, I'm trying to run a linear regression on two columns with integers as values after filtering them for blanks (missing values) and after filtering the rows based on "yes"/"no" values of another column in the table. When I run the regression, I get the following error...
  20. S

    Regression Issues!!!

    Hi guys, So basically I have to run some regression analysis on a University assignment I am doing. I have chosen to investigate the efficiency of point kicking in the Aviva Rugby Premier League. My two independent variables are: - Points Conceded - League Points My independent variable...

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