return value

  1. M

    Loop through array for value to copy to textbox

    Hello and thanks for reading. I am missing something simple here on a conditional loop. I am first checking to see if a textbox on a userform has a number in it. If it does not, i am looping through the 5 sheets that may have the number in cell P14. Whenever i find the number i want to change...
  2. L

    Can I base VBA\Formula off of conditional formatted cell?

    I have a column that looks for duplicates, and makes them fill color and font color red. What I would like to do if possible is in another column look at conditional formatted column and return text\values or anything that has a duplicated cell which is fill color red and font color red. Is...
  3. S

    Concatenate in Different Scenarios

    Hi Experts, Following is the data and I want to concatenate the numbers with unit. The data is extracted from (=SUMIFS()). <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 Quantity Formula Enetered Unit 2 1219 =SUMIFS(F42:F71,G42:G71,"PCS") PCS 3 1377...
  4. S

    Return value from a table based upon multiple criteria

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with the following 4 columns – Group,Type, Day Rate, Night Rate. Each row ofeach column has a drop down selection list. Based upon the selections made, I want the spreadsheet to populate theappropriate Day Rate and Night Rate. Data regarding the rates is in a...
  5. M

    IF Statement to return Value

    My excel workbook was built by a previous employee and I am not having any luck updating the excel formula to return the value needed. The formula is used to scan bank transaction descriptions and identify store activity. The formula below currently determines if the activity is cash or...
  6. M

    How to return cell values from one sheet to another if cell is not blank and go to next one and again

    I have 3 sheets with listed different models there you can indicated how many you need of which model (~300 models). I need to use a formula in another sheet that check these sheets and if cell is not blank (quantity indicated), return information to main sheet (order sheet) - name, barcode and...
  7. A

    Search column cells for multiple criteria

    I am trying to search for multiple text fields in column A and once they are all found in one cell, return the value of the next cell in column B. Example: I want to search for 10#, TALL, BOWL, and BLUE in column A and once all of them are found in one cell, return the Product No that is in...
  8. I

    How to search multiple text from a cell and return back specific value in the following cell

    Hi guys I need a formula if Cell A contain TOUCHSCREEN return value "T" if its contain NO DISPLAY Return value "N" if its contain AUTO RESTART return value "A" if its contain LINES return value "L" Call A1 Cell B1 TOUCHSCREEN T...
  9. D

    Return value if date/value falls in range

    Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me out here with the following issue. I would like to return the value D2 in J2 if the following condition is met J$1 >B2, J$1<C2. And I want to do the same for the values E2, F2, G, H2, I2 for the subsequent cells after J2. So if header J1 "1980" falls in...
  10. L

    Confirm matching text in cell and then return a numerical value from a table

    Hello all and thank you for your help. I've run into an issue in Excel, and I cannot seem to get any formulas to work. This may be beyond the capabilities of Excel, but here goes. I need to perform the following functions and return a single value: 1) Search a text string in a single cell to...
  11. P

    Return a value from a column that corresponds with selected date

    Hello, I am looking for a Macro that allows me to return a value that is in a column that is corresponds with a date - the date will be specified in a separate cell. To explain further - I have a list of metrics listed in rows - monthly values are input in the columns to the right - named by...
  12. rainx

    find text from a certain row onwards from another sheet

    Hi all, I need some help over here. I have a list of numbers and dates in a sheet in different columns. I am trying search this list of numbers from 2 sheets from another file to see if the number had been registered there. I will also need to match the corresponding date in that sheet as the...
  13. E

    Multiple possible criteria in a row returns result in column A of that row

    Hello, This question seemed easy at first, but I could not figure out how to make it work. <tbody> 200 130000 130001 130002 130003 140 140000 141000 140003 140005 130 136000 136020 136004 136001 250 250010 250001 250045 250076 502 451000 452020 450090 450915 </tbody> What I need to...
  14. X

    List/highlight differences after comparing two groups of set data.

    Hi, My excel's worksheet layout is similar to the table below, but with 7000+rows. The only entity that is unique is the email address (Col A). The table below shows employees who have multiple mobile devices and whether they have installed Mobile Device Management (MDM) on each of their...
  15. D

    Cell must return last painted cell colour and content

    Hi guys, Let me try to explain my problem: <tbody> A 1 20 (red background) 2 40 3 30 (yellow background) ... 10 30 (yellow background) 11 XPTO </tbody> In cell A1 I have a value with a red background colour, in A2 I have a value with no background colour and in cell A3 I have...
  16. J

    Return value based on multiple conditions

    More information I am trying to have a cell return a value based on multiple conditions. From the table below: <tbody> A B C D 1 Project Origin Destination miles 2 Alpha washington california 1500 3 Alpha michigan california 1000 4 Alpha atlanta ohio 750 5 Alpha chicago ohio 356...
  17. A

    How to lookup a date in a range and return a value if found

    Hello experts! How can I find a value in a list that is dependent on a entered date being found in a date range? Eg. I have a list of materials with valid-from and valid-to dates, and prices for those materials (in A1:D9) Now I enter a order date (B12), and a list of materials (A14:A16)...
  18. J

    Return a value (c) if this date is between (a) and (b)

    I have a matrix of date ranges with a value on sheet 1, like this:</SPAN></SPAN> <TBODY> A</SPAN></SPAN> B</SPAN></SPAN> C</SPAN></SPAN> 1/1/2014</SPAN></SPAN> 7/1/2014</SPAN></SPAN> 3.625</SPAN></SPAN> 7/1/2013</SPAN></SPAN> 1/1/2014</SPAN></SPAN> 1.75</SPAN></SPAN>...
  19. Z

    need help in generating formula by extracting text and then looking up the value both present in a single cell

    I have a column as named particulars below and my requirements are in columns ahead...plz someone can give me a solution.. Would be grateful…thanks in advance. <tbody> Particulars Look up fields from the column 1 End result required for individual look up...
  20. A

    Excel Formula to check three variables and return value

    Hello, I'm to the point of pulling my hair out. I've tried this in formulas (if, if/and, if/vlookup, if/vlookup/and) and I've been trying to write a macro for this (which I'm thinking needs to loop). Problem: I have a report that is broken into three categories. Column A includes locations...

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