1. X

    How to spread a Target number into months by Historical Seasonality?

    Hi Community, I have month-wise data for the last 4 years and I have the overall year target for the current year. I am asking you to review whether my approach to dividing this target between the months is logical. Please feel free to add your approach on how to best do this. At first, I...
  2. J

    Power Pivot/DAX: Problem with Like for Like Sales Figure

    I am trying to build a DAX measure in a Power Pivot to show the Like for Like sales figure (LFL). LFL is simply a measure to show the sales if the customer also had sales during the same period last year. I can not get any figures at all for this, and this is due to the previous year not...
  3. J

    Count # of days listed for month/year

    Hi! I have column A:A as date (dd/mm/yyyy) from Sales entry*, column B:B as amount and D1 through D12 are months & years (11/2018, 12/2018, 01/2019, 02/2019....) How do I calculate the sales entry by month and year in column D? *Note: No sales entry date if the amount is 0 or store is closed...
  4. E

    Finding cash sales for specific cashier question

    Hello and thank you in advance for the help. How can I accomplish this with a formula. Here's the situation. In my spreadsheet column A shows the cashier ID and column C is supposed to show the cash sales for the cashier. Over to the right on the same spreadsheet column J shows the different...
  5. L

    Same Store Sales Analysis using Measures

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but have spent a lot of time reading through other's posts, which are often very helpful. I haven't found a definitive answer to the following question and hoping you all might be able to provide some guidance. I am pretty new to Power Pivot - thank you in...
  6. L

    Power Query Transforming Column with Actual and Budget Amounts

    I have the following three columns of data in Power Query that looks like this: Category...……….Month...……..............Amount Sales...…………….Jan Actual...……………......$100 Sales...…………….Jan Budget...................$90 Sales................Feb Actual....................$200...
  7. M

    Database totals as I select filter

    Hi all, Got a quick question whether its possible to include totals in my database according to the drop-down I select. I currently have a database that have 4 different variables and another tab that brings me a P&L view using sumifs according to the chosen variables. There's a drop-down...
  8. C

    Find Values in a Column with VLOOKUPS in It

    Hi All, I have a column that has 1,000 rows in it. Each cell in the column has a VLOOKUP function in it. When I search in that column I get an error telling me it can't find what I'm looking for. For example if "Sales" was the result of one of the VLOOKUPS in the column and I do a Control F and...
  9. H

    Sum Total of Date Range in Pivot Table

    I want total sales for each sku in a specific date range. But what I get is daily sales excluding the daily sales that are not in the date range. So I then group the daily sales into years, so that I only get the total yearly sales for each item, and I get this. <colgroup><col style="width...
  10. G

    Conditional Format with Search and Days

    Hello, I'm attempting to add conditional formatting to a sheet. The Conditional Format is based on: 1) Column A contains the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 30 2) Column A does not contain the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 90 I attempted to build out the formula, but it does not work as...
  11. J

    Need a tier based commission calculating formula

    For a company, a salesperson gets paid the following way entirely in commission: 11% on all sales up to $100,000 12% on all sales $100,001 - 175,000 13% on all sales $175,001 - 250,000 14% on all sales $250,001 - 375,000 15% on all sales $375,001+
  12. T

    Excel 2010 Charts Question

    Hi, I a trying to create a 2-d column chart that has a secondary axis on the right hand side to show percentages using the data below Sales Success Rate Pre Launch 20000 15% Post Launch 30000 20% I want to see...
  13. G

    Extracting Data from a Larger Body of Data

    Hi, I have monthly sales data going back 20 years for a long list of products, arranged as: Column A: Product Codes Column B: Product Names Column C: Currency Codes of Sales (e.g. USD) Column D: Month-end Dates Column E: Monthly Sales Growth Rates Column F: Month-end Sales Values So, for...
  14. C

    Sum of Data based on today's month

    Hello Everyone, I have a row of sales data by month and I want to compare the sum of that row with the sum of another row of data from the same date range (ie: April-Sept 2019 total sales to April-Sept 2018 total sales), and then I want the formula to update the range of the sum when we record...
  15. N

    Macro to Combine Data from Different Columns

    I have a large sales data report containing severalgroups of customers. I would like to automatically generate individual usagereports (separate files so not by tab) from this large file for each groupevery month and save them separately on a shared drive. I would like to also have each...
  16. A

    Sum data range if a cell in the column is blank

    Hi I have a long list of data with 10 groups, I need to sum each group when the column next to it is blank. It works fine to me when a pivot table is used but some of the sales guys don't like it. I wonder if there is a formula or macro code I can use. An example of the data range is as...
  17. D

    Weekly Team and Individual Leaderboard

    Hello, I'm lost (per usual) and have searched long enough that I'm starting to go insane so my next step is to post my questions here. Our sales team is needing/wanting a leader board to not only monitor and display the individual sales but also the team (groups of 4 people) sales. So every...
  18. D

    Sales from days of this month vs same quantity of days same month last year.

    Hello, first of all thanks for your help. What I want to do is to compare the cumulative sales from working days since first of the month to current date vs the sales of the same quantity of working days same month last year. Lets say today is September 4, 2019 and we work from Monday to...
  19. N

    From API workbook to sales workbook. Automating a sales sheet.

    Hi all, I am attempting to automate my sales info per product order. I am using two workbooks. One workbook is static, pulling info from a marketplace website via APIs. The other workbook is created for each product order. It contains product manifest and product sales sheets. I...
  20. S

    Running total by hour

    Hi, i'm trying to build a running total by hour. I have a power pivot CUBE formula for the time: =IFERROR(CUBEMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[TIME].[TIME].&[1899-12-30T10:00:00]"),"") And what i need is to see the total up to this hour. I'm pulling in last years values. If the hour is after...
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