1. R

    Removing Duplicates - Same Row

    hey all - I may be overthinking this one, but I'm having difficulty removing duplicate codes on the same row. Transposing is not an option - Excel keeps rejecting it, as I have 1729 rows with between 1 and 16 codes in them. Unfortunately, some are duplicates and I'd like to get rid of them in a...
  2. P

    Removing Duplicates

    Hi all, Good day again! I would like to ask for your expertise on the following: I am currently working on an excel sheet where it contains 1000+ data, the problem is, the data contains A LOT of duplicates. Now, I tried removing the duplicates, it removed the duplicates as expected, however...
  3. H

    Removing Duplicates with formula

    Evening everyone, Please can yyou help with an issue. I am trying to remove any duplicates from a sheet using a formula so this does not have to be done manually. However the 2 formulas I have used, do not work when there is more than one entry. Can anyone help...
  4. J

    Removing everything outside brackets in a cell

    Hi!! I have a bunch of cells which contain data similar to "0.120 (3.048)". I want to delete everything out side the brackets. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance
  5. TAPS_MikeDion

    VBA: MS Office 2011 for Mac

    Hi all, I have failed in trying to find this information via searches on this forum and Google so here are my questions. Using VBA MS Office 2011 for Mac: Can you hide the title bar? Is it possible to get a picture to be inserted into a userform? No matter what size or format I try I keep...
  6. D

    Removing brackets

    Can someone help me with this function, I am trying to remove the RoundDown feature from the formula but it is not liking the brackets that I am removing. How should it look? The formula is...
  7. D

    Removing spaces from cell with numbers

    Tried formatting the column to Text, Numbers, General, Currency but cannot seem to remove the spaces Both columns are aligned to the left and have spaces in front of them. <tbody> Worksheet Formulas <thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] Cell Formula </thead><tbody> #DAE7F5[/URL] "]J2...
  8. T

    Is this process doable or am I in clock cuckoo land?

    I run a team that inherited hugely manual processes from my predecessor. I want to automate these as much as possible. I want to start by removing the manual steps in our Intrastat process. For those outside the EU, this is a statistical reporting requirement in the EU of goods moved between...
  9. J

    Removing salutations/titles with inconsistent data

    <tbody> First Name Last Name Email New FN New LN Laura Hale, PhD Prof Marcus Cvija Ms Diane Stuart Rey Torres Sam Harris, MBA </tbody> Hi All, I would like to ask for help. I need...
  10. A

    Removing unwanted rows

    Hi all, I am chasing some help please.. I have an excel sheet produced from my accounting system that has every product in rows (over 6k rows) and in column "I" it has a quantity i need a way of removing all the rows with "0" in the "i" Column. I this possible? There other thing is it has a...
  11. G

    removing filter/Header from the table

    I am a student in Excel with limited knowledge. I was trying to do one project and while creating a table I choose "my table has Headers". My question is; how can I remove Filters arrows from the header?
  12. W

    removing #DIV/0! & #VALUE!

    What do I need to do to this equation, so I don't get the #DIV/0! result? =IF(E43<=(N43/2),((A25/(ROUNDDOWN((N43/E43),0)))*B43),A25*B43) Same with #VALUE ! =IFERROR((D25/(ROUNDDOWN((O43/H43),0))),"")*B43 Thanks
  13. M

    Removing specific characters from a cell?

    Hi I've got dozens of cells where I need to remove the apostrophe and the '-' in the cell in order to make the data compatible with another system. Eg if the cell A1 had the text Goodfella's Greatest-Ever I'd want to use a formula in B1 that removes the apostrophe and the dash. Does...
  14. NordicWalker

    Removing Duplicates Based on Date

    I'm new at this, so if I don't explain my problem correctly, please don't shout :cool: Column A = date Column B = name (sometimes multiple occurrences / date) >5000 rows I want it to show ONE occurrence of each name per date. 1) Does that make sense? 2) Can it be done? Cheers ~Phil
  15. C

    Removing UNICHAR from Excel

    Hello, I have a couple of columns that seem to have UNCHAR (62) in them. The ? symbol. I am trying to remove them. I tried to find and replace but it removed the entire cell. Here is an example of what I am trying to fix: Arrow Rivet, ?.312 Hole, ?.219 Panel Thk
  16. M

    removing format when copying and pasting in VBA

    hi all i have a really simple VBA copy/paste b ut cant remove the formatting from it - any ideas please? Sheets("sheet2").Range("C2:C500").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Totals").Range("A2")
  17. D

    Work Days and Holiday Hours

    Hello, I have created the below formula, which I'm trying to remove weekends and company holidays. I have a table built on another worksheet (worksheet name = Workings). For some reason it's not removing the time even though I have the date in the table. =IF(H2="","",IF(G2<>"CS Tech Team...
  18. merryperson

    removing first words from a string

    I have a column with usually numeric digits and then a name of a person. I.e C11883 Dave Smith C11 Dave Jones D11111 William Brian Johnson I wish to create a new column removing the first word to give the results Dave Smith Dave Jones William Brian Johnson I have used the MiD...
  19. I

    Currenct Formatting Advice

    Hi, I have the code shown below, Can you advise the correct way to write it because if my value is 4 i actually see 4$0.00 Removing the 0.00 in the code then i see 4$ I cant get it to be shown like $4 Me.txtCost = Sheets("LPM").Cells(i, "E").Value & "$0.00" Thanks
  20. A

    Excel is automatically removing trailing spaces

    Hey all - so we are having a very odd behavior with excel. Here are the facts. We have a macro at our work where we paste an email into a worksheet. We run a macro and it takes that email and formats it nicely into another worksheet. This has worked for years without an issue. Easy stuff...

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