rename sheet

  1. R

    VBA - Rename all sheet names by adding year

    Hi, I have a workbook of sheets in descending working-day order in "M-D" format as follows: [ 12-30 ] [ 12-29 ] [ 12-28 ] [ 12-23 ] [ 12-22 ] ... [ 7-1 ] etc. This goes back multiple months. Given the new year, I would like to write a macro that will rename all sheets in "YYYY-M-D" format. In...
  2. R


    Hi, I need VBA code that will rename the current sheet based on the value of a cell (B2) in that sheet. That value is a date in format YYYY-MM-DD and I need the sheet renamed in format M-D. Example: Cell B2 shows value "2022-12-20" -> sheet must be renamed "12-20" (excluding quotation...
  3. I

    Rename Multiple sheets Based on Cells in Mastersheet

    Hi, Im having some trouble figuring out how to do this but i would like to rename multiple sheets based off what is inside cells in the master sheet. I would like the sheet names to update automatically when the cells are updated. Currently this is what ive tried using but it only works on...
  4. D

    Vba Copy sheet, rename from cell value and Add Hyperlink to that sheet

    Hi All I need some help please, I need to be able off a button press (i can create the Button etc.) Add a New work sheet Report (copy of a pre-existing Report) Have code for this below. Re-Name that sheet depending on the name in the current active cell Hyperlink link the new report off the...
  5. R

    VBA to Rename Worksheets Based on Contents in Sheet 1

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on here, and I'm very new to Excel VBA code, so I would appreciate some help. I have an Excel workbook with 7 sheets. The 1st one is a reference sheet titled Allocation, where I type in names of accounts into cells A3:A5. For the purpose of this...
  6. G

    VBA code for copy sheet

    Hello, I write next code to copy active sheet, is working but: - i need to: - switch it in ActiveSh, new created copy; - counting cell A14 start from 1. to 999. on each copy; - counting cell D16 start from 001 to 999 on each copy; - counting of sheet is not...
  7. I

    Rename Sheets based on cell values from the first sheet in the workbook.

    Hi, I'm very new to VBA. I have a problem figuring out how to do a macro. I want to rename sheets in my workbook based on values from specific cells on the first page (the front page). Is there someone who can maybe give me some advice. For example I want to put in values in G3, G4, G5, that...
  8. B

    How do I rename a sheet without knowing in advance what it's called?

    I know how to rename a sheet when I already know what the sheet name is going to be. For example I geta weekly file from an external source and I rename it as follows. 'Rename sheet in Study Summary Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "G:\Database\Database files\Study Summary.xlsx"...
  9. A

    Copying a Template and rename worksheets from a range in main worksheet as date

    I am new to vba. Trying to write code to generate copies from a template worksheet and name the copies from a range in primary worksheet. The ws tabs should be in a date format. So far I was able to generate the copies from the template and it makes the amount of copies in the range, but instead...
  10. D

    Rename a worksheet using a formula

    Hello. I want to rename my worksheet with today's date preceded by the letters LB (space). I've been tinkering with the syntax of this statement for a while and I can't get it to work. ActiveSheet.Name = "=""LB ""&TEXT(TODAY(),""YYYY-MM-DD"")" If I place the above formula in a cell...
  11. A

    Rename sheet - throws Out of memory error

    Below code gives me out of memory error. Workbooks("Sheets1").Activate Worksheets.Add before:=Sheets("Sheets1") ActiveSheet.Name = "ABC" I have added below lines to my code in order to free memory Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.CutCopyMode = False Application.ScreenUpdating =...
  12. A

    Renaming Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I have a workbook full of order sheets, I am attempting to figure out a code that will automatically generate the name of sheet based on one cells' value (ex. W9). However; if they cell should be empty, I would like it to keep the name as Sheet1 or Sheet2, etc. Attempted to find sources...
  13. JoCook

    Rename tabs from dailog box with dates

    I am trying to create a macro that will rename all tabs that have been named with a date mm-dd-yyyy. I would like a dialog box to pop up and ask for a starting date and then have the macro find the tab names with the lowest date and then rename them to the next years dates For example current...
  14. D

    Optimising Macro to auto add new sheets and rename based on a columns criteria but excluding one specific entry

    Hi! I am am looking for some much needed help but please bear with me as I am a complete novice and only joined Mrexcel today! Using windows 7 with Excel 2013 but would like this to run on previous versions also. The following is what I would ideally like: I have a workbook with 2 worksheets...
  15. Gingertrees

    Renaming a sheet copied from another workbook, errors ensue...

    Gaaah! Working on a macro to copy in a sheet from a daily report, into my "processing" workbook. The daily report worksheet to-be-copied will always be called "orange", so I figured when I copy it, I'll rename it "orange" + the number of sheets in the workbook (orange5 when sheets.count=5...
  16. A

    using a macro to rename a sheet based on date

    I have a workbook with a over 100 sheets and at the end I have a template where I have a macro that copies the template and does some work with pivot tables and it is working well. What I would like have happen is for the new sheet (Template(2)) to be named in mmddyy form one business day after...
  17. D

    Copy worksheet, buttons and all and rename

    Hello All, I have searched without success to find code I could adapt to what I want to do. I want to copy my existing worksheet (named "2014") including the command buttons and the code that goes with them, to a new worksheet (named "2015") and so on every year. And I would like this to happen...
  18. M

    Rename sheet by Cell value

    In this code, if the cell value is having some special characters like "/" etc, it showing error. I need to exclude that error and remove the special character in the particular cell and rename as it is. Example : B1 cell is having " ABC/ DCF" While renaming the sheet, it should come as " ABC...
  19. F

    Using VBA to rename select worksheets based upon a cell value in each sheet?

    Hello ALL! I am a VBA greenhorn and need assistance in renaming (11) select worksheets in an excel workbook that containd based upon a cell value in each sheet. This forum does have several posts relating to this same problem; however, no posts address naming specific sheets as well as where...
  20. V

    (VBA) Duplicate sheet and rename the copied sheet

    Hi, I'm trying to feed information from a MSProject file to an excel workbook. I want that for every uncompleted task that is a non-summary task, that I duplicate a sheet in the excel workbook and rename it to the Text1 field value of the task. The template sheet is the 2nd sheet and is named...

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