1. S

    replacement not working properly with vba?

    Hello, I have problem with vba replacement function, could someone help me please? I couldn't find solution so far.. basically I need to do CTRL+H with vba code, so I recorded it, got this code: Columns("BS:BS").Select Selection.Replace What:="uvod=", Replacement:="=", LookAt:=xlPart, _...
  2. I


    Good morning; I need the help o somebody with the following code. The error is "Argument not valid". Sub PrintPDFServ() '*****Imprimir sin visualizacion***** Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'Para Crear archivos PDF Desde Excel nada mas tienes que instalar el complemeto para guardar...
  3. R

    Replace Selection Ends Up Blank

    Hey gurus, Greetings, I'm currently having an issue with the module here. The idea is from the column Q, replace the asterisk and asterisk dash combo into empty. However when I ran the code below, the whole column becomes blank instead. Anyone has ideas for this? Column Q (Before Macro)...
  4. J

    Power Query Replace

    Hi Is there a way to modify the Text.Replace function (or a different function altogether) to only replace text where the entire string = x. For example, if I have 2 rows containing "a" and "ab" and I replace "a" with "z", I will get "z" and "zb". Whereas I would like to just replace any rows...
  5. B

    Trouble getting a range value to return as not nothing - VBA

    I am trying to get the code to search for the replacement criteria and then loop a replacement sub until there are no more replacement criteria. The main reason I am doing it like this is the active cell reference is important for what the criteria is being replaced with. The main issue is my...
  6. R

    Formatting / adding data to field

    Hi if I have 1108000 1104006 1702003 and I want it to be c:\data\1108000.jpg c:\data\1104006.jpg c:\data\1702003.jpg How can I do this? Thank you.
  7. K

    VBA to replace multiple strings.

    I have an excel file with several strings of text that I need to replace. The "Find" strings are all in the same column. So I need find in column C and replace with value's stored in the VBA, back into column C. Find Replace ASSISTANT COACH - CLASSIFIED Other ASSISTANT COACH - PARA...
  8. H

    How to reference a formula as text in one cell in a different formula

    Hi, I have a very long formula using nested IF formulas. It is basically checking different columns showing management chain levels and returning a value if a certain manager is in it, and if not, continuing down the IF chain. There are a few pieces that are repeated many times that I would like...
  9. A

    Link between multiple sheets required

    Hi , I have a excel workbook which has 60+ sheets. In that I have a common word in column A say name "SAM" in all 60 sheets but in different rows in different sheets. Example if Sam name is there in A4 in sheet 1 means in sheet 2 it might in A3 and in sheet 3 it might be in A2,etc.. Against...
  10. A

    Replacing with VBA in columns and rows

    I am working on data transformation with about 20 parameters to be replaced. The first part of the code with range A1 was simple and in worked. However, for some reason the second part of the code when I attempt to check the whole column starting from row 2 in column A is not working. Where is...
  11. M

    Find, Copy and Paste across all worksheets

    Hi, I'm really need help with this. Been trying to achieve this for the last 2 days. On my first worksheet, I have Values in column A and column B there are also values but they are hyperlinks. I'm trying to find the cells with the values from A across the rest of my worksheets and and replace...
  12. S

    Find and Replace Across Specific Sheets based on a Data set with correct names

    I have a list of correct and incorrect names as seen in sample file below. I am trying to loop through a list of sheets and do a find and replace for each item on the List. The Correct Name is what the replace is going to be and the Incorrect Name is the find. I have looped through specific...
  13. D

    Replace word loop

    Hello, I am trying to build some macro that would replace some word from a table, based on a list of words, and paste each time the table one after the other. Example: Cat1 10 Replace Cat Horse1 10 Cat2 20 With Horse Horse2 20 Cat3 30 Cow Horse3 30 Cat4 40 Dog...
  14. M

    Replace charts in a Word document at bookmarked locations

    Hi there, I have an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document that work in pair. The spreadsheet is reviewed and updated regularly so the charts there represent the most up-to-date information. On the other hand, the Word document which contains the same charts (previously pasted as pictures)...
  15. gfdwer2

    VBA Code for Replacing Row values by matching unique code

    Hi guys, need help finding VBA code for this. Please see pictures attached. For example (Picture 1) IF I input 5 in (Sheet 1, Range C4), THEN the values in Sheet 1 under Row 8 should replace the values in Sheet 2 at the right side of special code 5, since the special or unique codes matched...
  16. G

    vba to replace value with a value from another sheet based on criteria

    I have this VBA that imports a workbook("Sheet1"), instead of replacing the values each time I am trying to have a VBA to do it for me. The values change every so often, so it needs to be as universal as possible. I have no idea where to start for this. The correct values are in sheet ("Data...
  17. G

    VBA to replace last two values based on their value

    I have no idea where to start with this VBA, but I have this column that I would like to replace the last two values to "T1" if they are equal to "**". Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ex: Column1 Column2 Result Bob WWWBN** WWWBNT1 Tyreek IFRYTFF** IFRYTFFT1 Jumbalie WROTMD WROTMD
  18. A

    Macro only works in debug mode

    Hello all, I'm attempting to run a macro over multiple workbooks which clean up, and add additional data into each workbook. For the most part, this macro runs correctly, however, one section will only run properly if stepped through in debug mode. If run normally it will have no effect. What...
  19. B

    Mismatch Error w/ REPLACE Function

    Hello, I am working on a macro to edit a fixed width text file. What I want my macro to do is loop through each line of the text file (copy and pasted into column A) and replace a value IF the value of "RecordType" = 1. However, the line with the Replace function returns a mismatch error. Any...
  20. S

    VBA Replace needs Sheet to be active, why?

    HI My issue is it only replaces all instances on the ActiveSheet oSht.Cells should allow it to work on all cells on oSht Short Version Change: For Each oSht In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets oSht.Activate oSht.Cells.Replace What.... into For Each oSht In...

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