runtime error 424

  1. D

    Runtime error 424 Object Required

    Hello, A "double click" on any of the cells in Column B "Trip" launches a routine which produces the following error at present. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Trip Order No. Issue Detail 31/08/2019 60A 1 Issue 1 blah blah blah 31/08/2019 39B 2 Issue 2 blah...
  2. P

    Need Help Looking for errors

    Hello Everyone, I cant seem to find what is cauing my error.. I s a simpl code to on a file in the foldercopy a column ofdata nd pase in thedestination file on the next open column. Can someone help, maybe Ijus need more sleep, becaue I antsee it. Sub LoopThroughDirectory() Dim MyFile As...
  3. cvincent

    VBA to Search Column, Cut & Move Specified Cells

    I am using Excel 2010, and when I download data into Excel, the Totals Row doesn't line up with the rest of the data. The totals row ends up in Column A, while the data starts in Column B. I am therefore trying to create a macro that will search Column A for the word "Range", then select that...
  4. J

    Runtime error '424' driving me nuts!!

    Please, I so need your help! The error appears when i do the set w thing! I am kind of a beginner so can you kindly help me? Sub Datas() Dim w As Range Dim t As Long Dim i As Long t = Sheets("Crono").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row For i = 8 To t Set w = Sheets("Projetos...
  5. E

    Runtime error 424 on vba if else

    Hi All, I'm getting runtime error 424 Object not found on the following vba Sub Macro2() ' ' Macro2 Macro ' ' If ws.input("C3") = "Y" Then Sheets(Array("1.02", "1.04")).Select ElseIf ws.input("C4") = "Y" Then Sheets(Array("1.03")).Select Sheets("1.04").Activate...
  6. Pinaceous

    Object required (Error 424)

    Hi All; I'm running a master macro in concert with a series of macros for an executed function. When the macro is executed the user then goes to the sheet to input their data and as soon as they input their data into its cell and presses 'enter' Excel provides a runtime 'Object required (Error...
  7. G

    VBA - Object required error after webpage sign in

    I am having problems with this code which extracts solar data from a public website that requires a registration and login. The situation is as follows: 1. The code navigates to the website successfully, enters the usercode and password, and logs in. Logging in results in a total change...
  8. dmqueen

    Count Listbox items to Convert to Uppercase

    Good Morning, I have two listboxes that are dynamically populated at runtime so the user can add items. I want to add an Uppercase converserion to the text before these items are displayed Since the number of items can e different every time. I'm trying to use listbox.Itemscount as my loop max...
  9. I

    VBA Runtime Error 424 Object Required - I think I must just be stupid

    I keep getting an error and don't really know what it means or how to fix it. I have spent a couple of hours trying to debug this and finally have to admit I'm stuck. I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks. Bob Sub CheckForBlanks(Optional HasABlank) ' The goal of this subroutine...
  10. P

    Object required error

    Hell o, I'm getting this object required error, which I do not know what it means exactly. The code I'm running is shown below: Dim TestYear As Long, TestMonth As Long, TestDay As Long, TestDate As Date TestDay = Day(TestDate) TestMonth = Month(TestDate) TestYear = Year(TestDate)...
  11. Y

    Hiding and Unhiding command buttons

    Hi there, I'm trying to write a macro that will hide a macro, and unhide another in the same script. Basically, what happens is when i click a certain command button, it calls a couple of other macros(one of which defines the save name, and saves the workbook, then wipes the workbook apart...
  12. A

    Runtime error 424, Object required - while populating ComboBoxes

    Hello Everyone, I have 2 Activex ComboBoxes on a sheet and I am trying to populate the range in the 2nd combobox based on the value in the first combobox. Here is my code. But whenever I run it, I get the following error: "Runtime error 424, Object required" .. Please Help! Note: Linked...
  13. I

    Object Required (RunTimeError = 424)

    Sub chk() Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Query3", dbOpenDynaset) If rs.RecordCount = 0 Or rs.Fields(Format("maxof_EndDateTime", YYYYMMDD").Value) <> Format(Now(), "YYYYMMDD") Then '03/12/09 add the new check if date is not equal to today's date 'Not completed yet...
  14. R

    runtime error 424

    Hi - im new to this forum and im not great with code but i've been trying to figure this error out for days now and im about to lose it! Recorded a macro to create a pivot table and paste as values into a new workbook. Keeps giving me a runtime error 424 Object required message. Changed color...

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