1. M

    calculate additional fees based on multiple criteria!!!

    Hi all! So, I'm both an idiot in regards to Excel and Forum posting (as this is my first foray in the latter). Basically, what I'm trying to do is this: If a hotel has multiple "Seasons" (example: high, low, shoulder) in any given year, this affects pricing. I have already run a master...
  2. T

    Macro: combining multiple cells to create a unique string of numbers

    Hello. I'm trying to automate a tedious task of typing each device number manually. I wonder if there is a possibility of creating a macro that'd speed up the process. All other values are given beforehand. The logic behind each device number goes as follows: First two numbers are fixed and...
  3. D

    External Data with additional columns

    Dear all, Recently I have come across a problem regarding the use of pulling external data from XML files to Excel 2010. I work for a very small hotel. The hotel database we are using is very poor by any standard, so we cannot but make up its deficiencies by pulling some of its data to Excel...
  4. D

    Transpose from cell to multiple rows

    Hi all, Im looking for a way using VBA code to transpose data contained in one cell separated by ";" to multiple rows. Below is an example of what im trying to achieve Event ID Day Start End Room 1 Monday 09:00 11:00 Room 1; Room 2; Room 3; Room 4 1 Monday 09:00 11:00 Room 1; Room...
  5. E

    Matching two columns of data

    Hi there, I would like to return a value in cell E3 below that equates to the value in cell B3 only when the 'Room' reference in Table 1 cell A3 matches same in Table 2 (cell D3). The first Table, which is Table 1, is the master table and runs for some 500 rows and has all the room numbers and...
  6. R

    Array Sum Room Nights

    Hello!! I am looking for help to build an array formula that compute by month and year the number of room nights according the hotel reservations book <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Hotel Reservations Check-in Date Check-out Date Room Nights Apr.30.2017 May.02.2017...
  7. V

    Examination sitting arragement Plan for a school

    Is anyone can share me school examination Room Sitting plan. In My school there are 900 students. Two sections in all Classes. 20 Rooms are the. Sitting plan of a room will be like this. In one Room 1. 4 rows 2. Im one row 5 benchers are there. 3. In one bench two students will sit of different...
  8. H

    Outlook Meeting Macro

    Hi I have never used VBA for Outlook before and was wondering would this be possible. I am looking to try schedule a macro to book a specific meeting room on specific days due to current restrictions on how far ahead the systems lets me book so currently I can I book the meeting room up to 4...
  9. M

    Automated recurring calculation. No-one at my job can help me with this.

    Hello everyone, I would first like to thank you all for the help that I found on this forum, reading various threads as I was discovering Excel, working (and being stuck) on my project. Before we get to the good stuff, let me introduce myself and tell you why I am writing this post. My name...
  10. J

    Split Screen different tabs

    I have an Excel workbook with one WorkSheet with room numbers and names, then inventory worksheets of computer, printers, projectors...Column A is room number, I have a split screen where column A and title row 1 are split off. If I want to jump from computer inventory to the printer I have to...

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