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    Returning Non Zero labels and quantities Without arrays

    We have a database that keeps track of installed inventory and allows an auditor to record the type of inventory installed and the number that is installed. The auditor records this in a table that has all of the types of inventory populating a pull-down menu and a column to record the number...
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    Return new values from a list without vlookup

    I have two lists in two different files. List_2 is a variable. It is updated monthly and I do not know how many rows of data it will have or if there will be any new items in the list. List_1 is a pre-determined list. As an example, let's say there are 5 items in this list. In List_1...
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    Returnig a set instance after a Succesful Find

    Hi Everyone, This is what I have in my cells: <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" height="15" width="517"><col width="111"><col width="406"><tbody><tr height="17"> <td class="xl155" style="height: 12.75pt; width: 83pt;" height="17" width="111"> </td> <td...
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    Returning Values from a range based on another range

    Hi all, Day range is A3:A33 Yes/No range is C3:C33 I'm looking for a formula or vba code that lists the days that have a yes value associated with them in a singular cell. For Example: Day 1 = yes " '' 2 = no " '' 3 = no " '' 4 = yes " '' 5 = yes So i need a formula that will return: Dates...

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