1. G

    Parse dates into mm/dd/yyyy

    Hello Excel Community, I have a weird request which I am hoping someone might be able to provide a solution. I have rows where dates are provided in the following format yyyy-mm-dd and contain multiple dates in that format (Example: 2023-04-062023-04-072023-04-08). What I am trying to...
  2. B

    lookup number and enter a word depending on row range number was found

    Hi, I want to look up a number that is in column D from column E, and if it is found in a table on a different tab in column A rows 9-109 put the work 'Expenditure' in the lookup cell in column E, and if the number found from the lookup is in column A rows 121-160, put 'Income' in the lookup...
  3. G

    Need VBA Help on Unhiding Row Based on Value + Rows Below

    I tried putting together a code for a checkbox in Sheet "Budget" which will unhide 4 rows on Sheet "Vendor Cost". When the checkbox is ticked, it should unhide the row on Sheet "Vendor Cost" which contains value "1000L" on column A and 3 more rows underneath it (no value on column A). I can't...
  4. P


    Heyy there, My problem is : i cant remove duplicate column by single string I want script or marco or anythink (automation) to fix this problem Take look of screenshot of my solution what i need Thank you every one who fix that :D
  5. E

    Convert Columns Data to Rows Data

    Hi everyone! I have a spreadsheet to convert the (attached picture) in green to rows in yellow. Is there possible formula or code to create the remining data from rows 7 thru 24 to columns L thru V) ? Here is steps example for manual input (to convert green row 2 into yellow rows 2, 3 and 4)...
  6. A

    Sorting the duplicate values:

    Hi, There are some values in coloumn A and coloumn B . The solution is just to simply get the duplicate values from coloumn A and B , and then display those duplicate values in Coloumn C AND Coloumn D. EXAMPLE: A B C D 1 3 1 3 2 4 5 6 3...
  7. R

    Adding additional information to every nth row from start reference, copying same instance of rows

    I've got code here that will bring in information while looping through workbooks in a folder. It could be 5 workbooks or 50. Usually on the higher end. I'm bringing in 5 rows of information so every time i open a new workbook for information, i need it to go down to the 5th row and start again...
  8. V

    Copy rows which have a result after applying the LOOKUPV(filter them from #N/A)

    I am working with an excel which has about 500000 rows. I have one sheet called "B" where is all the info and I only need the rows where the column Y contains text, not de #N/A from the LOOKUP. I have to copy the rows with info, to another sheet called "A". I used this code for the same process...
  9. N

    Conditional Formatting - Extend 2-color Gradient to Adjacent Columns

    I would appreciate help with extending a 2-color gradient that is based on a percentage column to the adjacent columns. Attached is an example. The actual spreadsheet has many more rows so it's not practical to do manually. Thank you.
  10. M

    Need a macro to conduct some steps for each part number in a column

    I have an Excel sheet with 12 columns and 4000+ rows. In Column E, I have a list of part numbers. These part numbers may or may not be repeated based on the city names found in Column F. For example, Part A (located in Column E) may be in 3 different rows: one row for City X, one row for City Y...
  11. G

    Converting individual rows into individual files

    Hello everyone, I have an excel file that I would like to split in individual text files per row. I have found a similar function from the VUTOOLS package, however, I do have a mac and unfortunately, I cannot make use of this convenient extension. I am not very proficient in excel coding, so...
  12. R

    Format copying not working

    This is my full code Sub StripData() Call InsertData Call FormatData 'Call DragData End Sub Sub InsertData() Dim myWb As Workbook Dim myRowsToCopy As Range Set wbtemplate = Workbooks("Template.xlsm").Worksheets("Raw") Set formatrange = Range("B2:CE2") Set formularange = Range("AK2:CE2")...
  13. M

    Redesign excel format

    I have the following spreadsheet with about 2000 rows, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO1Ref No(s)TitleEff DateATAComments2TEST 1B737 ADVERTISING PLACARD INSTALLATION25Referenced By: TEST3ParagraphMethod Of ComplianceRLifeLast ComplE/D O/RideLimit/ IntervalF/ LNext DueRemain4Initial Issue...
  14. A

    Copy multiple columns from one worksheet to another with different rows in each worksheet

    Hi, I'm new to the board and a newbie to VBA. I tried different approaches found online but seems none of mine works. So here is my questions: I need to copy 5 columns from Worksheet A to Worksheet B. The columns in worksheet A and B have different rows: let's assume wsA has 20 rows and wsB...
  15. M

    Formulas between work sheets

    Thank you in advance for any help provided. I am looking to produce a work book with numerous tabs, but for this example I will just focus on two work sheets. First work sheet I have columns A,B and C populated across serveral rows. Second work sheet I have the same columns however in each...
  16. G

    how to limit rows and columns with VBA?

    I have several sheets that have hidden rows and columns but on occasion I need to unhide them. This usually results in a freeze/crash of the sheet due to the volume of columns being unhidden. How can I limit the number of both rows and columns to something like 15 and 50, respectively?
  17. M

    Consolidate Rows Question

    Hello- Hopefully an easy question. Have a large dataset where there are two rows for each Group & Category. Is there's a way to consolidate as in the example below? ABCD1Current2GroupCategoryBaseline_CountFollow-up_Count3Age Group65 to 69 years254Age Group65 to 69 years275Age Group70 to 74...
  18. Jyggalag

    Please help me wrap up my IndexMatch formula (90% done)

    Dear all, I am currently having some issues with a mix of IFERROR, INDEX, MATCH and TRANSPOSE and ROWS formula in Excel: I have the current sheet of data: The formula and the data links to this test sheet of data: Now I have done about 90% of the work (I hope), seen as my...
  19. E

    Hide - Unhide

    Hello All: Looking for some VBA to do the following: I am routinely hiding and unhiding rows 5 through 15 on a number of worksheets in one workbook. Would like some code that when run would hide the rows if unhidden -THEN- unhide the rows if hidden. Will assign to a button thereafter. Thank...
  20. A

    Looping file range

    Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to do this properly, but making functional loops seems to be my VBA Kryptonite. I have this code: Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Sheets("Summary").Range("A1").Value = FEP.TextBox1.Value AllBanks End Sub that takes the number entered into the...

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