1. J


    Hello there, whats the best wAy to do this. For example i have a list of 4000 students. The details include I gathered from them where name, email address, courses and their certificate numbers) Is it possible to pull their data using vlookup, Then from the retrieve infos. (Name, email...
  2. J

    Retrieve live data from index fund

    Hi there. I own shares in a Canadian index fund. Fund code is RBF556. Canadian index fund. I was just wondering if there is a way to retrieve the quote automatically from the web when the spreadsheet is open. Thank you.
  3. S

    Retrieve last row Value from Access Table

    Hi All I have a table called Log which gets updated when something gets updated What i want to be able from the Column called Version - i want to retrieve the last row value in that column say it says V8 i want to on workbook open check to see if the value matches the cell value on sheet2!A1...
  4. A

    Retrieve correct data in a table with formulas

    Hello everyone, Thanks again for your help so far. I have a new problem below : I have a big data table like this: <tbody> Name Status Shift Date Hour Min Sec Bob C/Out S2 23/08/2019 2 4 8 Bob C/In S1 23/08/2019 10 42 14 Bob C/Out SC 23/08/2019 23 59 26 Jim C/In S1 22/08/2019 9 9 23...
  5. gravanoc

    Trouble Understanding Which Formula is needed

    Hi, I'm having a major headache right now and can't think straight on this. I've tried a couple of solutions, but still can't wrap my head around what is needed. Basically, I am trying to return a value from the first tab contingent on whether or not the value underneath cell A1 on that tab...
  6. R

    Returning Text Templates with Keywords

    Hi everyone, We create a lot of letters for clients and often find ourselves writing out much the same thing from scratch. I'm looking for a way to paste the text from the letters I write into a database spreadsheet, let's say column A, and characterise them with, say, up to 10 relevant...
  7. S

    VLookup - retrieve number of bracket

    Hello, How should I act when I want to retrieve number of bracket where value I'm looking for is? Let me visualize my problem: <tbody> Bracket ID Value I'm looking for Bracket Number Bracket Content <formula> 101 A 99 88 100 98 103 <formula> 102 B 87 55 33 58 101 <formula> 103 C 102...
  8. danhendo888

    How to retrieve two dates for one invoice number

    <tbody> Invoice Number Payment Date 1001 7/01/2019 1001 7/25/2019 </tbody> Hello, I have instances where a customer will pay one invoice split into multiple payments. E.g. Half of invoice 1001 was paid on 1 July. Other half was paid on 25 July. In this example, I want to be able to...
  9. L

    Retrieve text from CenterHeader

    Hi I am trying to retrieve the text that is in the center header At the start of the program I ask the user for a sheet title sheetTitle = InputBox("Please input title for sheet", "Title") which I later use in the print setup With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .CenterHeader =...
  10. L

    Look up Sheet name & retrieve cell value

    looking for a formula where by i enter a sheet name and it will retrieve values from that specific sheet, all sheets will have the same formatting and cell locations such as names, id, etc. Application form: <tbody> Name Employee ID Date Start Date End No. Of Days Reason Department...
  11. I

    Retrieve letters before first number from string

    Hello I work with postcodes in various formats ie SE7 7AB or SE7; M20 1AB or M20 etc I would like to retrieve letters from the left appearing before first number. In the above it would be SE or M. Any suggestions?
  12. J

    VBA - Retrieve data from multiple worksheets

    Hello, I have files with data on multiple worksheets, each worksheet being a day of a month. I would like to have a macro which will retrieve all data from the 30 or 31 worksheets into a unique worksheet. In each worksheet I have data starting from cells B2 and C2. Some worksheets may have blank...
  13. T

    Renaming fields in PowerQuery

    When I load an Excel sheet in PowerBI, I was attempting to rename the fields in PowerQuery by filtering out the fields and renaming the ones I want to by replacing the values However, I cannot retrieve the fields that I filtered out. What is the proper way to do this?
  14. M

    Datasets are too large for use - is there a smarter way to sumproduct?

    Hi, I have a large dataset. I need to use the sumproduct function to retrieve data from the dataset - namely if certain criteria are met on several columns on the x axis, and several criteria are met on the Y axis it will retrieve that value: =SUMPRODUCT(('Daily Source'!$C$3:$ZZ$3='Daily...
  15. J

    Retriev cell content . Number format

    Hi there, I have copied and pasted number, but Excel changed it to another number. How can I retrieve the old value? The original value is: 2:2124 I should have copied it as Text. When I pasted straight into excel (actually google sheets on my iPhone), this value was stored as 37:24:00...
  16. A

    To retrieve a database partially to the form it was used to create it

    Hi, I have a program that creates a Data Base every time it is used, for me I think it was easy to do it, but now I do not know how to retrieva anyone of those reports created back to a form from which was sent (it can be a copy of the form in a different sheet), all I want is to have the...
  17. E

    Retrieve a value of a frame

    I created a frame in a userform, this frame have two option buttons and two text boxes. I want to retrieve the text in the textbox that corresponds to the selected option button. How can I do this? Thanks
  18. N

    Retrieve Windows ReleaseId with vba

    Hello, Is there a way to retrieve the Windows Release Id? Current releasid in my case being 1803, previous was 1709 and now coming up is probably 1810 or possibly 1811. My current version is 17134 but Winver says 17134.345. Any ideas on how to retrieve the last three figures? /nils
  19. J

    Writing to a .TXT file then retrieve contents into userform?

    Hi, I'm trying to create a userform which takes some input, writes the contents to last line of DATA.TXT file in same folder. Then retrieve last 10 entries from text file into userform text box. Unsure how to copy the data to text file at last row Appreciate any help
  20. A

    How to retrieve days for dates

    Hi, How to retrieve days for dates Requirement given below. Available date, expected days. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Day 13-10-2018 Saturday </tbody> can any one help me in this.

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