1. M

    Ribbonx idMso for share

    Could someone please let me know what the idMSO for launching the Share feature is in Excel for use in RibbonX? I have looked and cannot for the life of me find it. Also, is is a button, task, etc. as this seems key?
  2. M

    RibbonX New Comment

    I am trying to add a new comment that adds a comment for conversations, but using the code below adds a note. Any help would be great. Thanks, M <button idMso="ReviewNewComment" size="normal" showLabel="false"/>
  3. M

    Custom Ribbon Button Size in RibbonX

    Is there a simple way to customize a button in RibbonX so that it defaults to a small button. The following is my code. I would like the the first button EmeraldHeader to be large and the remaining three buttons to default small. <customUI...
  4. mohsinbipu

    Vertical Space in RibbonX icon of Microsoft Office Excel

    I am trying to learn how to create custom ribbon in Excel just for my knowledge. I am trying to create ribbon similar like Home tab. But my vertical spacing is not like home tab. Picture can shown in details for better understanding about my issue. Also I am trying to find out how can I create...
  5. E

    Lock button in Powerpoint Custom Ribbon

    Problem: I have a lock button (toggle button) on my custom ribbon. Basically "lock and unlock" the "Aspect ratio" of the text box. Also i wanted few points to cover while preparing it - - I wanted to run the event on powerpoint, whenever I select the single or multiple text...
  6. K

    Custom RibbonX in one file interfering with custom RibbonX in another file

    Hi: I am seeing strange behavior when I have 2 Excel files open that both have the same custom RibbonX. It seems to hide all viewable RibbonX menus on the deselected file. And, the behavior seems to be erratic and randomly occurs. Is there a way to isolate the custom RibbonX actions to the...
  7. M

    Using '&' symbol in RibbonX

    I'm creating a custom tab in my Excel workbook, using the Office RibbonX Editor. For the buttons that will be on my tab, I am using supertip to show a description of what the button does, if the user hovers over the button. In the text I want to appear, a character that I want in the string is...
  8. S

    Invalidate Excel 2013 ribbon combo box while the ribbon is minimized

    I've a custom combo box in my custom tab (Excel 2013) & I want to set a default value for it. Whenever I select any option from the dropdown, it should run a specific macro according to selection & again set the default value. I've tried the RibbonUI.InvalidateControl (control.ID), but it is not...
  9. V

    Customize Excel Ribbon using VBA and RibbonX

    How do i customize the particular menu which comes when you right-click on the Ribbon in Excel ? It has options like: "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" "Customize Ribbon" "Minimize Ribbon" I have code to customize the normal context menus in Excel 2010 using...
  10. A

    How to load custom Ribbon based on user

    Hi Everyone, I've been a long time user of MrExcel and all sorts of ideas and suggestions and fixes... for that I say a hearty THANK YOU! Today however I can't seem to find the answers I seek. I have become well versed in Ron de Bruin's examples, and I have my custom ribbon built, and...
  11. M

    Ribbon 'X' and Worksheet Change problems

    I am trying to use vba code to allow multiple entries in one cell using a data validation dropdown list and the Worksheet change event. It just does not work and I have spent hours trying to figure it out. The code works on a sample spreadsheet I downloaded with the code. I have an MX tools...
  12. ClimoC

    Maintain RS created from Add-In function

    Hi I wrote this: Global CRS As ADODB.Recordset Public ColType As Integer, ColSize As Integer Public Arr1() As Variant, Arr2() As Variant, RuleList() As Variant Public frmEvents As Boolean Public Function BuildRecordSet() Dim i As Long, z As Long, XCol As Long, YRow As Long, FRow As Long...
  13. S

    RibbonX - GetEnabled & GetVisible callbacks always "False" when inside of the Formula bar or inside a cell

    Hi all, I am creating an Excel add-in in 2010. I'm using the GetVisible & GetEnabled callbacks for a few of my Groups and Button controls. Both functions work flawlessly.... Except when the cursor is in the formula bar or a user types a value into a cell. => In either of these cases, all my...
  14. Colin Legg

    Excel 2007 RibbonX Crashes Excel When Workbook Is Closed

    Hi, Using Excel 2007, I have an .xlsm file with a custom ribbon tab containing Button and Separator controls. Quite frequently, when the workbook is closed, Excel crashes. I think there is a problem when the customised part of the ribbon is unloaded. The workbook does not contain...
  15. imashish

    How to create a "WrapText" lookalike button in Excel 2007 Ribbon ?

    I have developed a customized ribbon (AddIn) in excel, thanks to all the free tutorials available on the net. But now i want to take it up to the next level, i am facing a challenge that how should i build a button which shows an image(pic) with the screentip/supertip as i hover the button...
  16. A

    Ribbon descativated after VBA crash

    Hi.. I've an Excel 2007 worksheet with a personalized ribbon and some macros. Depending of the selected sheet, I enable (or not) the ribbon buttons depending of the shown information on the sheet. My macros sometime crashes and excel starts the vba debugger. After that, my ribbon boutons are...
  17. J

    RibbonX Help

    On my ribbon, I have group that contains a button that opens a Calendar form and a label which will display a date. I want the user to select a date from the calendar which will then in turn update the label with the selected date. However, I'm not sure how to update the label with the user's...
  18. M

    Return Directory Permissions

    I am looking to build a macro to inform a user via a custom ribbon label or other similar process whether or not they have write permission to a network directory. This directory has only two secuity permissions: write access or no access or view. This spreadsheet is used to export transactions...

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