1. R


    PROCESS resizes any input reference into an array/range of any desired size (could be considered as the reverse of LIN/TOROW/TOCOL) with options for output size/style and full control over data type(s) inclusion/exclusion PROCESS was developed primarily to enable resizing of the input reference...
  2. G

    Why doesn't this syntax write anything to Sheet 1?

    Hi Folks, I have an array that I'm trying to write to Sheet 1 of a workbook, but nothing happens and there is no error. It's a macro with a bunch of company references so hopefully the following snippet is enough to get some insight from somebody more knowledgeable. When I check the array...
  3. P

    Listbox behavioural problems (Resizing)

    Hi, I'm stuck at the moment with a problem with a listbox on a userform being a pain in the proverbial. I'm using the RowSource method to populate the listbox (really only because I want proper column headers rather than labels above, although I might revert) The listbox loads up ok, but then...
  4. V

    Trying to use selection in a listbox to resize a selection of data

    I am trying to use a listbox selection to lift only a small segment of the data out of the source of a listbox. I am trying to use the cells argument to pint point the starting spot and then resizing the selection to pull data into another part of the workbook. Unfortunately the resize argument...
  5. V

    How do you assign a range for formatting when combined with resizing?

    Trying to resize a range and apply borders around it, but I get application/object defined error. What is the proper way to code the following? With Range(addMe.Resize(0, 17)).Borders .LineStyle = xlContinuous .Weight = xlThin End With addme is a...
  6. A

    Offset in VBA Code not working?

    Hi Guys, I have created a VBA code with help of a friend. The code copies contents of 2 columns on a sheet to a new sheet. But when I try to extend the code to copy more columns it just does not work. To be more clear it does not copy all of the cells below. Especially when I try to set it to 2...
  7. M

    Stop user from resizing text box or trigger script when textbox is changed.

    Hi, is there way to stop user from resizing a text box ?? I have this script that brings it back to the pre determined size but is there a way to trigger it every time it is modified. Ideally I would want this to be dynamic where it does that for all textboxes on the sheet ( if not, i...
  8. F

    Resize all named ranges in a workbook using VBA (add columns)

    Hello guys, I have hundreds of named ranges in each excel file and I have hundreds of excel files to deal with (all with different named ranges). I am looking for a VBA which (without a specific pattern), resizes ALL the named ranges and just add 12 columns to each range. (All the ranges...
  9. J

    function to return unique values to activecell

    Good Morning from California, I am trying to turn a subroutine that I have borrowed from @hiker95 into a function but I cannot get the output the dictionary to the activecell. I have tried a number of ways, but I just can't figure it out. I have verified that all of the values are being stored...
  10. D

    Insert a picture into named excel worksheets by client id vba

    Hi everyone, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets. The first sheet contains a unique 4 digit id to identify the client. Other sheets within the workbook are named after a year group so Y1, Y2, Y3 and so on.... Elsewhere on my PC, i have files that are named with the 4 client digit id...
  11. D

    resize for copy

    how do i adjust the following code to change the copy and paste from Range("A" & i) to ("E" & i ). i get a object doesnt support the property when i change A to E. I tried to do offset(0, 4) and get a "You cannot past this here because the Copy area and paste area are not the same size...
  12. G

    Userforms resizing and reformatting on different monitors

    I have a few userforms on a sheet, but when I use them on a different sized monitor, they resize (often much larger) and the contents are not organized well like I have them set. As soon as I go in the VBA Editor and resize them back to normal, they take on all their old formatting, but I was...
  13. B

    how to use offset range and or resize

    I have a sheet that represents a score card for a sporting event. Row 3 contains the dates of the game, row 4 contains the day of the week and row 5 contains a ‘points’ heading. The remaining rows contain the scores of the games and the team name For example. Row 3 contains 01/01/19...
  14. T

    VBA to resize a range to fit the textbox.

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem, I need people to be able to copy and paste text from Word into excel, I have encounted a number of problems doing this as the people doing the cut and pasting are all at the lower end of the gene pool. So after many hours of testing the only solution I could find...
  15. C

    excel vba resize how can i control the resize and keep specific columns

    So when I import data to my table it often has an erradict and unpredictable amount of columns which is fine except when I want to resize I would like to keep the first 8 columns of the table and delete any of the rest. This works great below except my coulumns seem to keep the last 8 of the...
  16. S

    [VBA] Positioning Chart in Powerpoint after copy pasting from Excel

    Hi, I'm not sure how to refer to a picture of a chart that was copied from excel and pasted into powerpoint. The macro copies 4 charts in total and pastes them into one slide. I looked at the selection panel and they are named Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 and Picture 4. I tried referring to...
  17. I

    Moving ToggleButtons

    Any ideas how to stop toggle buttons from moving every time i open my spreadsheet. I have a few of them. I have grouped them, set them to don't move or resize but they still do it. Many Thanks
  18. M

    VBA Code to resize photo

    Hi is there a code that will resize a photo saved in a fold on my desktop so I can automatically drop it in to a cell that’s already sized say 50 x 50 thank you
  19. E

    Resize Table using values in certain cells

    Hi to all. I ve been searching around but found nothing similar except the code i will paste below (hope to do it properly) What i look for is to resize a table to specific rows and columns. How many rows and columns will be given by values in specific cells. So in the following code i managed...
  20. O

    VBA to Insert Pictures into the Cell based on the value in another coln.

    Hey guys Can someone please help me fix up my VBA code ? :'( Here is my current code: Sub PlacePics() Dim Path As String, Pics As Range, Pic As Range, Pix As Picture On Error Resume Next Path = "C:\Users\Panda\Pictures\" Set Pics = ActiveSheet.Range("A9:A504")...

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