1. V

    VBA: Loop through columns and replace values according to cell value (two workbooks)

    I have two workbooks; one with data to be replaced (main workbook) and another where to find data to replace with (secondary workbook (converter) / two different sheets; product and subproduct). In main workbook there is columns: A: row_id = not to be touched B: product_id = product code to be...
  2. B

    Formula Help - Replace Sheet Name with dynamic cell reference

    Hi All I'm sure it's a really simple and obvious solution, but I've tried a few obvious (to me) ideas, but keep on getting errors. I've got the following formula and it works fine. =IFERROR(OFFSET('Data Sheet 1'!$A$1,XMATCH($A4,'Data Sheet 1'!$A$2:$A$4),XMATCH(B$3,'Data Sheet...
  3. B

    Excel formula not calculating

    Hi, I tried to simplify my issue: I wrote in my cell C2 the following formula: '=SUM(1;2) When I copy paste this formula in cell C4 I can read =SUM(1;2) in the cell but it does not calculate it. I need to click in the formula and just press enter for it to calculate. I assume the quote is...
  4. B

    Replacing cell value with a range of cell values

    I have data on Sheet1 in column A which is inputted dynamically via a userform. The data exists in column A like: Column A AB1234 BC1256 GF4567 I want to copy this data to sheet2 which has another set of data inputted dynamically via a second userform. I want to copy the data, to...
  5. M

    Excel VBA Replace Values Dynamically

    Hello, In the code below, I am selecting a specific range. Within that range I am replacing all the cells that contain $O$1 with a formula which contains the RowNumber. Note that everytime I run the code, the RowNumber value changes. So I cannot simply write a number as a replacement. When I...
  6. L

    substitute within formula, not string

    I have several months' of data in a row, e.g. Col A Col B Col C ... Col U Col V Col W 1 Feb 2022 2 Feb 2022 ... 28 Feb 2022 1 Mar 2022 2 Mar 2022 ... Row 15 Type A 9984 9182 ... 9374 9571 10012 ... Row 16 Type B 24017 23981 ... 24231 24523 24917 ... I refresh this data every...
  7. E

    VBA Code to find corresponding cell in worksheet & clear the cells below

    Hi all, Currently I am looking for a way to find a certain that is a header (first row, one of the columns). In the code below, the following process is done: Filter a worksheet by a Customer (As a String) Copy only column C of the filtered cells (list of managers) Paste these cells in A2 in...
  8. T

    Replace part/full strings with arrays in VBA

    I am modifying timetables which have been exported from a separate application, but the way it displays the class names is suboptimal (and there's no way to change it in the application itself). I am building a macro to apply a number of formatting changes to the timetables quickly, but I am...
  9. D

    Excel Macro Find / Alter / Replace Function

    I have a spreadsheet that already has some macros that setup SUBTOTAL functions where I would like there to be SUM functions. The code that creats the SUBTOTAL functions I believe is this... Selection.Subtotal GroupBy:=1, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(22), _ Replace:=True...
  10. T

    Trying to Replace Named Ranges with Cell References

    I have a workbook with 25-30 worksheets and every single cell that would have a cell reference uses a named range instead. I am trying to replace them all with cell references using the following macro (found on google): Sub AbsoleteNamesWithRelativeRefs() Dim Rng As Range Dim WorkRng As Range...
  11. U

    Want to fill and swap values in the cells and column

    I have a excel table in the form below: Level1 Level1- Level2 Level2 Level2- Level3 Level3 Level3- Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild records and so on... Level1-Level2 is...
  12. S

    replacement not working properly with vba?

    Hello, I have problem with vba replacement function, could someone help me please? I couldn't find solution so far.. basically I need to do CTRL+H with vba code, so I recorded it, got this code: Columns("BS:BS").Select Selection.Replace What:="uvod=", Replacement:="=", LookAt:=xlPart, _...
  13. I


    Good morning; I need the help o somebody with the following code. The error is "Argument not valid". Sub PrintPDFServ() '*****Imprimir sin visualizacion***** Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'Para Crear archivos PDF Desde Excel nada mas tienes que instalar el complemeto para guardar...
  14. R

    Replace Selection Ends Up Blank

    Hey gurus, Greetings, I'm currently having an issue with the module here. The idea is from the column Q, replace the asterisk and asterisk dash combo into empty. However when I ran the code below, the whole column becomes blank instead. Anyone has ideas for this? Column Q (Before Macro)...
  15. J

    Power Query Replace

    Hi Is there a way to modify the Text.Replace function (or a different function altogether) to only replace text where the entire string = x. For example, if I have 2 rows containing "a" and "ab" and I replace "a" with "z", I will get "z" and "zb". Whereas I would like to just replace any rows...
  16. B

    Trouble getting a range value to return as not nothing - VBA

    I am trying to get the code to search for the replacement criteria and then loop a replacement sub until there are no more replacement criteria. The main reason I am doing it like this is the active cell reference is important for what the criteria is being replaced with. The main issue is my...
  17. R

    Formatting / adding data to field

    Hi if I have 1108000 1104006 1702003 and I want it to be c:\data\1108000.jpg c:\data\1104006.jpg c:\data\1702003.jpg How can I do this? Thank you.
  18. K

    VBA to replace multiple strings.

    I have an excel file with several strings of text that I need to replace. The "Find" strings are all in the same column. So I need find in column C and replace with value's stored in the VBA, back into column C. Find Replace ASSISTANT COACH - CLASSIFIED Other ASSISTANT COACH - PARA...
  19. H

    How to reference a formula as text in one cell in a different formula

    Hi, I have a very long formula using nested IF formulas. It is basically checking different columns showing management chain levels and returning a value if a certain manager is in it, and if not, continuing down the IF chain. There are a few pieces that are repeated many times that I would like...
  20. A

    Link between multiple sheets required

    Hi , I have a excel workbook which has 60+ sheets. In that I have a common word in column A say name "SAM" in all 60 sheets but in different rows in different sheets. Example if Sam name is there in A4 in sheet 1 means in sheet 2 it might in A3 and in sheet 3 it might be in A2,etc.. Against...
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