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  1. K

    Save and close an active workbook with VBA

    Hello everyone, I have a macro that opens another excel file, makeschanges in that file and should then save and close the document. Currently I am using this line of code for saving and closing the document: WB2.Close SaveChanges:=True By using this code it is doing save as meaning it opens...
  2. T

    Save and Close workbook at a certain time

    Hi Mr. Excel Friends, I want to have my workbook save and close certain times in the day. I have tried inputting this code in the "This Workbook" object: Sub Close_Workbook() Dim Wkb As Workbook If Time() = Time.Value("13:30:00") Then ThisWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True...
  3. C

    save and close after idle vba

    Hi all I’m looking for a vba-macro that will pop up a warning after 5 min inactivity and then save & close if still idle after 5 more min. Ideally the clock would restart after the pop up is close. Thanks in advance/ Office 2016 if it helps Cooky857
  4. C

    save and close after idle vba

    Hi all I’m looking for a vba-macro that will pop up a warning after 5 min inactivity and then save & close if still idle after 5 more min. Ideally the clock would restart after the pop up is close. Thanks in advance/ Office 2016 if it helps Cooky857
  5. B

    Error 91 when save and close workbook and stops making a backup file.

    Hello In my code to export a query to Excel, I am trying to adapt the code from Titleist23 to save and close the workbook and stops making a backup file. This is my code working fine to export a query...
  6. xytle

    Save Workbook to specific location and copy it as a new workbook

    Hi, I'm still new to VBA and can't figure this one out. I work with txt files that I open with Excel (2010 on Windows). I need to accomplish the following steps: 1. Save the workbook as xlsx file, to the same location where the txt file currently was. No name change is needed, just the file...
  7. M

    Save file with today date

    Hi All, I am new to excel Vba , Please help me with How to save the current excel file with today's date Minus one ? For example todays date is 11-11-12 i want to save file as 10-11-15 . And also i run three reports daily lets say i run A,B,C. A&B reports will run before 12 in night and C...
  8. C

    VBA Code to open multiple excel files in same folder and save them into ".XLSX" Format

    Hello All, I had an automated process that use to take all extracts from a system in ".XLS" format (A lot of quotes); however, the system I got them uploaded to is no longer accepting ".XLS" format, it only accepts ".XLSX" Format, the problem here is that IT does not want and will not invest...
  9. C

    Close the save dialogue without breaking my VBA

    Excel 2010 So I have some complex (to me) VBA code that I retrieved from here: from user Nirvana_. The code's purpose is to look through a directory of excel files, and...
  10. A

    Excel VBA: how to cut multiple rows and paste in a new file and save

    I have daily repetive tasks that need a VBA to help me out. I have a file which is updated daily, the excel file contains like: First Name|Last Name|Email| Password John| Lee | | blabla ...... So here are my tasks, when a client ask for like 100 accounts, I cut 100 accounts...
  11. C

    Saving and closing file without warnings

    Can anyone tell me the best way to do suppress all warnings when saving a file programatically? I'd like to suppress all warning dialogs. I've set "application.displayalerts" to false, but I've got a dialog that still pops up which halts code execution. The nature of this program is that it...
  12. B

    Save and Close Workbook

    Hello Everyone. I hope someone will be able to assist me with this issue. Each time I open my Ms Excel Workbook it shows the sheet it was on before it was closed. What I want to do is, on the click of a button, it will do three things: 1. save the file. 2. Return to a main page 3. Close the...
  13. C

    Save cell value in excel

    Hi All, I need a formula in excel to save a value in a cell A1, copy it from cell B1, but the value in B1 is always changing.:( I need it to be fix in cell A1. Regards, Kai
  14. D

    VBA Close workbook without saving message box

    Hi all, I am trying to close a workbook that I have just copied data from and I don’t want to receive the “do I want to close without saving” message. The section of code in question currently looks like this: ' Close customer workbook customerWorkbook.Activate...
  15. H

    VBA Code to Access "File Download" dialog box and procced with Save option

    Hi All, Can anyone help me to complete my code (Excel VBA) to automatically process a File Download dialog from Internet Explorer. I want to click "Save" which will produce the "Save As" dialog. Then file name should access from A1 cell and should get save in C:\Temp\ and click "Save" again...
  16. L

    Excel Crashes on Save after Macro Runs

    Hello All, I am reposting this question as it has been two days without a response. My macro runs start to finish with no problem, but after it is done running it always crashes Excel (2007) when I try to save the file containing the macro. I get the below error details. Problem...
  17. E

    User must fill in certain cells from a range before being able to save

    Hi, This is a follow up to a thread I've read here about values being entered into cells before being able to save the excel file. The solution here is fine for one cell, but what I am trying to...
  18. B

    VBA File crashes when closing after save every time on 2007 only

    Good morning, I have created a form with serveral userforms. Essentially it performs a costing calculation then gives the user the option to log the results in a table on the same page, looking for the next available empty row. Nothing in the code asks to save or close the workbook at any...
  19. Z

    to copy data from sales receipt worksheet onto next column of sales summary worksheet

    :( Hello. I am trying to copy data from a 'sales receipt' worksheet onto the next available column of my 'sales summary' worksheet, then close both while saving the 'sales receipt' worksheet changes into a specified folder ("C:\My Documents\Sales Receipts") as a new file named by the value in I6...
  20. A

    Close workbook at certain sheet count

    Hi all I have a macro which imports text files to new sheets, but to stop the file from becoming too large, I want it to stop the import macro when the sheet count reaches 8, then open a new file and restart it. Heres my current code Sub Selection() Set Rng = Tabelle2.Range("A3:A65536") Dim b...

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