1. S

    Formula for pulling the counts on items in i different locations but with same name

    =XLOOKUP([@Item]&[@[Bin Number]],Item19&Bin_Number19,"@[Count19]","",1) =XLOOKUP("[@Item]='R19'!@Item19*'Calculate sheet'!@[Bin Number]=@'R19'!A3:A68",Item19,Count19,"",1) this only pulled the first instance of the same name I tried the above and a few other variations but could not get the...
  2. S

    Return Text based on Max Sum of number values by month

    Hi, This is for Google Sheets. I need a formula that returns the text when using a sum max for a number by date. In the below example, AA02 is the answer for January 2023 b/c 4,120 is the max sum (3,995 + 125). cell A1 1/31/2023 2/28/2023 Result AA02 CCC data set Month Year...
  3. J

    Explaining cost-weighted and value-weighted returns

    Hello: I have the following returns for a sample stock portfolio. When I use cost-weighted gains, the return for the total portfolio is -28% and the return for the sum of all stocks on a cost-weighted basis is also -28%. I get how to explain that. But if an investor wants to use current market...
  4. B

    Return number value from a range of cells

    Hi, Wanting to figure out how to write an excel formula to return value from an array of 5 items in which it is a "value" in column A and matches "green dot" text in column B. In below manual example, cell E2 would return 33.7.
  5. S

    List of all working days between two dates

    I found the below VBA that returns a list of all the days between working days that works perfectly. But I need it to return only the working days, is there a line or smth that I need to add to do so? Sub WriteDates() Dim rng As Range Dim StartRng As Range Dim EndRng As Range...
  6. M

    Matching Formula Problem

    I'm having a tough time with this and think I'm very close but cant quite get the. i was trying if statements, index match, but cant get it to quite work. here's what I'm trying to do in column a the letters appear in sets of 5, and in column b, the letters appear 1 each. how can I achieve the...
  7. M

    Return a unique numbers of sales list, values as categorized smallest to largest.

    Hi, Required a formula help for generate a unique numbers of sales list as a sequence to be smallest to largest unique numbers without blanks as based on data contains in column A:G. Sample are enclosed, Thanks for help, ABCDEFGHI1Total Sales Units21015101410Return unique numbes...
  8. M

    Required a formula to return combined a list, common values in a both list, values not included in each other List.

    Hi, Required a formula help for do a different types of workouts as based on data (Work items list-1 & 2) contains in Column A to C, for there required details as follows. In a Column E, Cell number E4 to be return a Combined work items lists (merged list) of both lists into one list, Sort A...
  9. M

    Based on location return a highest and least values and absolute, relative addresses of cells.

    Hi, I required a formula help for return a values based on lookup location Highest and least values of amount and return a cell addresses of that absolute and relatives in column F, Cells F4 to F9. Sample enclosed a for the reference. Thanks, ABCDEF123ItemsAmountLocationLookup...
  10. P

    Macro: Find - Match - Return Value

    Hi everyone, Here is an extract of my database. In the "Score" sheet we have different columns from which I have to find specific words to match with those from "Data" sheet. I would like to create a macro : If there is more than 1 Instr in columns C, G, K and O then columns S, T, U and V are...
  11. M

    Find and Lookup, return values based on priority in list-1 sheet

    Hi, Here I have a list-1 in that list need to be extract the required items only in list-2,One is high level and Second one is blank cells where yet to be decide work location priority level. and as per Priority level there should be return further values which are contains in a same row. I...
  12. D

    Return cell value from database

    Hi, I have a database of responders to a large survey which will be having additions made constantly. I have created a formula to return me a list of the sheets in the workbook (1 sheet per responder) and now I want to collect all response to each questions. Is there a formula I can use to...
  13. G

    Key Word Search

    I am currently using a nested '=find(text,cell)' formula to categorise a list for example. If the term Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, OT is in cell containing job title then the formula will return 'Medical'. This I have done by nesting separate find fictions for each key work with an if statement...
  14. S

    Multiple Lookup Values

    Hi, I have two tables similar to the following: 1. <tbody> A B C D E F G H Code op1 op2 op3 op4 op5 op6 op7 1 ABC123 XY none ZZ WR none none LUG 2 XYZ789 none none ZZ none LUG XY none </tbody> In this table each of the options has a drop down from a defined list. 2. <tbody> A B C...
  15. A

    Vlookup Only The First Lookup Value

    Hello, I think I have a fairly simple problem (but one I can't fix). Column A of sheet "Model" has hundreds of thousands of account numbers, many of which are duplicates. I need to vlookup based on those account numbers to return data from Column B of sheet "Cost", but I only want to return data...
  16. P

    Return a Suppler name from a text string

    Hi, thanks for looking? When I download some nominal data from the finance systeminto excel the supplier number (which is a mixture of letters and numbers) appearseither at the start, middle or the end of a text string including otherinformation. Therefore if I am wanting to do a vlookup against...
  17. T

    How to add a certain amount of years to a date?

    In cell A I have a date (e. 22-Jan-16). In cell B I have a number (ie. 10). How do I make cell C return the cell A date plus the number in cell B in years? So it would return 22-Jan-26.
  18. J

    Return Lookup based on range cell

    Hi all. I'm renting out construction tools and have my margin at different rates depending on the number of rental days. This is what my days-margin cells look like: <tbody> D E Days Margin 1 1.4 2 1.3 3-7 1.2 8-14 1.15 </tbody> If I have A3 titled "Number of Days", B3 shows the...
  19. F

    How do I get Excel to return a value based on the max value in a table?

    0 1 2 3 4 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 3 6 7 8 9 0 5 1 2 3 4 6 7 2 3 3 4 2 I have a table as such with rows and columns in bold. I know the max value within this table is 9. How can I get Excel to return "3" and "4"?
  20. B

    Search for multiple text within a cell and return text

    I'm trying to do multiple text searches in a cell and return text if true. If not true then I want the cell to be blank. For example Column A is PaymentNotFound12345 and I want the formula in column B to search for "PaymentNot" and return "PaymentNot". However I need to also search for other...

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