1. M

    vba to retrieve dynamic username for file save

    Hello and thanks for reading! I have a spreadsheet that is saved on multiple users desktop. The issue is i don't (and won't) know who the users are. On the sheet there is a command button that will save it to a folder also on their desktop. This folder ("Finished Work") will have the same...
  2. R

    SaveAs method not actually saving, wrong sheets being deleted (1004 Error)

    Option Explicit Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ws2 As Worksheet Dim rng As Range Dim r As Long Dim i As Long Dim er As Long Dim c As Range Dim sht As Object Dim wb2 As Workbook Dim fname As String Dim fpath As String Sub printshts() Set wb = ThisWorkbook Set ws =...
  3. D

    Trying to Create Folder and Save to Folder based on cell values

    Hello, I am trying to create a folder in the existing (same as current workbook) directory. I want this folder to be named according to a cell reference. I am then trying to save the workbook to the directory. When saving, I want the filename to be based off cell references as well. Currently...
  4. C

    Saving problem

    I have an excel application that runs 24/24. During the day, there is a cycle that is run every 10 minutes. After that cycle, it is saved with the save command. For several weeks now, when saving, we have been getting a message on the screen every now and then saying that the file does not exist...
  5. N

    Code for Command Button - error message when other button not yet clicked

    Hello, i do have a file with two command buttons. Command Button 1 does check some fields and then save the file. Command button 2 does send the saved file attached to an email. I would now need a code that doesn't allow command button 2 to be pressed if the file wasn't saved (so if command...
  6. F

    Excel Save/Save As dialog

    Is there a setting that when you Save or Save As, the left part of the dialog default scroll is at the top, see image (1). Normally it defaults somewhere lower and you have to keep scrolling up, see image (2). (1) (2)
  7. M

    VBA Save file in dd.month format

    Hi there, I'm just trying to ammend my code so that it will save the file depending on the date i.e most of my file locations are saved as: 01.January 02.February 03.March Etc. currently my code saves it in/ or creates the folder 'March' but i just need to add the date number before the month...
  8. L

    Userform with path to sharepoint and copy pdf file to my folder

    Hello, I've got an issue with FIleCopy command in VBA. I always used this when i wanted to copy/paste some file from one folder to another. (but it was local or based on the server). Unfortunately at that moment i have to wokr with onedrive solution. I need to build some file (or rather wanna...
  9. Bookmark pivot table Layout

    I have a pivot table connected to a data model and I keep changing its shape according to my needs, it would be helpful to have a way of bookmarking a certain layout an putting in a name instead of duplicating the pivot table tab and having a dozen of duplicated tabs, will the spreadsheet get...
  10. M

    Vba - Save .txt file in Excel format, while keeping the orginal name?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to add a ''save'' function at the end of my macro to save my file in Excel format (originally a .txt file), while keeping the same name the .txt had. I was able to either do one or the other (Excel file that didn't retain the original name, or text file with the...
  11. T

    Save As under specific File Name

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a copy of a file and then save it by using certain text/values within a workbook. The first value is text and the second value is the date but it needs to be in the format "yymmdd". The file should be written as so "SXB220620" Can anyone help? Sub...
  12. K

    Run Macro on Open

    Hi all, I've got the below macro, if I run it once, then the timer starts and it will keep saving every 10mins but unless I first run the macro, the timer doesn't seem to start. How do I set it so the macro either runs straight away when opened (and so kick starts the timer) or start the timer...
  13. R

    Copy all sheets to new workbook without formulas and macros

    Hi All, I want to copy my whole workbook (xlsm) with formulas and macros to a whole new excel file (xlsx) without any formula and macro. I've found the script below on internet and works fine but is for 1 certain sheet. How can i include multiple sheets and copy this to the new workbook? It is...
  14. G

    Copy all the data from one specific sheet, paste and save that on a new workbook which as to be save in csv on a specific folder path - VBA

    Hello, I'm new to vba, i saw a post when i was researching to: how to copy all the details from one sheet, copy this and save it in csv format on a specific folder. Then luckily I saw the code @Georgiboy posted and tested it: Sub Print_Test() Dim FSO As Object Dim TextFile As Object Dim rCell...
  15. E

    How to stop Excel's "Save As" function from defaulting to Text (Tab) on XLS files?

    So whenever I attempt to save a fresh excel file, it will have my default save as option as XLSX. But I frequently have to download XLS files and then edit them. Whenever I finish I go to save as, and it tries to save it as a text (tab delim) file every single time. I have checked and confirmed...
  16. S

    How to avoid save error in shared workbook

    Hi. I have a sheet that multiple people will work in to update a worklist. I've got around the issue of updates being 'posted' to a hidden sheet overwriting the same line if two people do it at the same, but I'm also getting it to save as part of the update code, so it's immediately available...
  17. R

    Save excel file based on a cell condition

    I want to be able to save an excel file, only when specific data have been entered I can create an if(and( formula to validate the input that is required, and place the result “1” in cell A1. If cell A1 is 1, the file can be saved, (not save as). If cell A1 is ‘0’, a message should appear...
  18. P

    VBA, iterate over filtered table and use values

    I would like to filter my table, then use a macro to go over every ID that is still visible, past this on the form of the next sheet and print that sheet. I made the following piece of code and it works as I want it too. I opened the file to day and tried to save it but I couldn't save it. So, I...
  19. E

    Save on close

    I have a macro-enabled workbook which is read-only (data is recorded on the workbook through the use of macros). I need it to automatically save when closed. The following code saves the workbook on closing but it doesn't save the data recorded by the macros. Private Sub...
  20. J

    Display information in second form

    Hi, me again, Sorry for ask many question, I am new in vba excel. I have a form, this form allows you to look for a person (probably I have many people named David), in case you have many registers with one name (but different last name) you can pick wich register you want to update. once...

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