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    Saving data from textbox to specific folder without dialog as .txt

    Hi. I am trying to save information within a textbox, to a .txt file, to a spesific folder, without using dialog (this button shall basicly autosave the information within the textbox to a folder, with only saying something like "Submitted" when its done) I have only used...
  2. D

    Publishing a spreadsheet

    Is there a way to publish an excel document so that you can still interact with it, not just saving as a pdf?
  3. L

    If cell is Empty!

    Hi all, I am trying to check for all sheets if specific call E10 is empty and it prevents user from saving. Currently it is only working on the sheet that i am on. It does not work on the others, i want to make it that it checks all check for a specific cell before saving. This is currently...
  4. J

    Excel 365 Version Saving

    Hi I would like to disable version saving in the current Excel product. This feature has caused me issues. For instance: If I want to open an Excel spreadsheet and work within it without altering the file, I do not want to have to search through versions/dates to find where I started to revert...
  5. M

    VBA Disabling 'Saving As' Popup

    How do I disable the popup that says Excel is "SAVING AS" with the bar that shows % complete? Application.DisplayAlerts = False doesn't seem to help. Application.DisplayAlerts = False ThisWorkbook.Save txtdate = Format(Now, "mm") & "." & Format(Now, "dd") & "." & Format(Now, "yy")...
  6. C

    Saving Read Only

    I have a file that I am using as a template for divisions to retrieve productivity report. So when user opens (Read only), he then logs in and their particular division(s) data will open. Since it is read only. I t prevents people from saving over the file so all can use as a template and I...
  7. J

    This code for saving worksheet is very slow

    Hi, This code I have to add new workbook > copy data from active sheet to Sheet1 of new workbook then save runs slow. Private Sub SaveSheet() Dim WB1 As Workbook, WB2 As Workbook Dim WS1 As Worksheet, WS2 As Worksheet NUMBERA = Sheets("Main").TextBox1.Value LR = Range("A65000").End(xlUp).Row...
  8. C

    Saving a Workbook using a variable to name it

    Hi I copy a range from one workbook, then creating a new book to save this data in. I’m trying to save this newly created workbook to a directory and name the workbook as a value of a range in that newly created workbook. That is range(“G1”) which is a date in Excel numeric (43735). My code for...
  9. O

    Excel is creating very large files

    I just went from 2010 to 2016 and have some programs that I created a few years back and they are all from 950kb to 1400kb and are all macro enabled worksheets. I just finished a new one in 2016 almost the same thing but with less sheets and macros but now find that is saving at 81,147kb and...
  10. Z

    Need to add todays date everytime i save file

    ChDir "C:\Users\frank\Desktop\OCIP" ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:\Users\frank\Desktop\OCIP\LCP.xlsx", _ The file I am saving is called LCP. I would like it to be saved different every time with today's date on it every time I save it. Something like this LCP - 08-23-2019 Also if it...
  11. D

    Saving a "Sort"

    I have a standard report which I need to sort in the same way everytime. Is there a way to save the "sort" sequence and apply instead of re-creating each time? Thanks in advance!
  12. D

    Overwrite Warning Not Showing Up

    Folks, I wrote some VBA code to save files with a certain naming convention. However, the overwrite warning is not showing up and I would like it to. Below is my code. Thanks! 'save as dialog Dim fname As String fname = "Wafer " & WID & ".Ellpis." & ReadType & "." &...
  13. H

    VBA Saving excel with some constrains

    Dear All, I have seen the great value of this website I'm not really experience with VBAbut relaying too much on MREXCEL i'm adding a code to for a button on the excel so when you click on it It should openthe saving as box with a specific name reading form a cell I found the acode but my...
  14. C

    Saving a worksheet in a new workbook as values only?

    Hi everyone Really hope a genius could help me :) I'm using the code below in a command button to save a particular worksheet in a new workbook, however I am trying to achieve 2 things, please could someone help me? 1) How do I only paste as values only but while also retaining the formatting...
  15. P

    Hanging, Not Responding

    I'm sure you've seen this subject before but I am pulling out my hair. Excel is getting worse and worse at hanging while I'm using it. I'm using Office 365 with a Windows 10 PC, stand-alone. I'm also using OneDrive and just a hunch that it is playing a part in what's going on. BUT it will also...
  16. J


    Hi all, Need your help here. I know how to create a form. Control T and such. But how can I customize the form. Make it bigger and color it. The form would be use to input data. Only completed data will be saved. But before saving, there will be a requirement to enter the next set of...
  17. A

    Saving Issues

    Hi all, Im not sure if this possible but any ideas would be amazing! I have a sheet that is used by a colleague of mine and she keeps accidently saving it in random places which breaks all of the external refs. Is there a way to set the sheet to only be able to be saved in one location? Im...
  18. A

    Multiple Excel Workbooks Open

    Working inExcel 2016 - I typically have anywhere between 5-9 workbooks open at one time,working in them all simultaneously. I amtrying to figure out how to not have them linked in a way where if I save one workbook that it doesn’t freeze up the other workbooks(showing the action of saving the...
  19. D

    Saving in Developer mode vs saving in spreadsheet

    Hi All, Just curious is there a difference in saving in Developer mode to saving in Workbook mode? The reason I ask is I was working on a (for me) complex VBA script and would meticulously click the "Save" button in Developer EVERY single time I made a change. I had to run an OS update (on my...
  20. T

    Enabling autosave when starting Excel

    It can be enabled manually with tools - autosave and then clicking the appropriate radio buttons. But you have to remember to do it, and it lasts only until you quit Excel. Is there a way of having it turned on permanently, or of enabling it by using VBA? I tried recording a macro but it gave me...

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