row number

  1. S

    How to Insert Row Number Across Multiple Worksheet at same cell.

    Hello, I want to add a row number, in my multiple worksheets in the same cell. for ex. I have 50 sheets in a workbook, now I have to add row number in every worksheet's cell "B11". in first sheet i want 1 and in second 2 and like 3,4,5...50. at same "B11" cell. please help me.....
  2. G

    Add Dynamic row number to Excel pivot table

    Hello experts, Is it possible to add a Dynamic row label to Excel pivot table? This is the original data <tbody> REP PROD QTY PRC/UNIT REV A NOTEBOOK 5 10 50 A CALCULATOR 4 50 200 A PEN 6 5 30 B NOTEBOOK 7 10 70 B PENCIL 8 2 16 C NOTEBOOK 2 10 20 C PENCIL 3 2 6 C CALCULATOR 5...
  3. H

    Scrolling Macro

    I have created a macro which scrolls through a worksheet a fixed number of rows and then returns to the top and scrolls again. I need the "fixed" (14 in the sample below) number of rows to be variable based on the row number of a cell which contains specific text : "Today is" Here is the...
  4. T

    Combobox value loop column lookup and return all matching results to a sheet

    I have a little trouble with this one. I have three combo box that I required the value of each box to lookup the data in Sheet 1 Column E, F, G and when a match is found return row number so that all data in Column H, I, j, k, L are placed to Sheet 2 in the next available empty row. However...
  5. mrMadCat

    VBA find row number by multiple criteria

    Hello, I need a macro to look by rows for the row that suits 3 criteria (3 exact whole values in cells in 3 exact columns). The first row's number that suits all 3 criteria should be put into a new variable row_number. It is also needed that this macro work fast, so looks by rows, but not first...
  6. B

    Showing row/cell references from a countif formula

    Hi, If i perform a countif calculation and the result is 5, how can i find the 5 rows that count formula is referring to so i can then do a vlookup on it and display certain columns from the 5 rows the count found. I hope that makes sense. Many thanks
  7. R

    Subtotal function in Excel 2013 Table causes Filtering issues

    <tbody> Position Sales Person Sales $ =SUBTOTAL(3,B$2:B2) DAVE 1000 =SUBTOTAL(3,B$2:B3)<strike></strike> MARK 2000 =SUBTOTAL(3,B$2:B4)<strike></strike> HELEN 3000 =SUBTOTAL(3,B$2:B5)<strike></strike> MATT 4000 =SUBTOTAL(3,B$2:B6)<strike></strike><strike></strike> DEREK...
  8. K

    How can I increment the value of a row number (A24) based on the value in a cell?

    Hello community! :biggrin::biggrin: I have a sheet of test data called DATA. It has a lot of info, but to simplify my question it might contain many rows of something like this: <tbody> A B C 1 Joe Smith ID number1 2 Bob Jones ID number 2 </tbody> In another sheet called...
  9. H

    Look up a value on another worksheet and return cell row and column number

    :confused:OK, so, what I need to do is a sort of look up where on sheet 1 in cell B1, i enter a formula that looks for the value in sheet1 cell A1 across all cells in sheet 2. When it finds the required value (which will be a word) somewhere in sheet 2 (it will be a unique word appearing only...
  10. A

    form button on spreadsheet : identifying which row the button is on

    Hello hivemind, This is a hypothetical problem. I am imagining a spreadsheet with the equivalent of an info button in each cell of column A. The idea is the user clicks the button to open a User Form containing additional info about the entitity represented by values on that row. e.g., Row 1...
  11. M

    Changing row number in a bespoke function

    I need to reference cells in a spreadsheet held in my company's eDocs document management system. There is a function (presumably provided by the DMS vendor) but it does not increment the row number as I drag it down in the cells in my spreadsheet. E.g. If I have this in cell A1...
  12. W

    finding the Row number for duplicate entries in a column of data

    I have a data sheet with many entries. In column "E" I have the station name entered. In other columns I have a timestamp, username, and dollars and tickets they are issued (we are selling tickets). I want my user, on a separate sheet, to be able to select a station name and have a report...
  13. S

    Return row number of blank row

    I have a set of spreadsheets and each one has a blank line somewhere in the middle area. I need a formula that I can place at the bottom of each spreadsheet that returns the row number of the blank row. Alternatively, finding one blank cell and returning its row number would work as well if...
  14. M

    Use row number as factor in calculation, replace original values

    I'm trying to determine the VB for a macro that will replace the values in a column by the the results of the calculation of that same value + (row number/ 100000). At the present, I am creating an additional column and using the following formula: IF(E2>=1, (E2+(ROW(E2)/10000000000)), "")...
  15. N

    How to find the row number of a number in a list?

    I have a database in excel. Each row contains a unique number in column A. Column A is not not in any numeric order. I have a userform which has a text box (textbox1) in which I need to be able to type a number and then press a button (CommandButton9) to find the row number which that number is...
  16. M

    Find the Row Number of a selected table cell

    Hi. I'm sure this is easy but I'm darned if I can figure it out. I want to load a table record into a form based on the current row, i.e., the row containing the selected cell. I already have the VBA code to load the form based on a row number relative to a column range in the databodyrange...
  17. T

    Function.Match to return row number - Error in code

    Hi there, I am hoping for a bit of help with some code I am trying to put together to work with some userforms I have created. Essentially, when people are trying to search for an existing claim in the 'database', they go to a search form which asks for a claim number (a 4 digit number) and...
  18. L

    Specifying row number in formula

    Hello all, I want to do as the following: In sheet 1 I have all the data needed for sheet 2, organizing in row, which means for a particular cargo, its details will be all having same row number, different column alphabet. Cargo A data 1 data 2 data 3 ....... and so on Cargo B data 1 data 2...
  19. W

    Finding Position of Row VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to do the equivalent of Row() in VBA, but am having some trouble. My code is below and I keep gettin an error message 13, type mismatch. Any help would be appreciated. Sub GetRowPosition() Dim I As Integer Dim J As Integer For I = 1 To 100 If...
  20. C

    Need to Paste value into a row on another worksheet as specified by a MATCH formula

    Hi, I have searched extensively on here and cannot find a solution to my issue, I apologise if I have missed a potential solution and if I have missed one, a link would be much appreciated. I have data on a sheet called 'Sheet1' in columns A, B and C which contains a unique identifier, a match...

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