1. U

    Show date greater than today on schedule

    Best, I have an employee roster where I want to have dates filled in for a specific shift based on another sheet. Now Vlookup shows the first best match, however, the idea is that based on today's date these dates are filled in. In short: The particular person's schedule should be shown...
  2. Agnarr

    Employee Work Schedule

    Hello everyone. I would like to create a button which when pressed should Create 12 New Sheets, each named after a month (JANUARY, FEBRUARY, etc) and each sheet should have the same appearance modeled after this one...
  3. PhBarreto

    How to create work shifts based on these conditions?

    Hello guys! In an Excel spreadsheet, I have two sheets, 'Workers' and 'Shift'. I need one worker from each sector based on the 'Workers' sheet to be scheduled per week (52 weeks) if there is more than one. If there is only one consultant, he must be scheduled weekly, if not, I would like the...
  4. O

    Excel/VBA to conditionally send emails per schedule

    I am using Office 365 / Microsoft Forms to collect information from users within my organization (i.e. sign in is required to fill up the form). Let's say the goal is quality control, and a bunch of widgets are assigned to colleagues to test and rate. A specific widget (identified by...
  5. H

    Highlighting cells in 20 minute increments.

    I would like cell IJK3 highlight itself at 20:00 then IJK4 become highlighted at 20:20 and for IJK3 to go back to being not highlighted at 20:20. At 20:40 I would like IJK5 to become highlighted then IJK4 to go back to being not highlighted. At 21:00 I would like for IJK6 to be highlighted and...
  6. H

    Help with schedule, new excel user

    I'm looking to have row A highlight certain cells when a duplicate value is added into row I. Attached is what it looks like now I have taken off the date, I'm looking to learn excel better so if someone could post a formula that would do so and explain the values in the formula and what they do...
  7. H

    Help with a scheduling system

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that would turn a cell a certain color (the intricate part is I need it to read a code from another formula where the name that will be placed which will be in a different spot everyday will look up a certain code like AA. If the name does not have an AA beside...
  8. H

    New user working on an excel scheduling system.

    In excel I would like to enter a formula under the employee number column that when I enter an employee number it will auto populate the employee's name, position and skill code. All of these are on another sheet in the workbook Ie: employee number is column B, name is column C, position is...
  9. S

    Percentage of time worked

    Hi! This is my first post here and I am sorry if the question has already been asked and answered. Couldn't find anything for this. Anyways! I can't figure out how to get the % total of hours worked. The formula for total is: =SUM(L85:R85) ,for example. How do I make that into percent if a the...
  10. I

    Ongoing Schedule - Rotating Staff Leave (6 weeks on 2 weeks off rotation)

    Hi All, Majority of our staff work a rotation of 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off. We have multiple teams, that work multiple different schedules (Mon - Friday vs 3 -2-2 vs Tue - Sat, etc). This obviously does not change whether or not they are here. I can build the schedules as recurring and...
  11. R

    Calculating hours for a schedule

    Hi i am wondering if it is possible to calculate the hours worked in a day if the start time and end time are in the same cell in this format Example C D E 1 2 12th 13th 14th 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday 4 9:00-6:00...
  12. alm395

    Staffing Counts on Oddly Dated Schedule

    Hi, I am trying to help my area identify staffing counts on a schedule created before I came over. I have included a very consolidated version of it as an example as the full version is roughly 900 rows (06/06/20 - today). Basically, each section is a 5-week rotation, and each of the 5-week...
  13. E

    NBA Fantasy Spreadsheet formula to assign players to respective positions

    Hello there! I have an NBA Fantasy spreadsheet which I use for scheduling and analysis. There are 5 basic positions namely: PG (Point Guard), SG (Shooting Guard), SF (Small Forward), PF (Power Forward), C (Center). A player can have 1 or more designated positions. For example, Steph Curry is PG...
  14. G

    Google Sheet Schedule for Calling Clients

    Hi, I am using a simple google sheet that lets me schedule calls to clients after x number of days from a start date. Some dates fall on the weekends and I was wondering if there is a way for the date to adjust automatically to avoid a weekend. If the date falls on a Saturday, it would be...
  15. M

    Macro/VBA to add text from another cell into current cell when I type a certain value.

    I am creating a schedule within excel with days along the top, time down the left and activities populated in the table. The column headers/dates are not stored as dates, but as unique values based on our calender (e.g. Week 1 Mon, Week 1 Tue). I would like something that means if I type in...
  16. D

    📣 Is this even possible?!!! Convert one schedule layout to another

    Hello Everyone! I am a stage manager for a live entertainment production. I have implemented a new scheduling system called Virtual Callboard and am hitting a few obstacles with trying to convert the old system to the new one. When I create a draft schedule to send to managers to review before...
  17. R

    Employee Schedule Generator

    Ok just throwing it out there for all you experts as I am not one. I want to be able to randomly generate a schedule for my employees. Basics...Each employee works 4 days a week but not necessarily in a row and 1 of the 4 days must be a Sat or Sun but not both. Each day there are 2...
  18. P

    Golf Trip Pairings w/ No Repeats

    We have a 32-man golf trip that is split up into 2 teams of 16. We play 4 rounds. I am trying to come up with a schedule where everyone has a different partner all 4 rounds, and everyone will play against different people on the opposing team over the 4 rounds (8 in total), with no overlap or...
  19. T

    Dynamic Schedule Of Dates

    I work for a small company who manufactures kitchens in Oxfordshire. We work on the basis of being able to make 9 kitchen units per day, 4 days a week - so a kitchen that has a total of 27 units would take 3 days to complete. As there are many external factors that can delay or bring...
  20. R

    VBA overwrite table in sheet1 with table in sheet2

    I have a schedule in sheet1 and a schedule in sheet2. I want to "subtract" the table range in sheet2 with the table range in sheet1. Sheet2 is the "skeleton" of the schedule, and the determined values in specific cells. Sheet1 is the "skeleton table", just with cells added afterwards. So i want...

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