1. Agnarr

    Color Coding

    Hello Everyone! I desperately need your help! I need a code to do the following: sheet "template": column a must always have a numeric value. column b must always have alphabetic value. sheet "colors": column A and B will have the values as needed. For example 100 is Black, 200 is Blue etc. Any...
  2. D

    Copy Duplicate and Remove/Update Original Text

    For each row where there is text in column E, copy the entire row and insert it below the original row. Then remove the text in column E from the row that was copied.
  3. M

    Transfer columns from comparable workbook if cell value exists

    Hello, I have a report fire every morning (1 workbook with 1 sheet) showing what active items need to be worked on (my team tasks are no color fill rows and all others team tasks are grey fill rows). Columns A and lets say J are blank for me to write status notes/dates in. Once I push it out...
  4. E

    Replace Subtotal to Sum Formula with VBA Code

    Hi everyone, Is there an excel VBA code that allow you to replace part of a formula after cells selection ? For example, after selecting multiple cells, select the code to replace SUBTOTAL(9, with SUM( Some formulas examples: =SUBTOTAL(9,EA10:EA12) change to =SUM(EA10:EA12)...
  5. L

    Formula to split text string

    Hello, I have values that are pulling in from my data set as "Name-Email". I would like to only keep the Name. Is there a formula I can use to get rid of the - Email part?
  6. M

    vba range.replace not setting date format properly

    I have a range (let's call it the A column) that has dates in this format: so I want to change the format to short dates d/m/yyyy Instead when I use range.replace, it takes the values as if it is in the mm/dd/yyyy format. How do I replace it. Sub format_dates()...
  7. R

    Formula to replace two different delimiters

    I have two different delimiters ("[]" and "()") that I'm trying to replace with a space. They start at the beginning of the cell. Below includes an example with the solution ("desired output" column) I'm trying to get to with an excel formula: Data Desired Output (looking for a formula to...
  8. S

    Replace text in a string in Power Query

    The following is an example of text that appears in a header in the Power Query editor: 11/16/2023 Points Diff. The date is different in each cell. I would like to replace the cell value with just the date (e.g., drop the "Points Diff."). When I use Transform/Replace in the editor for...
  9. F

    Replace function - with wildcards

    Do you know how to replace text-with-wildcard in a string. Below code doesn't seem to work. simplify_text = "W(left_1_right)" simplify_text = Replace(simplify_text, "W(*1*)", "W(1)")
  10. Jyggalag

    How to replace data with other data in two columns without accounting empty cells

    Hi all, I hope the title makes somewhat sense, but allow me to elaborate. I have a setup like this: I want my numbers in column D to replace whatever value is in column B However, if I mark all of column D and move it other to column B it will say the following: If I say yes to this, I...
  11. Jovinchious

    Deleting certain cells based on condition in other cell

    Hi everyone. I need one VBA Macro code and just cant go trough it...I ll appreciate any help. So, I need the following.... If cells in column B start with "1" (i have numbers like 3003, 3200, 11000,10022 etc..) then empty/erase cells of the same row from column "O" to column "Q". Thanks in...
  12. A

    Remove adjacent duplicate numbers from String A and remove characters in the same position from String B.

    Hello, I have two strings of letters (columns String A and String B) and I want to transform them into strings like the ones in Solution 1 and Solution 2 correspondingly. String A String B Solution A Solution B 7-6-1-3-4-2-2 DDDDDTT 7-6-1-3-4-2 DDDDDT 3-3-0-2-0-0 DDTDTT...
  13. S

    Dynamic conditional replace function

    Hi Power Query gurus out there! I'm going to do my best to explain some help that I need it replacing values, conditionally based on another column's values, while dynamically referencing field names. Here's some sample data: Date Greeting Appreciate Patience (if hold was used) Resolution...
  14. R

    Excel VBA Replacing Value When Text Entered is NOT in Array List

    Hi there: I've been looking at some other posts on replacing text entered with values from two arrays. Works when the values exist in the array; however, if the user enters a different value, then I'd like replace it with "". Please see what I have so far below, and let me know if you have any...
  15. Jyggalag

    Remove unnecessary commas and space from cells

    Hi all, I currently have a very large data sheet that looks like this: In this example, I've just put in a format of: Date,Name,Gender Please note that some of the cells however might only have Date,Gender or Name,Gender or Date,Gender etc. My ideal format would be: Date,Name,Gender...
  16. C

    "Replace all" VBA macro

    Hi! I'm very new with VBA so I mostly use the 'record macro' function, to then learn from the code and combine pieces I want for a macro. I am European so we use a comma for decimals and not dots. Many, but not all files I work with have dots though, and my European version of Excel cannot...
  17. B

    How to remove image dimensions from urls that are in a Excel Column?

    Hi there, I have a long list of Image urls in a column all which have image dimensions, for example . I need to remove everything that dimensions 300x212, these dimensions vary. I thought I can replace this -*x, with x and...
  18. M

    Unable to remove 'line breaks' in cells containing addresses

    Hi This has flummoxed me. I have attached two images showing how the address details are displayed in the cells, and how they are displayed in the drop down preview section. As you can see there is the odd square symbol representing a line break in the main cell section and the line break in...
  19. T

    Find, and replace with offset a cell

    Hi there. I did one macro to find a value, then change a cell's value with an offset. Just a string. It is working. Now I just wanted to use the same macro, but I dont want to replace the content from the offset matching cells with a string but with a formula. And I have tried for hours to find...
  20. S

    Replace/Delete a specific pattern within a string using VBA

    Hello, I'm looking for help in locating and replacing/deleting the following pattern within a string in a cell: "" where x represents a numerical character i just learned how to use regExp...but can't figure out for the life of me how to tell it to look for the...

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