runtime 9 error

  1. 9

    Copy Data From Two Source Workbooks Into Master Workbook-and getting subscript out range error

    Hi, I have three workbooks located in a directory on my desktop. The master workbook is called MyCopyCode and it has a tab called Combo that I am trying to pull data in from two other source workbooks which are located in the same directory. In each of the source workbooks, the data is...
  2. Z

    Subscript out of Range every time?

    I keep getting a "subscript out of range" error on the If statement. I've tried changing the start index to 0 and 1 and it still had this error. Sorry the codes messy, part of the reason I've been messing around with a lot of different ways to declare the array. I'm trying to alter values of...
  3. B

    Subscript out of range runtime error '9'

    I am have some trouble with selecting ranges. its a bit of a scenario- I have one Master workbook with multiple sheets -I am trying to import other workbooks' data into the master sheet in its respective sheet --I have multiple sub workbooks or sub Master workbooks with identical sheets...
  4. G

    Run time error 9 - Subscript Out of Range Error

    I use Excel 2016 Office 365 and I have been trying to fix why my code has a Run time error 9 - Subscript Out of Range Error on this line of code: ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(i, "A"), Cells(i, lastcoldest)).Interior.ColorIndex = RGB(255, 242, 204) I'm having the code to compare the data in column...
  5. A

    Run-time 9 - Subscript out of range

    Hello! I have an active sheet that is named the current date. I want to put into it the value of a specific cell from the worksheet named 2013. Specifically it is going to row 6, column 8 of this sheet. When I look at the VBA Project list, I see my worksheet as Sheet50 (2013). When I click...
  6. A

    Getting Run-time error '9' Subscript out of range on VBA script

    Hi there! Can someone please help me with the code below? I am simplely setting values from several worksheets to update into one (really copying). I get the "Run-time error '9' Subscript out of range on VBA script"on the lines that are 'not commented out'. The lines that are commented it out...
  7. N

    VBA - Unable to close open workbook

    Hello all, My VBA Code allows the user to choose a workbook to open. First they select the wb from the directory and then that wb is opened. the issue comes when the code tries to close the wb that was just opened. There becomes an error on the red text line. Any idea why this may be? The code...
  8. S

    How to use a variable in another sheet/workbook

    Hello everybody, I have been working on a task where I have to copy some data from cell A1 and A2 in sheet2 of a workbook to a macro that uses it later. I have declared some variable and the values present in sheet2, cell A1 & A2 is assigned to them. But it gives me "Runtime error 9 : Script...
  9. K

    VBA Runtime '9' Error when Doing file Save as

    I have a 3 Macros in a workbook that are pulling tabs, pasting the information as values, auto populating the file name, and saving the file to same file path. All three are identical, except for the tabs that are pulled from the file. I continue to get a runtime '9' error when it gets to the...
  10. B

    Runtime error 9, but only with larger data set

    I have a macro that works when I have a data set that is about 1,500 rows or less. When I run the marcro on a data set with 2,000+ rows, I get the error 'Runtime error 9: Subscript out of range.' It errors on this line: l = Sheets(CStr(y)).Cells(Rows.Count, "O").End(xlUp).Row + 1 Any...
  11. R

    Runtime Error '9' Subscript out of Range

    Hi all, I have ben creating a macro for a client and when i fun it i get the error listed in the title of this thread. When i go to debug it the highlighted part is Windows("AZ Passengers on a Plane 15-01-2013.xls").Activate Does anyone have any ideas in how to resolve this issue. it would...
  12. G

    VB6 - runtime error when displaying form

    I have a worksheet with a button that links to a form. When i click this i get the 'runtime error 9 - subscript out of range' When i debug it highlights: in the connected module. This has all worked fine for a number of weeks so I am stumped as to why it would stop now. Even...
  13. A

    Help solving Run Time error 9

    Hi folks I have a macro, that when called will look through column 1 in sheet 2 and compare the text to column 1 sheet 1. If they match it will select the cell 2 to the left in sheet 1 and try and follow the filepath of the hyperlink in that cell. My code is: Sub Importselect() Dim a As...
  14. V

    Intermittent Run-time Error 9

    I'm still new and learning VBA, so please be gentle. I have (attempted) to write a code so that a user can input information on a tab, hit submit, it will transfer the information to the 2nd tab and clear the info from the first tab. Also, the 2nd tab is locked so that the information cannot...

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