1. C

    Need help for searching...

    I apologize because I do not want to waste your time, but I need help formatting my search for an answer I know is already posted, but I'm not finding useful results. When I open my workbook, it tells me there is an issue and asks if I'd like to recover as much information as possible. I do...
  2. Adrianna ly

    Excel workbook repair -> Removed feature: General Information from /xl/worksheets/sheet19.xml part

    Hi, Could you please advise what can be damaging my excel workbook based on the decription above? Not sure what is "general information" reffering to. The workbook is pretty complex with hidden sheets, data ranges, data validation and different formulas. One thing to note is that I created it...
  3. J

    File Format Not Valid; Document is corrupt- Need help repairing

    I have an excel document that is corrupt and I cannot repair. It simply as Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format file. I have tried a lot of the simple...
  4. D

    IF AND Statement

    Hello, I am trying to create a tool which dependent on year, will tell me whether to upgrade a phone or repair. I have go to it work with the year so that it either returns "repair and Replace" dependent on year... but i want to incorporate an and statement in this. the statement below is...
  5. K

    Excel Repair Tool / Recomendation

    Does anyone have any unbiased recommendations for an Excel Repair tool. I don't mind paying for a good tool but it seems like if you google Excel repair tool the results are mostly promoted reviews and not unbiased. I have some xlsm workbooks that crash from time to time so what I wanted to do...
  6. K

    Pivot table; show values as percent and total as number

    I have a pivot table with a list of different types of events in the first column (row labels), e.g. boiler repair, floor repair, window repair. The value columns are the days of the week, with the number of each type of event (repair jobs) occurring on each day. I would like to show the grand...
  7. R

    Count after finding a Word within a Cell

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can help to find a solution. In the example text below, what I trying to do is find the words: Bas, Maj & Repair, when I do this using the formula below it returns the number of times that the word appears, however, what I really need to do is to count the number...
  8. baitmaster

    file corrupting when saved

    I have a large and complex file currently open and working. I've been saving regular versions v1.1, 1.2 etc throughout the day. When I attempt to reopen any of these I'm getting the error "we found a problem with some content in ..blah blah.. do you want to repair?". The repair tool doesn't work...
  9. welshgasman

    White is the new Yellow

    Hi all, Posted here on thread and got to the bottom of that problem. Solved it by using the Round() function. Now my sheet and not even the affected rows does not show values > than a cell value as yellow...
  10. S

    Moving rows automatically based on cell value

    Hi, I want a macro to move a row based on the cell value into a specific sheets. I have two questions and would really appreciate your help. Especially the second is important. 1. If status is "Ready for Repair" move to Sheet "Repair" and so on... The following macro is working but I would...
  11. E

    Copy coloured cells to another spreadsheet

    <tbody> ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Bus No Job No Type ins VOR 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y 12345 NE TYRE REPAIR Y Y </tbody> If the above...
  12. P

    Excel VBA to Compact and Repair

    I have seen a lot of threads on compacting and repairing a dB from excel. I have not been able to get anything to work properly. I have the below code....Is there a way to get the compact and repair to work after I delete the data in my tables? Sub accessMacro() Dim appAccess As...
  13. C

    Convert 2nd column values to rows when column 1 is the same name

    I have 2 columns Column 1 is the name of a street and that street name is repeated for each task that was completed on the street. I want to group the street name so that there is only 1 line but a new column for each task 10th street Repair pothole 10th street New Stop Sign 10th street...
  14. F

    Excel's repair

    I have created an excel file using 2007 (xlsx) version. I gave it to some friends to use it who are using later versions and they are getting that file is corrupted and excel is trying to repair it. When it is repaired some of formulas at conditional format are gone and the whole functionality...
  15. zoharb

    office16 installation

    Respected, was showing Error code 0-1012 (0) So as per microsoft recommendations disable 1)Antivirus 2)firewall 3)empty temporary files 4)Make mare diskspace(previously was 148 GB , now is 162 GB) Now only one issue is left , repair registry(and that needs reinstalling which is a very...
  16. M

    File is corrupted when trying to open in O365/2016 but works in Excel 2010? **!

    I restarted my computer recently, and it had been a while. Now, when opening my excel file, O365 thinks it's corrupted. Upon trying to repair it, all the charts from one worksheet are no longer present. This worksheet had about 200 charts, and they are now all gone. The funny thing is, the...
  17. B

    multiple cells to check - different output

    Hi, i am quite new to the excel world and i was asked to help our field service team. basically I try to make a kind of a cheat sheet - to let our team understand what they should mark and what they should not mark. I need to check two fields. Named as "Work" and the second is "Billing" each...
  18. W

    Status Update on Worksheet Lookup on other Worksheet

    I have a repair database that when I put in "Waiting for Parts" status (Column I), I will look up the repair ID (Column C) in [Parts Worksheet], and look if there is a match. If there is a match, it puts the same ID in Column A. This lets me know that I have a part inputted for the repair...
  19. M

    Spreadsheet Formulas/Layout I'm trying to create an equipment log to monitor our facility's equipment and their various conditions. The imgur link is what I have so far. If anyone can suggest a cleaner layout, I'd be open to it. Number of Repairs-I'd like to color code each cell in this column...
  20. K

    Conditional Formatting row by last column in row value

    Wise people of the forum.. I need help. How do I Conditional Format each row separately to show the locations that exceeds the average of all locations in the row? Once it set up for the first row how do I copy it down to the remaining rows? <tbody> Location 1 Location 2 Location 3...

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