right function

  1. G

    Index Match with Right Function

    I have an index match that gives me results for prices with a string of text I want to remove. Example: USD 41.99 In a separate cell I have the RIGHT function to remove the "USD ", but I would like to have a single formula in one cell...
  2. S

    Extract until first letter

    I have a string of numbers and letters and need to extract everything after the first letter. Example 456trust 4file 5867hampton 24grate
  3. M

    Formula which extracts the last two numbers in a cell

    Hi I've got a formula which extracts the last two numbers in a cell and works correct if the cell says 2 for 23 but doesn't if the cell says 2for£23 Does anyone know how to fix this? Please find below sample data which covers cells A1:B3. The formula in cell B2 is...
  4. C

    Know if the last char is a number

    Hello ! I need to know, in each cell in a range, if the last char of a cell is a number (the cell can contain text but i want to know only if the last char is a number), and if not, I want to show in a message box and highlight it. I have written this code by adapting another code I have, and...
  5. P

    Line up strings of text

    Hi, I have a list of data in sheet1. Column A contains cells which all contain text. They are capital letters apart from the right hand value which is lower case letter ("a", "b", "c", "d" or "e") e.g "TELEVISION.a", "TELEVISION.b" and so on until "TELEVISION.e". The item varies and the length...
  6. S

    Extracting 2 or 3 words before a match found

    Hi Friends, I tried to extract first 2 words using this =TRIM(RIGHT(A1, FIND(B1",SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", B1,2)&B1))) below is the text in ColumnA A1=Refresh staging database use data pump B1=Data C1= =TRIM(RIGHT(A1, FIND(B1",SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", B1,2)&B1))) some how did not work Can anyone let me...
  7. S

    Performing functions on array variables

    Hi guys, First time posting, and hopefully an easy solution. I have a table called "Workbank" which is 33 columns, but will have a variable number of rows. One of the columns is comprised of alphanumeric strings such as: aa-###, aaa-##, aaaa-#. I would like to store these column values to a...
  8. S

    Deleting Specific Capital Letters

    I goofed! When I extracted First Names & Last Names from a string, it picked up the middle initial. How can I delete the last letter from a string ONLY if it's in caps? Here's an example of my data: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Anna Anna AnnaM AnneB AnneE AnneG Annette...
  9. M

    Right / Left & Len function

    Hello all, I am trying to extract characters 2 to 6 from the right of a field. The left characters are a user's name and vary quite a bit. The code I am trying to extract is 5 characters in between (). For example my list will be filled with records like this: John Smith (PQ123) or Susan L...
  10. S

    Nested IF VBA using RIGHT function

    I need to make two macro buttons that increases and decreases, respectively, the value of a cell based upon it's decimal value. For example: Cell AA8 currently = 117.292 IF the 3 digits after the decimal point (Right 3) = 317 then add 0.683 to the cell. IF above is false then check if last digit...
  11. T

    Excel Right Function Dilemma

    Hi all, I have a confusion with using RIGHT function. I need to create a complicated formula that depending on two digits after comma. I’ve used RIGHT function to do it but the step that you can see below, the result seems like isn’t true. I'm sharing formula with the sample values(not cellIDs...
  12. D

    Number of characters using VBA

    Hi, I want to convert values in a column to 12 characters from Right. Normally we write a formula like =Right(F8,12), i want similar results using vba so i don't have to write a formula each time in a worksheet. I have column F starting from F8, till end, which i would like to use vba to remove...
  13. Q

    Adding a carry over digit.

    I want to add a column take the digits greater then the ones column over to the next column and add. example <tbody> Column A Column B 4 9 3 6 8 5 </tbody> 9+6+5=21 carry the 2 to column B and then add. The formula works on two digit numbers, however if column B is a 3 digit number or...
  14. M

    =right(driving me crazy)

    Hi, I have a column of 1000 entries - with 4 words in each cell (all of different lengths) - I need to extract the last word from each cell. I have been playing around with the right function but cannot get it just right. Any Help - Appreciated - Thanks - Mark.
  15. P

    Function to Split a String

    I'm trying to split a String to get, in my case, product name. I am writing the function as a reference to the full string. The strings all start with "SKU-", the Product Name, then product description. Ex. <tbody> SKU-123ABC-Doodad </tbody> I can't simply do text to columns because...
  16. J

    Pulling two digits before a decimal point from adjoining cell

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to pull the last two digits before a decimal point from an adjoining cell so those digits show up in the cell next to it with the digits after the decimal displaying as zeros. Cells in A column displays $ABCD.EFG and I want Cells in the B column to...
  17. M

    Keep the 1st 24 and last 7 characters of a text string

    Hi all. I'm using excel2010. I've been searching the posts for a solution and everyhting always seems to be in reverse of what i need. I have text strings of varying length and are all unique. All i want to do is keep the first 24 characters and the last 7 characters (=31 so i can name the...
  18. B

    Separate numbers from a phrase in a cell

    How do you separate numbers from a phrase in a cell given the scenarios below? All I need are the word/ phrases. Here are sample contents of the cells: the quick 89 quick 143 the quick brown 7 brown fox 23 As one can see, all the numbers are at the right end but the digits vary while the...
  19. G

    How to separate variable strings to different cells

    I have a spreadsheet with almost 5000 rows that was imported from a text document into one column. I would like to separate different parts of this column into new columns. Unfortunately, it is a mixture of variable length fields. Certain sections are consistent, others are not. Can you...
  20. C

    INDIRECT Issue re Worksheet Name

    I have been stymied with an INDIRECT function issue and feel like I am very close to resolution, but need assistance from an expert. My workbook has a Summary worksheet that needs to pull from specific cell references in subsequent worksheets. The following formula works if the worksheet name...

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