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    All Userform data to same cell on sheet

    I’m new to VBA/Excel Coding and I am trying to do the following… When I click on a cell on the CALENDAR sheet the userform opens automatically and I fill it out. What I want to do now is, when I click OK on the userform, I want all of the data to go into the same single cell I selected to open...
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    Macro/VBA to Copy and Paste cells in same location

    I need to make a macro/write a VBA code to select from a range of cells, say H8:AQ117, all cell values greater than 1, and then copy and paste them (paste Value only) at the same location without their formula as I want those particular cells to remain unaltered as I change the values at their...
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    Formula Needed for: FIND "YES" and Return in same cell as YES

    Hi MrExcel Community, See below for a sample of data that I need to extract information into a searchable database. All of the information is provided in both columns and rows. I'd like to create TABLE 1 into TABLE 2. What's most frustrating is identifying project type by finding the YES and...
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    Return longest string within cell

    Hello Mr.Excel, I need a way to return the longest string within a cell. (number of characters) However, it should count strings based on line breaks within the cell. For example, == This is an example of text within one cell. == The above should return the value "24" Thanks!! Mike
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    Data Input - Same Cell Across Multiple Sheets

    MrExcel Forum, I have a question I was hoping someone here could help me answer. Is there a way for me to input data into the same cell across different workbooks, similar to how you would for selecting multiple sheets and adding a value in a cell (i.e., typing 5 in selected cell A2, on sheet...
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    VLOOKUP and Data Validation in same cell

    Hello! I have a data validation list in cell A2 with four options. They correspond with one of four responses and are presented with a VLOOKUP function in cell B2. Although choosing one of the four options in cell A2 provide a "preferred" VLOOKUP response in cell B2, this response is not...
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    Formula to add a percentage to the same cell.

    Greetings, I have a question. So I have this excel file with a row with many prices, and I'm asked to add each cell in that row an additional 3% of its original value. I was thinking in adding one row, so the previous row would be named "Original prices" (or something like that) and the...
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    How to use the cell selected by an inputbox and use it to loop through all files/workbooks

    Hello, I am attempting to figure out how to prompt the user to type in the cell label he/she wants from an inputbox and then automatically use that same cell address in all the files I want to loop through. I want to prompt the user only once, and not every time the code loops through each...
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    Look Up Same Cell Number from Different Worksheets

    I have file that has a daily report on a different worksheet. I'm trying to create a summary report for all the worksheets. How do I create a formula to lookup values on the same cell number but on different worksheets? I don't want to edit each formula to change the worksheet name since it...
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    How to create a workbook with presaved macros

    Hi All, I am creating a VBA application, I'm faced with a problem that is-- When a ever i create a new workbook, i am unable to get macros with which it has been created.. Plz provide me the solution... Thanks In Advance :)
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    How to use LOWER and SUBSTITUTE in the same cell?

    Hi all, I'm trying to make this: "Sly Fox" into this "sly-fox" using lower and substitute in one cell however I can only get one to work. Can someone help me with this? Thanks

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