1. T

    Checking fields null

    Private Sub Command228_Click() 'Save On Error GoTo Command228_Click_Err On Error Resume Next DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord If (MacroError <> 0) Then Beep MsgBox MacroError.Description, vbOKOnly, "" End If Command228_Click_Exit: Exit Sub...
  2. Y

    Sort out data using autofilter

    Hi experts. I currently have the following code (see below) in a worksheet I use at work. I would like to streamline the process to filter data by removing the command button to show all data and include "all" in the combobox. When "all" is selected in the combobox it should filter/show all...
  3. J

    Sorting Payment list schedule

    Hi, i have spreadsheet with the fields: date, vendor name, amount how can the code below be modify to sort the date and also vendor name with same date. code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)'Updateby Extendoffice 20160606 On Error Resume Next If...
  4. H

    On Error Resume Next - cover all autofilter criteria

    Hi All Just a quick one - can I check the error handler covers all my autofilter criteria? I can't avoid the errors occurring on any of the criteria, I just want to skip over. Sub DataRaw() Sheets("DataInput").Select On Error Resume Next Selection.AutoFilter...
  5. T

    Multiple error handling

    I am trying to handle multiple errors and am a bit surprised the following actually works: On Error Goto Errhandler ' Do something Exitpoint: On Error GoTo 0 ' OK this line is not actually needed. Exit Sub ErrHandler: On Error Resume Next 'Do something...
  6. S

    Resume macro to next line when get Prompt

    cross post : Error prompt : Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action I not looking for way to prevent that prompt coming . but i...
  7. C

    Does 'On Error Resume Next' reset error?

    I am using On Error Resume Next within a loop, and need to check if an error occurs within each loop. I'm wondering if the On Error Resume Next statement itself clears any existing error? For example, in Sub A below, the On Error Resume Next statement is inside the loop, versus B...
  8. T

    Multiple error handling

    The problem I have is to open password protected files. I know of 2 possible passwords, so if either works, then fine, otherwise I want to display a message informing the user that neither passwords are correct. This is my code: On Error GoTo Err1 Workbooks.Open...
  9. A

    On error not working

    Hi guys, I have a code to create a Pivot table. A piece of the code orders the columns in a specific order, but it used to fail if there wasn't values of some of the items, so I added the "On error resume next" statement. However, it seems not to be working. This is the code: On Error...
  10. C

    Resume Next not Resuming

    Hi all, I have a macro that loops through a list of items, locates them on another sheet via a FIND method and collects some data pertaining to the found item. It works well, except that it stops when the item is not found. To handle this, I used an On Error Resume Next statement, so that the...
  11. V

    Beginner Seeking Help

    Hello, I have a macro that use the autofilter function to find blanks and then deletes the rows. However, I am struggling with how to write a macro that will find the last column in row 10 and filter on zero and delete all 0's. Then after it executes this code, I want 'that' entire column...
  12. D

    Delete rows using variable key words

    Hi Guys. Can someone please help me to consolidate/simply the following code. I have a need to delete a number of rows in a large sheet that contain variable keywords (10) within a range of text strings in column A. Each key word only appears in the cells of column a once, the remaining text...
  13. m_in_spain

    There must be a way to shorten this!!

    I am sure there is a way to shorten this into a loop..but each time I try it doesn't not move down the BY column, just clears the first name. There are many cells that will already be blank with no name, hence the error resume next. As ever help is appreciated. (sorry there are 100 lines of...
  14. H

    Macro to delete Blank Rows

    I have written code to delte blank rows in Column D I would like this to be amended to include empty rows in the column Sub Del_Blanks() On Error Resume Next Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks).EntireRow.Delete On Error GoTo 0 End Sub Your assistance is most appreciated
  15. A

    How to research Error Handling Messages, Trying to Resolve "Unreadable content" Message

    Hi all, I am revamping an old macro that creates a new workbook and then saves to a network location. Although my code works, the file that saves generates a recovery process and message from Excel: "Excel has found unreadable content in <filename.xlsx>. Do you want to recover the contents of...
  16. P

    Text to columns

    Hi all Probably a very simple question, but I cant find an answer anywhere on line. What do I need following Other:True for a Colon? I know how to do it in the sheet but I need to do it with vba thanks Paul Sub TextToColumnsRangeSelection() On Error Resume Next Dim MySelection As...
  17. S

    Sap vba help...on error resume

    Hi everyone, I'm needing help with my code when SAP tables return no results. Currently it works when there is data but if there's no data is just stops without finishing. I have no idea how to fix this. I've read some posts saying I need to add an On Error Resume code but not sure how to do...
  18. Z

    VBA Macro not Applying to all pivot tables

    Hey guys, can you please help me with this simple problem? I wanna know why this code is not working with all pivot tables in the file, and how can i make it work. It is a code to block all pivot tables and hide the wizard. Thanks! This is the zipped file...
  19. R

    Export Directly From Excel into Access

    Greetings... I am using the code below to export from Excel directly into an Access db. The code works perfectly but I would like to be able to accomplish this without actually opening the Access db Sub UploadMorningData3() On Error Resume Next Dim AppAccess As Access.Application Set...
  20. J

    On error resume next........but I want to know about it and act on it. Possible?

    Hello again, I have some code that renames a sheet or sheets, depending on user input. In case of an already used name, I have "On Error Resume Next" because...well honestly there's nothing they can do about it, code wise...they need to pick a different name. But I would like to know about...

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