1. H

    Looping, and moving Data by criteria to a second workbook

    I am trying to Loop though a list of a data. For every column where L is left blank, I need to copy column A:K of that row to a second workbook. I know in need to make the range to be copied and where it should go on the second workbook dynamic. But I am struggling with getting to work. Below...
  2. T

    XMLHTTP navigation and obtaining table.

    Hi all, The code below works fine in order to copy a table from a website into Excel. Sub GetData() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLDoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim URL As String URL = ""...
  3. M

    Delete cell and move up

    I have code that stores ranges like "D4" and "E4" in variables x and y respectively. However, I run into a bug with the .delete command... Any ideas on how I can fix this? I also want to have excel move that column up where the clear contents took place. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()...
  4. Sharid

    Ebay Product Scraping code issue, works on .com not

    Hi I am hoping someone can explain why my code is not running when I change it to The code runs in two parts, 1) It opens IE - Ebay 2) It places the products Title, Price and URL in columns A,B,C, It works fine for .com but not for I have checked the classes and they all...
  5. I

    merge/ combine two row based on two separate value

    Hello! I want to be able to loop through a sheet and do the following: if cell value in row 1, column A and B match the cells value of row 2, column A and B AND the cell value in row 1, column O = "REGULAR DELIVERY" and the cell value in row 2, column O = "RETURN", I want to combine/merge the...
  6. B

    Variable not set up right?

    Hi all. I've created this simple code to help me move some data around. I'm trying to move data from Column C to Column D, E, F, etc when there is no text in a cell within Column B. See my code and example below. Sub Test() Dim rownum As Long Dim rowtext As Long Dim colmnltr As Long For...
  7. B

    Use a named range in cell formula

    Hi, I want to insert a formula into columns AP:EE that is referencing a sheet named for example "Category Hiearchy (1)". The numerical value is dependent on the value in column AG. I am almost there but cannot figure out how the insert <VALUE IN Range AG> into the defined name. This is the...
  8. C

    Insert row below, copy above and clear contents of specific column

    i have searched a bit and all i get doesn't really suit what i needed. Totally new to VBA but what i am trying to achieve is insert a new row below(either highlighting the whole row or just a cell), copy everything above (format, formula, conditional formatting) and then delete content in...
  9. S

    Copy the data from Master data to Multiple sheets based on the condition for Sep 1 to Sep 30.

    Hi Gurus i am newbie in VBA and i have tried a lot by searching in google to create a script and finally end up here for help. need a help on this to copy the data from Master data to Multiple sheets based on the condition in excel for Sep 1 to Sep 30. copying the values based on the Rownum...
  10. M

    Invalid procedure call or argument (Run-time error '5')

    Can somemone review this code and see why I am getting an invalid procedure call argument message (the text in red is what is being highlighted in VB). Thank you in advance! Sub datesexcelvba() Dim OutLookApp As Object Dim OutLookMailItem As Object Dim icounter As Integer Dim maildest As String...
  11. T

    search for text in range returns "1004" in msgbox

    Hi all, I'm trying to put some code together that looks for a text match in the top row of titles of a sheet... What I want to do is find the column that contains the text "Description" and copy the whole column into a specified column on another sheet. I have some code that looks at the...
  12. A

    Get results to userform labels

    Hey community, İ use VBA code which searchs product , find it and if needed orders found product to worksheet ( form ) A4,5,6. B4,5,6. C4,5,6. D4,5,6 etc. can anyone help me to get same orders on userform labels? Option Explicit Private Sub cmdAdd_Click() Dim RowNum As Long Dim...
  13. T

    Row Location of Maximum Value in a Column

    I want to find the location of the max value of a column. My code Dim rownum As Long rownum = Application.worksheetfunction.match(.max("O:O"),"O:O") Not working Thanks
  14. A

    Userform VBA without opening worksheet

    Hey community, Can anyone help me please, i use following formula ( userform ) to search and add product to worksheet. Product list is in Stock Data sheet,and it adds found product to Form sheet. but when i click search it is opening Stock Data sheet, can it find and add product without opening...
  15. E

    Most efficent way to find first occurance of a value in a range

    I am trying to improve a bad habit of using For loops to loop trough a column to find the a value so that can use the row number in other parts of my code. I would like some input if the soluon I have found is the most efficient way to accomplish this. This is my new solution. Is this the...
  16. K

    Move to the next blank cell

    I know this is a simple one but i can't get the correct syntax, this macro prints URLs from table from a webpage, the problem is each new table starts in Row 2, what i need is for the first table to start in Row 2 but an new tables should start at the end of the last table printed. I have used...
  17. V

    Searching strings by vlookup within another string.

    Gurus, I need help using vlookup to look for a string within a longer string to match external and internal data. I have tried the usual, =VLOOKUP("*"&B2&"*", $A$2:$F$3,5,FALSE) and it did not work for the string. <tbody> Rownum Pub Number Type Family date 32 TW201247839 Application...
  18. K

    Url as text

    This is part of a code i use to download data from a webpage, what i would like to add is the ability to download urls as text so i can then use the urls separately. Sub ProcessHTMLPage(HTMLPage As MSHTML.HTMLDocument) Dim HTMLTable As MSHTML.IHTMLElement Dim HTMLTables As...
  19. C

    Picking HTML with VBA

    Is there a way to get just English from web HTML? I am looping through the children and it gets all the languages. How can I get HTMLTable and HTMLSeason to loop at the same time? Here is my code: For Each HTMLTable In HTMLTables For Each HTMLSeason In HTMLSeasons...
  20. C

    VBA to extract info from web HTML

    I'm trying to pull info from a website with VBA. With this code: Option Explicit Sub BrowseTVDBWithQueryStringAndXML() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLdoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument Cells.Select Selection.ClearContents XMLPage.Open "GET"...

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