1. T

    Break even formula for a minimum value

    Hi everyone, I have the following table with two different adjusters: X and Y. A3, B3, C3 are all fixed values and D3 and E3 are input variables. Then, the Final Change (F3) is the following formula: =((B3+(C3*E3))+(A3*D3)) My goal is: figure out a formula to find out the minimum Assumption Y...
  2. D

    Combination of different cells

    Needed a help on an excel scenario I have a column of say 3 rows containing numbers, Say A, B, C I need to generate a formula / code to give me sum of all possible number combinations.i.e. A + B A + C B + C A + B + C My real life scenario has more than 3 rows (actually about 15 rows)
  3. S

    How would I go about determining all potential costs from each scenario to maybe index the invoice and see if there is a match?

    I was given tens of thousands of bills charged to customers. I am trying to determine if the bills are potentially accurate. The only data I have is the actual bill itself. Here's where things get complicated. There are four scenarios, each with their own nuances: Scenario 1 Nuances: 1. Base Fee...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Using Join Function to build dynamic Sum Formula - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I am working on a project and head a road block with some code, there is a super manual way to do this but I know that this can be done with some form of Join code I am just not that familiar with the best way to approach this. Here is my problem: I have a loop that runs down...
  5. J


    Hi, I need an assistance on VBA coding for my scenario. Though i am new to VBA learning, still i need some input from you. Scenario: I have data from Column "A" to "I" (lets assume 20 rows)and based on that i am doing vlookup in column J Jand i have the data (only one cell - "J1"). Now i want...
  6. L

    Formula for inventory scenario

    Need guidance with formula for inventory scenario Hi Team, Need your expertise with one formula... Scenario - I have 1700 no of boxes. each box has 12 packs/pieces inside. If I sold 75.4 (sometimes the boxes and decimal number will different as per the order) balance should be 1624.8 its by...
  7. B

    Smart Dropdown Functionality

    Is there any way I can do the following with a drop down list? If not please help me find a way around this! To start off I have a tab with different scenarios - let's say 3 - with an on/off filter for each. So Under each scenario I have a unique drop down list with options "on" and "off" If...
  8. H

    updating Scenario Manager Automatically

    I would like to know how to update the Scenario Manager automatically when the data changes
  9. S

    Adding a third scenario to a countifs formula

    I need your help adding a third scenario to this countifs formula: =COUNTIFS(Details!C:C,"Out of Compliance Contracts", Details!A:A,IF($C$5="Grand Total","?*",$C$5)) Need to add also if D:D,"CURRENT MONTH"
  10. N

    Drop down list loop, copy and paste updated values from a worksheet to a new workbook.

    Hi, I have never used VBA before. I am trying to automate a process for which I have created a simple example to get help. I have a drop down list in Sheet1, Cell "A3" with values 1, 2 and 3. The values in Sheet 2, Range B3:B5 forms accordingly. The formulas used in Sheet2 are as follows: B3...
  11. L

    scenario possibly need conditional formatting or pop up

    Hi I have scenario like the following: I do not want to allow 2 material to have same week (to be borrowed same week). I want to give a user an message saying he can not have that week because other device reserved that week. For example Device 10 is taken in week 4 then later device 200 is...
  12. Skybluekid

    Select Case Scenario

    Hi All, I am using a multiple Select Case Statement in vba. What I would like is if in the loop, it sees the word "Delete", then select the case Delete. In the case delete, I would like it to go straight back to the loop. Thanks in Advance
  13. E

    4 scenario if statement

    Hi there, I want to get a formula for 4 different scenarios. - Dog - Cat - Siamese Cat - Everything else - Ideally Id like to say if contains Dog or if contains cat do this, otherwise do that - Id still be happy with, if dog then do this, if cat then so this, if siamese cat then do this...
  14. G

    Showing different scenarios in Excel

    Hi, I am using If clauses to create 4 different scenarios for some modelling. My output is the total number of products for 2018, 2019, 2020, etc. Right now I can change a drop-down and I see the number of products changing in each year. I would like to somehow be able to create an output sheet...
  15. E

    VBA Scenario Copy/Paste

    Hello folks, My limited VBA knowledge is letting me down at a critical moment. I have 6 scenarios. These are controlled by a drop down list (rng_Option) and I want a macro to select each scenario and copy the results into another sheet. The range to be copied is I62:M76 (rng_Results) and I...
  16. T

    Change a cell based on the active "What-if" scenario name - preferably via formula

    I would like to change a cell based on the name of the active scenario in the "What-if" scenario manager. I would prefer to do this via a formula within the cell rather than VBA/macro coding. For example, to create a row label, or to make the value of the cell TRUE or FALSE based on the name...
  17. E

    Creating Scenario matrix

    I'm trying to create a scenario matrix for sequences of 4 constrained outputs. For each scenario below, I have a maximal number of laps completed by each rider (9), a minimum number completed by each rider (0.5) and the number of laps completed by each rider can vary in increments of 0.5. The...
  18. L

    scenario summary

    In scenario summery, excel would show cell reference not cell title. for example if I have in cell A1 = Loan, B1= 15000 In the scenario summery excel will show $B$1 1500 I was thinking if there is a way to replace $B$1 with word Loan automatically? I know I can do the report and change that...
  19. akhendre88

    How to split the Cell Content

    Hello, I receive an auto generated sheet every day in which multiple lines are combined in only one cell. Every line ends with either ' or ). My objective here is to get each line in different cell. How can I get this done? Will split() be useful in this scenario or is there any other way...
  20. R

    Table reference

    I've been using [@[column name]] as a relative cell reference in my excel sheet. Previously I could fill down the formulas and the results would be based on the values in the same row as the cell wherein the formula was placed. (first scenario) No columns where added in the meanwhile and the...

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