1. M

    Date Formatter Macro

    Hello, I would like to create a date formatter macro that can be used in multiple worddocuments. I need the macro to do threethings: Take a highlighted short date like 6/17/19and convert it to the long date Monday, June 17, 2019; Have a shortcut key attached (such asCtrl+Shift+D); and I...
  2. H

    Excel workbook automaticly goes to certain sheet

    Quick question. When I open my shared workbook on work it automaticly goes to a certain sheet even when I saved it on another sheet. How is this possible? Thanks in advanced!
  3. gheyman

    Access: Saved Import

    I have a saved import that I want to run using VBA instead of the ribbon (because I have other actions I want to happen while with the import (First I am deleting the records in the table where I am importing) My import name is Import_ModelGeneralvluItem I cant find it on the internet. Any...
  4. A

    Capitalized File Extension???? Why and How to Change from ".XLSX" to ".xlsx"

    I have an excel file that is saved with a capitalized extension, "XLSX". I've tried to resave the file with a lowercase "xlsx" extension, but I am unable to do so. I've checked in the options and settings, and searched online for an explanation, but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me when and...
  5. M

    ACCESS : Import last saved record of particular Name from access database to excel userform

    HI I want to Import last saved record of particular Name from access database to excel userform. It give me the first record saved for particular name. (FIFO) I want to import using LIFO method/ code please help Regards Manish
  6. M

    Excel Template with Command Buttons

    Hi all, Just starting out with Macro and recording (not yet moved on to VAB and coding) and have got stuck / cant locate any advise on the following. I have created a 'Quotation' template with Macro command buttons to generate formatted pivot table and open a Word document for emailing. These...
  7. M

    Workbook close help. Check to see if saved as a file name

    I want my workbook to save as two cell ranges when it closes, and if it is already named that, then to just normally save and close. Example In range D1 it has Joe Dirt In range G1 it has 123456 I want to be able to close the workbook and have it save as JoeDirt123456 Once that workbook is...
  8. K

    Save PDF as Activesheet name cell value

    Hi, Can someone help me change this recorded macro to save the pdf file name. Instead of test I want the file saved as the Worksheet Name and the value of B2. So it might be DeptA 201917, or DeptB 201918 as examples. ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _...
  9. B

    BeforeSave event causes bypass of workbook save

    Hello, I'm trying to create a BeforeSave macro that is triggered when the workbook is saved that exports a pdf copy of the worksheet to a network location. The problem that I am having is that the macro seems to be bypassing the actual save function. I get the desired pdf copy but the actual...
  10. A

    embed saved image to gmail body

    HI, I want to embed saved image in Gmail body. I saved excel range as image. But I could not embed saved image into Gmail. Please go through the code. help me to solve this issue. Sub idea_Mail()Dim i, lr1, l As Long Dim ws, sh, sht As Worksheet Dim wbk, bk As Workbook Dim folder, pw, dt...
  11. M

    excel spreadsheet not allowing to save anymore

    Help! I have a running budget spreadsheet that goes back for 2 years. Yesterday I used it and saved it. Today I went to add some info and it won't let me save it. How do I get it to save again???
  12. D

    Excel formatting in SharePoint

    I am now required to save all of my Excel files in SharePoint, but SharePoint does not seem to allow me to show more than one colour fill in each cell. If I show a gradient mixture of colours (say Amber/Red) in an Excel cell, when it is saved into SharePoint one of the colours disappears. Is...
  13. D

    VBA Code to Save a WorkSheet to a New File Using Cell Ranges to define Sheet and File

    Hi there, I hope this request finds you well and in super fine spirits today ;-). I have searched through the archive and see that there are plenty of excellent solutions but not one that fits all my requirements (i'm just such a control freak!). This is my first request so apologies if...
  14. C

    Save tabs in new worksheets depending on name of tabs

    Hi, I have multiple tabs on a worksheet, and I want each individual tab to be saved in a location depending on the name of the tab. The actual name of the file would be the tab name, plus the contents of cell A1. So for example, if the tab is called "Bananas" and has "1234" in cell A1, the...
  15. K

    Workbook won't open but if another person opens it and save it it will open

    Hello, I have this excel file that is in a shared drive, sometime this file will not open or will crash trying to open, but when another co-worker opens the file (yes they can open it) and saved the file with another name then it will work for me. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks!
  16. M

    Link Merged cells

    Can I link data from a merged cells to single cell and Can I link dates from two different merged cells to one cell. Example I - data 12/12/2018 saved in the merged cell A1,A2 and A3. want to link the data in cell E1- 12/12/2018 Example ii - Data 1/1/2019 saved in the merge cell B1,B2 and...
  17. gheyman

    Access: Saved Exports

    I exported data to excel and while doing so it asked me if I wanted to save the steps, which I did. I would like to add a button to a report to run that saved export. Is there a way to do that? There are many users and a button on a form is easier than trying to teach everyone to use the Ribbon.
  18. G

    filename.xlsm is locked for editing by 'another user'

    I have issued a workbook which has worked well for some years. It is stored on a server and every time someone tries to open the files they get the above message, plus the option to open 'Read-Only' or click 'Notify', etc. This is not an intermittent problem, but it affects only this file...
  19. W

    Mail merge xls/csv crash?

    Hello, I'm doing a mail merge from a spreadsheet to word. When I select the spreadsheet via word it only works if the spreadsheet is saved as a csv. If the spreadsheet is saved as an xls when I try and load the list of recipients from word, word crashes. I've got no idea why. Any ideas? Thanks!
  20. A

    VB Code to save pdf file with different name like (1) (2)

    Dear Sir, I am using following code link with button, when it click, it save the file with cell value. I want if the file already exist in folder, it should not replace the file, instead it saved it with extension like 123(1) Sub PDFActiveSheet() ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat...

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