1. C

    Golf League Scheduling

    Hi everyone: I have looked through the message boards for solutions to my problem and I don't think I've found anything that quite fits. Here's my challenge... I run a golf league with 32 teams, so I have 16 tee time slots. Because of time constraints, job responsibilities, etc., my teams fall...
  2. W

    Resource Schedule solution

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to build a resourcing schedule and coming to a bit of roadblock in deriving a solution. Following is the data fields I am working with and require a solution to derive an output to allow only available capacity for any particular resource to be scheduled show further...
  3. P

    how to let excel plan out work schedule by itself based on conflicting criteria

    Hi guys, Need some help here. I have a library of recipes which acquire several systems. All recipes have a specific number of hours in which they will take when you run them. Now I wanted to run multiple recipes together but some of the recipes conflict with each other as they acquire the...
  4. V

    Scheduling Sheet

    Anyone able to provide some quick help? I have a worksheet I am working with to schedule fabrication. I need two macros to format the sheet and a background process. Macro 1: Button Labeled "Fab Start"; sorts by Column I "Planned Start" oldest to newest creates...
  5. U

    Complex scheduling with recurrences

    Hello, I have a need to simulate jetty scheduling in excel (automatic scheduling by changing input data - number of customers, number of ships per year per customer - where different customers may have different number of ships). For a period of one year 104 ships will dock at the jetty. There...
  6. S

    Scheduling Possibilities?

    Hello, I have Power BI Pro installed as part of our E5 license and I am trying to evaluate it in thoughts of using it instead of our current IBM Cognos setup (that we pay extra for) fo rquerying our SQL server tables... However, the one concern I have that I do not think Power BI can do - but...
  7. P

    Can it be done.... Master scheduler

    Slightly complex and due to restraints i only have Excel to play with. I Want something like this: Tab 1: Data of jobs to be done Tab 2: All staff with how many minutes they work per day Tab 3: All product families we build and how long a batch will take to build in minutes then how many...
  8. E

    Excel Solver Airplane Scheduling

    We have let's say 10 private planes that we use to transport customers. Each customer has their own departure and arrival airports. I am trying to see if Excel Solver can help me decide which plane to use for any of the customers based upon closeness and meeting the departure/arrival time in...
  9. S

    Rounding to the following Sunday

    Racking my brain to get the following to work: =IFERROR(IF(D5=0,"",D5+45),IF(D5="","",D5+7-MOD(D5-1,7))) D5 being the source date that I'm adding 45 days to and then rounding to the following Sunday. Honestly wouldn't mind figuring out the previous Sunday as well. We are trying to set...
  10. M

    Scheduling in Excel (How to skip weekend and holiday)

    Hi I would like to make a basic scheduling in excel. So here is what I want to do: The Completion time simply= Start time + Process timeThe start time formula = The last process time.What I want to make is, how to make the completion time skip the non-working hours and days. For example in...
  11. D


    I am in the process of creating a scheduling spreadsheet for a small manufacture. We are scheduling machines, not people. I am just about complete, having everything but the following working well: When scheduling 2 jobs that use the same machine and need to be done at the same time, it will...
  12. D


    I am required to submit the minimum number of people we need to recruit for our training centre. I heard Solver can help, but I am unable to figure out where to put the constraints and how to set them up since I never used Solver and the problem I have appears to be too complex and I hope solver...
  13. A

    Scheduling Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a scheduling template through Excel and was wondering if anyone could provide some advice as to how to go about this. For some context, I am scheduling teams of 3 on 2 shifts per day, everyday. Availabilities for the month are sent in through excel. I was...
  14. J

    Shift Management with fixed pattern, different starting point

    Good day, I am busy building an automated shift system whereby I will be able to generate my own shift system by only indicating the master shift pattern and then I want it for 6 employees with conditional formatting indicated by a separate column. Thus, if the shift pattern is...
  15. K

    Recurring job??

    I have to schedule a soap check for 96 locations six times a year. Any ideas on how this would work or where to start?
  16. F

    Scheduling "Program"

    Hey guys! Currently making sort of a scheduling program on Excel. I need to make a scheduling calendar that keeps note of the delivery shipments. I first used VBA to make a data entry form which lists all the data on another sheet. My problem is matching the data from this sheet onto the...
  17. C

    Scheduling Macro

    Hello, I have a course catalog of many different groups that occur everyday between 9:00 and 4:00 pm, there are over 100 people that are being scheduling in these groups. I'm trying to create an excel document that can help organize everyone so that when certain groups are selected for one...
  18. B


    I am creating a schedule for instructors, but there are specific parameters such as a requirement that there must be a 24 hour break in a 7 day period. I create the schedule with names in the far left column and the days of the month in the top row from left to right. I would like a conditional...
  19. K

    Scheduling - caluclating hours with varying closing times

    I own a small restaurant. I am redesigning my schedule, and want a column at the end that would tell me how many hours each employee is scheduled for. The issue is that if we close at 9, that doesn't mean the employees walk out the door at 9. They have to clean, count the drawer, prep for the...
  20. L

    scheduling duplicate dates

    Hello, I have a situation where I have to schedule Dr. appointments on every Tuesday and Thursday of each month. There are 2 offices that get scheduled (room 101 and room 505). We can only schedule 1 appointment per day per office. I have 2 columns that have the Tuesday and Thursday dates...

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