replace cell value

  1. B

    Trouble getting a range value to return as not nothing - VBA

    I am trying to get the code to search for the replacement criteria and then loop a replacement sub until there are no more replacement criteria. The main reason I am doing it like this is the active cell reference is important for what the criteria is being replaced with. The main issue is my...
  2. W

    VBA Replace values help

    Hi there, I want to fill in the blank cells in between two designated text strings. I column L, I have either blank cells or the words "DNIS:ARC" or "DNIS". I need the replace the only the blank cells between "DNIS:ARC" and "DNIS" with the word "ARC" all the way through the data set in column...
  3. S

    Find any stand alone letter and replace with ""

    I have a spreadsheet where users can paste employee census information with varying formats. Is there a formula that would locate any stand alone letter (A-Z) within a cell and replace it with ""? Here is how the names can be formatted: <tbody> Washington,Richard Y (Last,First)...
  4. U

    VBA Search, Replace and Highlight Replaced Cell

    Hi Guys, Can you possibly help me on this? I'm trying to create a macro wherein in Column A, I need to look for these words Football, Basketball & Tennis and will replace as Sports. In column A as well, I need to look for Math and Science and replace as Subject. I have below codes for the...
  5. J

    Replace Space with Underscore Loop with VBA

    Good morning all, I have a quick question, not actually a problem. I have a very simple piece of code that will replace all the spaces in a selection with underscores. I mainly use it to clean up header rows. My question is, based on the code below, is there a way that this can be done...
  6. A

    Having trouble doing a simple Replace

    Hi, I had hoped to attach the small troublesome excel file (size: A1:F374) but just discovered I do not have permission. Not sure how to demo what the problem is without attaching the file - can I be given permission please? The file has numerous zeros (0). I want to use Replace to replace all...
  7. M

    [VBA] If Value is found in range, replace with specific text

    Hi All, I want to have a button that will run a macro to change any cell in a range that has the value of "-" to "md" (for 'Missing Data', as this is what the program will detect). How can I write the code for this? For reference, the column that I would like the changes to be made in is...
  8. P

    Replace value picked in dropdown box, from a table data

    Hello! So I am facing a problem with an excel problematic for my work I can't figure out on my own, even after researching a lot online (or when I try them they don't work). I have attacher the file if it helps: So I would like to replace à value in a cell by a...
  9. R

    VBA Change Value

    Hello, I am working with a spreadsheet with numerous validated lists from named ranges; I'm good at the beyond-data-entry functions of Excel, but a novice a VBA. I've googled a ton, and I think I have the gist of how the code I'm looking for should work, but no idea on writing it or defining...
  10. T

    Maintaining Superscript and Subscript format when using Replace

    So I have to take symbols for electronic components (like CK and CK#), and I have to come up with a program that formats them in Latex. I typed in the original symbols to be formatted in separate columns in Excel. Then I created a column next to each column of the original symbols. What I am...
  11. I

    Code to update asset numbers automatically

    I have a list of asset numbers that are on sheet 1, column A. Then on Sheet 2, column A I have to enter the asset number (not in the same order listed in sheet 1, column a) along with the member its assigned to. However sometimes the asset numbers change... What I would like to have excel do is...
  12. O

    Replacing Unwanted Text

    I've spent a good 1/2 day searching for the topic, but it either does not exist or I am not explaining it correctly. I hope someone can help. I have a worksheet that tracks everyone's itinerary. If he/she is on "VC" (Vacation) or "SK" (Sick), the person is required to use specific codes...
  13. B

    Selecting One sheet

    Hi All, I am new here and was hoping for some help I have some VB code that changes details across a who workbook I only want it to run on sheet1, can someone help me redesign to get this working. I have taken this list of names out of the fndlst as they are sensitive. Sub test() Dim sht As...
  14. C

    Replace multiple columns in once.

    Hello, I very new in Excel. I need to change my columns data with my original data. ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC green tom table blue james chair blue tom wall blue marie table I need change this values with...
  15. H

    Change value in cell which was selected from dropdown list to another value

    I have a worksheet with a data validation dropdown list which the users will select from. The values contained in the dropdown list are the short (i.e. "user-friendly") descriptions of the values in a larger list. What I'd like to do is, when the user has selected the value they want from the...
  16. M

    Create a new text field based on two text fields and 3 or more variables

    My platform is Windows 7 and I use Excel 2010. I receive a worksheet everymonth that contains 2 fields, State_Of_Area and Area_Name. I need to create a new column of the Area_Name based the those two fields, and a 3rd field I place in the worksheet named Acceptable States. If the Area_Name =...
  17. M

    finding values and copying adjacent cell content onto a different sheet.

    Hello, I am not good at using vba, and I need help with a task if this is not too much trouble. This is my situation. I have two sheets, each with two columns, sheet 1 contains a code (column A) that corresponds to a task in Spanish (column B). Sheet 2 contains the code (column A) and the task...

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